The Answer to Cleaning Out Your Drain Lines: High Pressure Water Jets


When your business infrastructure needs maintenance, reacting immediately is the key to keeping your business equipment up and running. Whether you are spring cleaning or not, you are constantly causing wear and tear on your home and/or business equipment. Thus, it is an exceptional business practice to understand when and why your equipment requires top-of-the-line maintenance. High pressure water jet systems can be employed to perform a variety of tasks such as cutting roots, pulverizing scale, flushing out your system, breaking up sludge and debris and flushing out and emulsifying grease. Here are some tips on cleaning equipments in Malaysia: If your sewer or drain pipes need to be cleaned, always use high pressure water jet systems that are designed to ensure economical, efficient and environmentally sound cleaning solutions.


If You Want to Keep Your Drain Line Flowing, Keep Your Maintenance Going


When sludge, grease buildup and debris start accumulating in your pipes, it is time for a cleaning. There are several things that should you should consider when your business equipment requires maintenance such as the size of your pipes, what you should do about frozen pipes and how you should handle tree roots and/or ceramic pipes. Tree roots that cause blockages in your plumbing have to be removed with specialized equipment, pressure-washing systems aren’t built for the expeditious removal of solid limb removal. Outdoor field drains can also be cleaned with high pressure water jetter systems. Additionally, because of the possibility of premature erosion, it’s not advisable to use high pressure cleaning systems on ceramic pipes.

Sewer Jetter Frequently Asked Questions



A pressure washer isn’t always required, but there are times when it is needed to clean drain tiles, landscaping drains and septic lines.

If you have several clogs in one plumbing system, oftentimes, this indicates that the problem is in the main drain.

If only one plumbing fixture is acting up, a lateral drain line may be the culprit.
Sometimes, sharp elbows and other obstructions that make it difficult or impossible for a sewer jetter to pass through. If you are facing this problem, you might need to find a secondary drain opening to unclog the drain.

Whatever you do, don’t hesitate to fix a problem or delay regular maintenance because it will only lead to bigger and more expensive problems.

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