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Server colocation in Malaysia means enhanced business flexibility and superb information control. Server colocation companies exactly understand an enterprise data center needs and this is the main reason why data center solutions are tailored according to clients business needs.

Inside the data center the server colocation deploys a robust information system infrastructure that proactively manages an organizations data center requirement. The systems even come with an option to manage critical business assets such as firewalls, routers, and servers in order to deliver streamlined business operations.

Server colocation is a necessary step towards ensuring that an enterprise has on demand power, space, and requisite infrastructure. By investing in server colocation in Malaysia services an organization is stepping into a new class of infrastructure management.

Other key benefits that an organization is likely to benefit from include;

Proactive Technical Support

When an organization is using un-managed IT environment the organization is forced to absorb staff members who will work round the clock to ensure on demand availability of the information systems infrastructure. This is also a costly affair for the company because the organization has to factor in operational costs and other official perks such as mortgages, travel allowance or a company car.

A managed colocation service eliminates such a burden because the highly skilled technical support personnel are responsible for your data center footprint. With such a strategy in hand, an organization can focus on its core competencies rather than concentrating on technical infrastructure.

easyPeace of Mind

Information systems availability should always be on demand and therefore data center operations should be handled on a 24 hour basis. Through managed server colocation in Malaysia, organizations benefit from peace of mind because there is a standby technical support team who ensure that the server systems and the corporate network is healthy and optimal running. The power infrastructure is also balanced and there is a backup system bolstered with generators that automatically switch on whenever there is a black out.

Minimal Operational expenditure

With server colocation an organization does not have to invest upfront in acquiring IT systems, instead these assets are hired from a third party data center. When organizations outsources their infrastructure system it immediately shifts its Capital expenditure into Operations Expenditure, and the resources that previously could had been tied up in acquiring these IT assets can be used to invest into other critical areas such as production equipment expansion or even invested in research and development division which is a core division in any industry.

In addition, an organization is able to benefit from a predictable operational expenditure business model which is ideal for budget forecasting.

Scalability of resources

Through server colocation a business is able to increase its data center capacity quickly and cheaper because the organization only need to contact their colocation services provider and everything is remotely done instantly.

storageSecure Storage Solutions

Information is securely transmitted and stored in hybrid cloud system. This means that in case of a disaster there is always a better roadmap for disaster recovery without incurring additional costs.

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