Setting Up a Halal Business for Muslim Entrepreneurs

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The most important thing in Islamic entrepreneurship journey is setting up a certified Halal business. It is one the five cornerstones upon which our faith rests. It is possible to adhere to the Islamic code and still operate a successful business that allows everyone to thrive. Before setting up any business, below are tips that will help you thrive and grow in entrepreneurship.



If you don’t intend to provide Halal services, do not put up Halal signs and notices in your business. It is deceitful and wrong. It is not hard to find Halal certified food stores that don’t respect and adhere to recommended regulations. Although there are NGO’s that certify Halal businesses, make sure you follow the word of the Quran and let your certificate be secondary to your practices.


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Your business should also be led by the goal of serving Allah. Profits though important are secondary to your faith. The Quran contains within it rules that will ensure every business will thrive. If you practice Halal in your business dealings, blessings will come your way. Prophet Muhammad, his name be blessed, wants us to follow the ways of Allah in all our ways.



It is important in your business dealings to work well with your competitors. As a Muslim, it will greatly help you to work with fellow Muslims and have organizations for those selling the same goods. The networking greatly increases your knowledge and gives you access to new markets and opportunities. It can also help one cut production costs, for example having one Halal certified slaughter house will save money for most Muslim butchery owners. Your business competitor is not your enemy.



Think big and dream even bigger in your business. You should seek to increase your stock, profit margins and the number of stores in both Muslim and non-Muslim neighbourhoods. Also, seek partnerships with other Muslims and join Islamic banking institutions that will provide Halal loans.



You have probably heard your imam tell you Cleanliness invites towards faith and faith leads its possessor to paradise. Be immaculate in your business especially so if you are a hotel. It is very un-Islamic for blood to spill on other foods.



You should also be very ready to be scrutinized for the Halalness of your establishment. It may be insulting to you for someone to question your faith but remember it’s not just your business. Every Halal compliant business serving the Islam community is a Muslim community institution. It should be compliant with Muslim values and be open to questioning by Muslims.

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Every Muslim business should strive to be truthful and honest. It is the most important element of your faith as it will lead to building trust with customers. Ultimately your hard work and service to Allah is the key to success.


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