Vendor Recipes for POE That New Players Might Not Know


Path of Exile doesn’t use gold like other MMOs for their currency. The currency in POE is in the form of orbs and scrolls. Orbs and scrolls can drop to the ground while the player is fighting mobs or bosses, but many new players might not be aware that scrolls can be purchased by using the vendor recipe system.

Upgrade Life, Mana and Hybrid Flasks 

While you’re leveling in POE, you will pick up mana, life and hybrid flasks to be used while fighting. You’ll be able to sell these flasks to the vendors in towns to obtain scroll fragments, or you can sell them to the vendor to obtain higher level flasks. To obtain higher level flasks, take three of the same type of flask and sell it to the vendor at the same time. He or she will give you the same type flask in return, but a higher level one.

Quality Flasks and Gems 

Magic and high quality flasks are vital for levelling. To get quality flasks, you can wait for them to drop randomly from killing mobs and bosses, or they can be obtained from a vendor recipe. If you have quality flasks that you don’t need, you can sell them to get a glassblower’s bauble, which gives your flasks quality. It helps to create your own much-needed flasks. The flasks you sell can be life, mana or hybrid, but they must have a combined total quality of 40 percent. The same is true of quality gems. You can sell the gems with quality that you don’t want to obtain a gemcutter’s prism. The gems you sell must have a combined quality of 40 percent.

Map Recipes 

When you’ve levelled past the end of merciless difficulty, you’ll need to start farming in maps. As you’ve levelled, you’ll have received maps as drops from various mobs and bosses. You can take three of the same map and trade it in to the vendor for a map one level higher. You can also take a map that you don’t want and add a stone hammer, rock breaker or gavel of 20 percent quality to the vendor space for a cartographer’s chisel. These are used to improve the quality of a map, which will improve the quality of the items that drop inside the map instance.

Bandit Rewards 

If you choose the wrong bandit reward, you can obtain the reward from a vendor recipe. This requires 20 orb of regrets and an amulet that will give the same reward as if you’d chosen the bandit. For example, 20 orbs of regret and an amber amulet, which gives strength. You’ll get a book of reform for Oak’s reward. You must be in the area of the game and specific difficulty, whether that’s normal, cruel or merciless, that you want the reward. If you chose the skill point as a reward, you must have a skill point available for the recipe to work. For Kraitin’s reward, you’ll need 20 orbs and a jade amulet. For Alira’s reward, you’ll need a lapis amulet. For the skill point, you’ll need the orbs and an onyx amulet.

These recipes for POE, available in the online game store, are ones that are not always apparent to new players. They can be quite expensive to obtain, like the bandit rewards, but they are good if you find out later you’ve chosen the wrong reward for your character.


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