Things to Focus on While Setting Up Your Home Office


If you are working from home and stuck at the kitchen counters, amongst the kid’s homework you are sure to hate your job. So we are pleased to bring you a few ideas on how to make the most out of your own home office. Regardless of the size of the space you have to work with, you can maximize the economy and still be professional with a space of your own. So if you thought that it would be too daunting to set- up a home office let us show you some functional ways to make it work for you.


Pick the Best Secluded Space

First, select the best space. If you have already set up a spot to work that is just your own stop and consider if you chosen wisely. Perhaps there is another corner of your home where you could reinvent your concentration space. Having quiet in order to work is usually a luxury, but you can better your chances by putting yourself in a corner that you can feel good about working in. If you are short on space, painting the office area a different colour can really brighten things up and help you feel reinvigorated. Try some of the brighter, or even some of the chalk paint colours; a relaxing colour can change your whole mood when you’re in the space.

On Your Feet!

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but a stand up desk can offer a lot of workspace in a small area. Once you don’t have to strategize about how far the legs of the office chair are blocking the space you have a real chance to change things. Many people report that they are more productive than and not as sore as when seated all the time. You can still pop a seat with a sleek stand up tall bar stool intermittently.

Get the Right Angle

Considering your corners can be paramount when you have only so much room. Whether you have a corner desk unit in a V shape, or a traditional desk pushed into the corner on one end, you can make use of otherwise wasted space. Leveraging your corners, even if it’s the edge of the desk for the printer;
using every spot possible; arranging furniture in an L shape.

Madame….Your Throne Awaits

Even though we like to try and save money on everything we buy here’s one spot it pays to spend the most you can afford. Your back is worth the extra $100 you might save with an economy chair. Instead, look mid-range to higher end, but if you can swing it go ergonomically. If you buy furniture online, furniture in Malaysia will give you a number of good options and colour choices. Trying to suffer in a lousy chair will play heck on your productivity if you are sore from slumping over to while trying to do it on the cheap; invest in your spine and get comfy.


Get out of the Dark

Step into the light. Poor lighting only strains your eyes regardless of your age such constant eye strain can lead to problems, both in physical energy and in fatigue levels. If your space allows have on the desk lighting or two matching mid-height lamps. The new energy efficient bulbs offer plenty of white light options and last for a number of years. Sure, you might not splurge if it was all the bulbs in the house, but two for your everyday work area is worth it.


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