Datuk Vinod Sekhar – Leader of Petra Group & Green Rubber Global Malaysia

Datuk Dr Vinod Sekhar, currently aged 46, is no stranger to those who ply their trade in the rubber industry. He has been the driven visionary as the executive chairman and chief executive officer of PETRA Group, a technology conglomerate responsible for several global technology leaps related to related to Elastomer recycling (Green Rubber) and biofuels.

Green Rubber Global, which is subsidiary of PETRA Group, holds the international patents for Green Rubber technology. The company is part of Vinod Sekhar’s vision to make the world greener and more sustainable.

A recent report showed that the company is investing US$ 10 million (RM 3.68 million) to build a new manufacturing plant in the Putra Industrial Park, Puchong to produce green rubber compound.

According to Datuk Vinod Sekhar, Malaysia was chosen to establish the Company’s first major production facility because it is a Malaysian-owned technology, which was also the lifetime work of his late father Tan Sri Dr B. C. Sekhar.

Fondly known as Mr Natural Rubber, the older Sekhar dedicated his life to rubber research and development in Malaysia. Green Rubber is a devulcanized rubber compound made using Green Rubber Global’s patented DeLink process. DeLink process is a commercially viable solution that can recover and reprocess waste rubber into Green Rubber.

The technology allowed used rubber to be recycled in a cost effective and non-toxic manner. It has similar performance characteristics of virgin rubber as in can be used in almost any application in which natural rubber is used.

Speaking in a media briefing in April 2015, Vinod Sekhar said, “Our patented DeLink process provides customers with high quality customised compounds that is friendly to the environment and more importantly, it is not more expensive than virgin rubber.”

“The global demand for industrial rubber products is projected to grow a healthy 6.6 percent annually to USD $158 billion in 2018. It’s a key driver behind our decision to expand production to meet the rapidly growing appetite from the emerging market in ASEAN and China.”

The new Green Rubber factory is expected to produce 20,000 to 25,000 tonnes of green rubber annually and the Company’s aim is for Green Rubber Global to be producing 105,000 tonnes in 2018.

To achieve the target, the Company has planned to set up another manufacturing facility by the end of 2015.
“The big manufacturers such as tyre manufacturers look at 30,000 to 50,000 tonnes of rubber annually, we have to work towards providing such capacity.” Vinod further explained.

Considerations to Make When Choosing High Speed Internet Access

When it comes to the Internet and your business, the faster it is, the better. High speed Internet allows you to download and upload without glitches, and it gives you lots of room for your business to grow as well. With fast broadband Internet, you can do anything.

But choosing which Internet service provider to go with for your high speed Internet access can be a challenge. There are many offers out there, and some of them actually follow through on their promises, but others will leave you wanting more. To make sure that you choose a provider who will offer the best high speed Internet access, make sure to go over all of the following considerations.


1. Make Sure Service Is Offered in Your Area 

You likely get tons of ads each month from Internet service providers. But not all of these providers will actually be able to service your exact city and state. There’s no reason to do tons of research on a provider that won’t even be able to offer your business Internet, so the first thing to check is locations.

One thing you can do is talk to friends, family members and fellow business owners in the area. Ask them who they use for high speed Internet, and make sure to inquire whether they are happy with the service or not. You can also call several ISPs and ask them directly.

2. Check out Bandwidth 

The bandwidth that goes along with your Internet will dictate just how fast it runs for you. Ask the service providers that you speak with what the options are for bandwidth. You can inquire as to how fast it will be to complete different tasks. For example, how fast can you open a new webpage? How fast can you stream a piece of video? There are usually several options to choose from.

3. Look at the Cost 

Last but not least, you’ll need to inquire about the cost of your service. This can range quite a bit, so it’s a good idea to do a lot of research. It might also be wise to ask about deals for new customers. Tell them that you are shopping around as this may entice a sales representative to give you an initial discount.

How to Make Your Final Decision on an Internet Service Provider

Once you have narrowed your choices down to a few Internet service providers that are able to give you what you want, it’s time to make your final choice. Sometimes, you will simply end up choosing the provider that you know the best or one that you know your friends or family members use. You’ll need to either call to set up your Internet service or go online. For example, you can apply for Streamyx online very easily by simply going to the website. Make sure that you always use these considerations when choosing your Internet, and within a few days, you’ll be surfing the web at the highest speeds.


