Six Misconceptions about Buying Online Gaming Cards


Online gaming cards are changing gamer culture because they’re changing the way that gamers pay for gaming services. There are still many gamers who choose to participate via traditional payment methods, and among this crowd, still many misconceptions persist. With that in mind, let’s consider these misapprehensions and uncover the truth.

1. It’s Better to Pay a Gaming Service Directly 

The truth is it’s rarely better to pay a gaming service directly than say use Cherry Credit or a Steam Wallet code. There are a number of reasons why this is. There are less opportunities for discounts, and when you pay a gaming service directly, you lose opportunities for recourse. Perhaps the biggest shortfall of buying directly is that you’re locked into that particular service even if your tastes change.

2. All Card Sellers Are Created Equal 

All card sellers aren’t created equal. Take SEA Gamer Mall, which is unparalleled in its buying power. Competitors simply can’t match the discounts that this company can pass on to customers. Reputability is also a consideration. The gray markets are a real concern, and when you buy online gaming cards, you want to buy authentic cards acquired through legal channels.

3. Cards Are Only Sold at Face Value 

One reason that some gamers fail to see the value in gaming cards is that they don’t realize that they can be purchased at below face value. That’s right. If you time your purchases during sales or take advantage of your buying power, you can buy at a discount. In other words, you can buy Aeria points and receive 10 percent or even more extra points and no additional charge.

4. Cards Are Only Sold for a Particular Game or Service 

In some cases, cards are only sold for a particular game, such as FIFA, or a particular platform, such as a Steam Wallet code. However, the industry has evolved greatly, and there are systems that are completely independent of games and even platforms. That means that you can buy today without knowing where you’ll spend that money tomorrow.

5. Credits Are Insecure 

Credits are as secure as any web wallet. These companies use all of the same security standards. What’s more important is that when you use Cherry Credit, for instance, you don’t have to pass around sensitive personal information. If your card is ever lost or stolen, you can cancel it like a credit card and have it replaced.

6. Credits Have No Resale Value

Credits can be non-transferable. However, even in cases where that’s true, such as when you buy Aeria points, that lack of transferability is a nonissue because the points never expire. On the other hand, points and credits that come on cards or via digital codes to be added to an account later are in fact fully transferable.


Choosing to purchase your gaming points and credits at SEA Gamer Mall and similar retailers is a great way to protect yourself as a gamer. Not only do you safeguard your funds, but you protect yourself against your changing interests and even get to stretch your gaming dollar further.


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