Where to Take Your Kids for Family Fun This Merdeka Day


Merdeka day is one of the most celebrated holidays in Malaysia because it marks the total independence of the country from the British Empire.


This is a momentous day for all Malaysians and deserves to be celebrated, and this is usually the day when families go out and have to enjoy the spirit of Merdeka. There are many family friendly attractions in Kuala Lumpur that will surely provide an all-in-one fun experience to every member of the family especially to the kids.


Theme parks in Malaysia are the best places to visit during this holiday, for that quick family bonding fix. Two of the most popular and most accessible theme parks in Kuala Lumpur are the places to be for families this Merdeka Day, and they are Sunway Lagoon and Berjaya Theme Park.


Sunway Lagoon in Selangor


This theme park is one of Malaysia’s multi-awarded attractions due to its awe-inspiring number of rides which is now at over 80. One of the most famous rides that this theme park has is the 360-degrees rotation pirate ship which will satisfy the need for an adrenaline pumping fun of your kids. Aside from that, there are so much more in store in this theme park than you’d expect.
What to do:

  • Ride their 360-degrees Rotation Pirate Ship.
  • Explore, have fun and learn about exotic animals and the wildlife in their Wildlife Park.
  • Enjoy surfing as you catch the waves of their man-made surf beaches inspired by the waters of Africa. Their man-made beach is over 13,000 square meters big, offering tons of water activities and sports, perfect for everyone in the family.
  • Have fun hunting for and running away from Zombies with their “Scream Park.”
  • Let your kids play with other kids and explore their creativity and imagination with Sunway Lagoon’s Captain Kid’s Candyland playgrounds.


If you think the outdoors would be the perfect place for your family to bond and enjoy Merdeka Day, Sunway Lagoon should be on top of your list.


Berjaya Times Square Theme Park 


Contrary to the outdoor driven nature of Sunway Lagoon, Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is otherwise.  This place offers an all in one playground for kids that will surely satisfy their thirst for fun and adventure.  Their attractions include the following:


Fantasy Garden 


This is a very child-friendly attraction that is suitable for pre-schoolers and toddlers. It has rides that are safe for kids but are fun enough to keep them active:

  • Botanic Drive
  • Buddy-Go-Round
  • Crazy Bus
  • Fantasy Trail
  • Flying Bumble Bee
  • Honey Bump
  • Kid’s Theatre
  • Molly’s cool Swing


Galaxy Station 


On the other hand, while you leave your kids to have some child-friendly fun in the Fantasy Garden, you can head on to Galaxy Station if you seek for thrills that will give your adrenaline a boost.  The Galaxy Station offers adrenaline pumping rides that are Galaxy themed:

  • Dizzy Izzy
  • DNA Mixer
  • Oort’s Express
  • Robo Crash
  • Spinning Orbit
  • Supersonic Odyssey


If you’d prefer to have an indoor attraction without going far away from the city, Berjaya Times Square Theme park is the place to be.


Merdeka Day is more than just a commemoration of the independence of Malaysia, but also, it’s a day for friends and family to bond and enjoy the essence of freedom brought about by this national holiday. What better way to enjoy freedom than to live free and enjoy the rides offered by these awesome theme park in Malaysia.

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