Why Every Man Should Own A Luxury Watch


For a large amount of the population the benefits of owning a luxury watch aren’t apparent. For many a luxury watch seems like a frivolous purchase, when they can simply buy one for $20 or use their phone to tell the time. But, if you really appreciate level of craftsmanship and look beyond the price, you can really begin to see that there is more value to a luxury watch than just telling the time.


Expert Craftsmanship

In life, it’s often not about what you do, but how you do it. A luxury watch is no different. There are two categories that watches will fall under, mechanical movement and quartz movement. The overwhelming majority of cheap watches, rely on quartz movement to keep accurate time. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as quartz movement watches can be mass produced cheaply and require little maintenance to run accurately. Mechanical watches on the other hand, run through a series of intricate mechanical processes that must be finely tuned and expertly crafted. Think of it like this, a Ferrari and a Toyota will both take you to your destination, but which car would you rather arrive in?

Passed Down Through Generations

Aside from a luxury watches intrinsic monetary value, there is also an almost ethereal value beyond any dollar figure. A luxury watch, will often pass through many hands, as it from father to son through the generations. There is something intensely profound about this right of passage. The son grows before his father’s eyes, eventually growing into a man. The father, seeing this, passes on the watch that his father wore, and his father’s father wore before him. In this way, a luxury timepiece lives on through the ages, embodying the spirit of those who wore it.


An Air of Understated Status

Luxury watches have been on the wrists of the most brilliant and accomplished men throughout history. When people picture success they will usually imagine the big house, the expensive sports-cars and lavish parties. These are all things that hit you right in the face. A luxury timepiece on the other hand, is more subtle, but equally undeniable. There is an unassuming quality to a luxury watch, which at the same time speaks volumes to those who truly appreciate craftsmanship and detail.

If you feel that watches are simply a means to tell time, you will probably find the idea of spending exorbitant amounts on a luxury watch to be laughable. But, if you truly appreciate luxury watches for their craftsmanship, longevity and understated elegance, you should definitely consider investing in your own luxury timepiece.


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