Storing And Transporting Your Family Bikes Without Destroying Them!

A family that bikes together stays together, but getting all your bikes to their next destination can be tricky. Four or five people in a family will weigh down a vehicle with their bikes, and a family that is larger than five will have a hard time moving all their bikes around. You must search for the perfect way of transporting your bikes, and this article will help explore your bicycle transport options.

bicycle rack will help you travel anywhere

#1: A Rear Rack

A rear rack for your car or van is helpful when you have five or less bikes to move. The rack extends out from the back of the vehicle, and each bike hangs on the rack while you drive. Small rubber ties hold the bikes to the rack, and you may stack the bikes in an alternating pattern. The front tires of your bikes must be removed during travel, but the rack is incredibly simple when it attaches to the back of your vehicle.

#2: The Roof Rack

A roof Rack for bikes will hold all your bikes on a long journey, but the bikes will stand up atop the car. Your car becomes taller instantly, and the tires may stay on the bikes while you travel. You are trading the disassembly of your bikes for a taller vehicle. You must check out low bridges and drive-ins that have a low clearance, but you can pack all the bikes on the roof of the car easily.

#3: Traveling With Spare Parts

You must not leave for a long trip without spare parts for your bikes. Using your bikes every day could cause damage to each bike, and you need parts that will help you repair your bikes after damage occurs. Someone in your family could be out of commission during a trip because you do not have parts with you, and your repair kit will fit in the vehicle with the rest of your bags.

#4: Traveling With Kids

Packing small bikes for your trips is much easier when use your racks properly. The kids have bikes that are much smaller than your own, and you may use the extra space to pack bikes onto a rack. A child’s bike can be hung on a single rung of your rack, and your larger bikes may encase the smaller bikes when you use the roof rack.

Your bicycle rack will help you travel anywhere you want with the bikes your family uses, but you must set up your racks properly. A rear-mounted rack is very helpful for families that use small vehicles to travel, and a roof rack is helpful when you want to store everything away from the rear of the vehicle. Your bicycles will travel with you wherever you want, and your family will have a means of transport for every new location you visit. Do not take a vacation without your bikes, and the rack descriptions here help you pack for the journey.

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