Top 4 Breathtaking Beaches in Port Dickson

A weekend escape from the buzzy and busy life in the city doesn’t need to take a couple of hours on the road. Your precious time should be spent on something more important – the vacation itself and not on cars or buses. This is why Port Dickson is a favorite spot. It is only less than an hour away from Kuala Lumpur. Just 45 minutes of your time and you can now breathe some fresh sea breeze or plunge into the tempting waters. With its 18-kilometre long coastline, you will have a number of beaches to choose from. Here are the top 4 beaches that you can check out.


Pantai Cahaya Negeri

When the afternoon sun shines on the shores, the sand on this beach will amazingly give out a shiny white glow, adding drama to the picturesque view of its bluish green seas. While there are a number of public facilities along its coast, the place’s peaceful atmosphere isn’t put in jeopardy. No wonder Pantai Cahaya Negeri is known to be Port Dickson’s best beach.


Pantai Bagan Pinang

This serene beach that is lying between 2nd and 4th miles of the town has a lot more to offer than its welcoming sands and gentle waters. Pantai Bagan Pinang is also a place for kite flying and water recreational activities. But if these things don’t interest you, you can go to its nearby mangrove islets to watch fishermen seach for crabs and shells.


Teluk Kemang

Having the most numbers of apartments, restaurants, and resorts in Port Dickson, Teluk Kemang is the most popular beach in town. As the host of the town’s Annual Festival, this beach caters to countless of tourists and beach-goers as its water sports go in full blast. With a lot of water activities, you can choose from such as banana boat ride, jet-skiing, and parasailing, you will surely have the best weekend of your life.


Blue Lagoon

No matter how small this beach is, it’s still famous. It maybe bacause of the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve that adds a touch of wildlife to Blue Lagoon’s tranquil atmosphere. Or it could be because of the panoramic view of the sunset that you can get from here.


There are so many attractions to discover in Port Dickson. You can go hiking up to a lighthouse, or you can indulge into some arts that will trick your eyes. But these beaches are the town’s pride, making it the most well-known destination in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia

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