What’s In: Top 5 Tips to Achieve that Beach Bod Look Effectively




What can you give to have that sexy beach body look? There’s no magic potions, pills, or food that will solely make you slim and fit overnight. Such body goal is intensively done on several weeks, days, and pounds to reduce your weight from 150 to 70 kilograms. It’s a matter of balanced diet, exercise, and 2 doses of perseverance and discipline.

If you want to start it by going to your nearest gym, here are some reminders to take note of:


Before Workouts:

–           What You Should Eat

Fitness is not achieved overnight and by just exercising the whole day. The foods that you eat are important factors too in order to obtain your ideal weight. Athletes who eat slow-digesting carbs like whole grain for breakfast have lesser insulin levels allowing them to gain more endurance and burn fat easily. Therefore, before heading to the gym, make sure to grab any of these slow-digesting carbs such as sweet potatoes, fruit, oatmeal, and whole-wheat bread.


–           What You Shouldn’t Eat

In addition, if there are foods that you should eat, then there are also those who fall under the ‘avoid’ category. Don’t eat high-fat meals at most 4 hours before workouts. High-fat meals block nitric oxide—a special gas that helps in dilating the blood vessels, hence it allows more blood to flow to the circulation and makes the muscles contract.

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During Workouts:

–           Don’t Over-exercise

A workout is different from a proper workout. You don’t just go to the gym and lift anything that you want. Fitness is achieved with strategy. In exercising, you must know your strengths, limitations, expectations, and your goals. They will serve as your guide on how to exercise effectively. For instance, training with heavy weights is absolutely great to condition your strength and mass. But too much heavy weight training can cause muscle tear and hinder muscle growth. It’s recommended to keep your heavy-weight-higher-reps exercises not more than 8 weeks, then change it to lighter-weight-higher-reps routines to keep your muscles unpressured.


After Workouts:

–           Grab a Protein Shake

People who drink protein powders rich in casein and whey after workouts for 10 consistent weeks are reported to have increased muscle mass than those who don’t.


– Do some stretching

Studies showed that people who stretch after workouts were more flexible than when they do it beforehand.


Most importantly, love what you do and do it for yourself. Keep in mind that you want to be slim because you want to feel better with yourself. Prove that you could live fit and healthy!


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