The Best Travel Guide to Kota Kinabalu, KK


The first impression you get when you arrive at Kota Kinabalu may be quite utilitarian concrete sprawl. However, every visitor ends up charmed by the friendliness and lively buzz of the citizens. There are excellent places to eat, and the transport is good as it serves as the headquarter of many main tour operators.
Food guide in KK
KK is a town of diversity especially when it comes to food. There are varieties of food offered in KK. Dining options in KK have been transformed by many nationalities that have made KK their second home. The big tourism industry has also contributed to this transformation. Below is a food guide that can be helpful to tourists in KK restaurant.

Seafood. This among best options in KK. Seafood and fish are supplied fresh from the sea. Some are delivered while they are still alive. These restaurants also have aquariums where you can select the seafood of your choice and request the chef to fix it the way you want it to be fixed.

Western food. Some restaurants serve western food in KK like fries, spaghetti, rolled beef fillet, chicken chops, burgers, sandwiches, etc. Bread and butter and traditional scones with clotted cream and jam are also popular. Cakes and ice cream are also available. Meals are incomplete without a dessert.
Western restaurants serve good and quality food with delight. There is a long list in their menu for you.
Travel guide in KK

Si-amil-Island1_naturalis-expeditionsKK is located between the South China Sea and a tropical rainforest. The majority of the tourists venture KK so as to explore the marine life and the jungle as well. Mt. Kinabalu stands as a challenge to climbers daily, while divers use it as a top diving spot in their underwater adventures. There are restaurants that serve all types of food. The small town serves a lot of good food.
When you get to KK, the beauty will not overwhelm you. However, as you continue staying here, the blossoming arts, friendly locals, music scenes, breathtaking fiery sunsets, and a rich diversity ranging from Malay to Japanese, Cantonese to western, etc. This is a town moving with the 21st century, but its ancient history and charms are much alive.
New malls are coming up after every turn, a wave of costly condos accommodating many expats, markets stocked with pearls, leviathans, and busy fishermen walking up and down in their daily routines. These are the happy endures of the small town KK.

mt-kIt is always too humid for you to walk from one end to the other. You have to get a taxi. The city is suitable when it comes to booking for dining and wildlife adventures, and hikes to Mt Kinabalu. There are many sites to visit such as Mari Mari cultural settlement, Lok Kawi Wildlife, Sabah Museum, City Mosque, etc.
Kota Kinabalu is a vibrant city. Everything in this city will captivate you. From the excellent dishes they serve, to the ancient rainforest, mountains, and waters. This is a must visit place for people who love to enjoy diversity.

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