Healthy Shake Recipes That Actually Taste Good

Who hasn’t tried some awful shake recipe or three when trying to diet? Or maybe you found a recipe that tastes good, but isn’t as healthy as you first thought? After a fair amount of trail and error, I have some go to recipes when I feel like having a shake instead of a meal.


Very Berry Shake
1/2c Coconut Milk
1/4c Strawberries (fresh or frozen: I prefer frozen!)
1/4c Blueberries
1/4c Blackberries
1/2 Banana
Ice (Optional)

I like to add the solid ingredients to the blender first, followed by liquids. Blend the ingredients until they’re smooth, and pour in a glass. I prefer to use frozen fruits, so I don’t need ice. Adding half a banana to any of these recipes helps to keep you feeling satiated longer.

Just Peachy Shake
1/2c Vanilla Almond Milk
3/4c Peaches
1/2c Banana
1tsp Honey

I use this shake to satisfy a raging sweet tooth. One of my favorite desserts is a heaping scoop of vanilla ice-cream with peaches and drizzled honey. The Just Peachy shake is a healthier answer to my much loved dessert. Bonus points if you use raw, local, organic honey.

Take Me to the Tropics Shake
1/2c Coconut Milk
1/4c Pineapple
1/4c Mango
1/4c Papaya
1/2 Banana
Splash of Orange juice

This shake is so incredibly fresh! I say to add a splash of orange juice, because it is a personal preference ingredient. I hardly ever drink orange juice by itself, so I don’t add much to this shake, but other people may love orange juice, and may want to add more.


Mean Green Shake
1/2c Coconut Milk
1/2c Berries (Any kind will do, but I love to use blueberries if I have them.)
1/2 Banana
1 Big Handful of Baby Spinach or Kale

This shake is packed to the gills with antioxidants and vitamins. It’s a great way to get in some dark, leafy greens without having to eat yet another salad. I don’t know about anyone else, but kale salad isn’t my favorite dish.

These are only a few examples of shakes that taste good while still being healthy. The combinations really are endless. As long as you pick fruits, veggies, a liquid base, and leave out processed ingredients, you’ll have a tasty and healthy shake to drink. Discover more at London Weight Management Malaysia.



Effortless Ways To Save And Accumulate More Money

With the never-ending amount of bills, recurring expenses and unexpected purchases you experience on an ongoing basis, it is no wonder that savings ranks near the bottom of your financial importance checklist. Fortunately, there are a few effortless ways to save money that do not require getting a part-time job or making huge budgetary-related sacrifices.

Keep The Change

Keep The Change

If you have a personal checking or savings account, one of the easiest ways to put your savings on autopilot is to round your purchases up to the nearest dollar in your check register or savings record. Direct deposits and miscellaneous check deposits would be rounded down, so that each transaction is essentially earning you a sum of money, and the balance in your account always shows as a whole number. At the end of the month or week, compare your actual balance to the higher balance in your register, and transfer the extra money to a separate savings account. You can give the account a fun name for added incentive.

Even if you do not have a bank account, you can still apply this principle to your cash purchases. You could designate a spare change bucket and only spend paper money. Or, you could make the choice to not spend a certain denomination of money. When you come across a bill in the specified denomination, you put it away in a safe, envelope or jar. At the end of the month or year, you take the money to a bank for deposit.

Rewards Credit Cards

Rewards Credit Cards

If you have fair to excellent credit, a cash rewards card is an excellent way to earn extra money without any extra effort at all on your part. Simply charge your everyday expenses like gas, groceries and bills to the rewards card, and pay it off weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Most cash rewards cards offer rebates of a percentage or two, per transaction, without any catch or blackout period. If you can, look for a card with no exclusions, caps or limitations on earnings and one without an annual fee to maximize your earnings. This is an easy way to pocket an extra fifty to hundreds of dollars or more with no change to your spending.

Effortless Ways To Save And Accumulate More Money

Windfalls and Bonuses

Another great way to boost your savings without cutting back is to immediately deposit any rebate checks, refunds, found money or windfalls into your account. If you get a bonus at work or a pay raise, you also immediately transfer the difference between your last paycheck total and the new higher amount to your account.

Daily coffee runs, lunches out with friends, birthday parties and impulsive shopping splurges can quickly chip away at any extra money, leaving you with an empty wallet by month’s end. While most people have the best of intentions when it comes to saving money, few actually make the sacrifices necessary to start reaping the benefits of compound interest. Applying simple brain-tricking methods makes it easy and effortless to secure your financial future.
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