Three Tips to Improve your Cycling Experience


Cycling is conceivably one of the best forms of exercise available for people who would like to kip fit. As such there are a few tips that have been proposed by many who engage in it to help those who aspire to take on the tracks that are meant to help them ride faster, safer, happier and get as much as they can from the experience.


Longer riding.


Mountain bikes are perhaps the bicycle of choice when it comes to cycling. For a person to ride longer, avoid soreness as well as fatigue, it is essential for the rider to familiarize themselves with the gear functions. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear, do not hunch your shoulders or stiffen the neck to avoid cramps.


Cycling shoes enable a person to ride more efficiently and make sure they are less tired after the experience. Most people agree that cycling shoes minimize soreness of the feet. Cycling shoes in Malaysia come from many entities as well as online sites that offer free delivery upon request. They include safety apparel, shoes, Road Bikes, and hybrid mountain bikes.




Just like any other moving object, bicycles can be dangerous. Safety paraphernalia such as helmets and knee pads prevent the rider from serious injury in case of a fall. Learning the signals that indicate when a rider wants to turn can save them from accidents as well as inform other cyclists and motorists of the rider’s intention to turn.


To avoid gluts, muscle pulls and hamstrings especially when one cannot stop, make sure that the torso does not move much but rather acts as a fulcrum. Just let the bicycle sway beneath the upper body.


Improving the experience.


When using an MTB, all the energy must be focussed on the pedals. To make sure this happens, pull the handles in a rowing motion as this will counter the push of the legs on the pedals. The motion ensures that all the power will be transferred into making the MTB move forward and reduces energy wastage.


Make sure that you stop once in a while to stretch your arms and legs while you admire the surroundings to improve the experience and take your mind off the fatigue as you catch some air.


Periodically change you cycling routes to ensure that the experience is new. It will make you want to ride further as you explore new tracks and paths.


It is also important to join a cycling club or group to ensure that there is collective group morale as well as a target destination whenever the group meets. Another upside of this is that the group can help you in the case of injury or muscle pulls and aches.


Ultimately, the riding experience depends on the location. Whether you are riding on the streets or the trails of Malaysia or mountain biking in another part of the world; get the maximum experience from it. Improve your fitness, take care of your body regarding safety and most importantly enjoy the experience.


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