Taking on Law Studies Head First: Advice for Aspiring Law Students

Law-Once you realise what the Legal System entails, you’ll never fail to be amazed at all the intriguing things you can learn from this most noble profession.



Law studies are not something to take lightly, it involves a lot of hard studying and a determination to be a success, and that you can be if you apply yourself to the things you will be learning, which will be many.


First, you will need to find a school or college that specialises in the above subject or is part of its curriculum. Once you’ve found the college or school that teaches law you’re well on your way to becoming acquainted with the Legal System and how it works.


At first, it will seem overwhelming; all those large, voluminous books with the seemingly never-ending pages and the long hours of study. Well, before you know it, you’ll come to immensely enjoy the things you will be learning.



And what are some of the things you will learn? Well, you’ll probably learn such things as, for one thing, an Introduction to Law. Then, as your studies proceed, you will learn such subjects as criminal law, family law, real estate law, intellectual property law and so forth.


But don’t cram it in all at once, let it mentally digest. When you eat food, do you gulp it down in one gulp, or do you slowly digest it? Well, that’s what you have to do when you feed your mind, especially with such advanced learning. So, a word to the wise: take your time, but learn steadily.



Studying such a prestigious subject, as you can imagine, involves a lot of concentration and hard work, but then again, doesn’t anything of such high value? And law is no different.


But it will be a career that will be nothing short of phenomenal. Before you know it you’ll be representing clients, handling various legal cases and you will be in high demand. Of course, it’s only imagination now, but if you take your law studies seriously it’ll be a dream come true.


Law is a deep and intriguing subject indeed, but it will be one that you will never tire of; how can you be tired of helping people and rendering aid to your fellow man?


So, keep up your studies, no matter how seemingly tedious and challenging it may be. Think of it as a marathon-a marathon of the mind. Before you participate in such an event, you.have to practise to be prepared. Well, when it comes to studying law you have to practise with your mind, you’ve really got to give it all you’ve got, and you do have it takes.


So continue in your law studies, it will open to you a door of boundless opportunities.

Going the Distance With Cycling: 6 Starter Tips

benefits of cycling

benefits of cycling


Age doesn’t matter when it comes to cycling. Not only is it an optimal form of exercise, but it’s also a fantastic way to travel and see the world. When performed vigorously, it gives you a great cardiovascular workout and burns over 500 calories per hour. With the creation of specialized road bikes from USJCycles.com, finding the right bike is quite easy. Most notably are hybrids, which have the speed of a road bike, but the sturdiness of a mountain bike. These two factors work together to make riding easier, and they also offer a variety of options to fulfill your needs. What’s even more important is that cyclists have far more places to ride than ever before. Before you strap on your helmet and set off for a day of cycling, here are a few tips on improving your comfort, performance and most importantly, safety.


Safety First

Above all, your safety is most important when cycling. Always wear a helmet with biking. Be sure to choose one that fits well and stays where it belongs. It should not slip and slide. Choose a bright color so it’s easier for motorists to see you.



Size Matters

Sure, you saw the sign bicycle promotions here and thought it was a great deal until you tried to ride your new bike. When looking for a new bicycle, make sure it fits your body type. On both mountain and road bikes, you should at least two inches between the top tube and your groin area. The handlebars should always be one inch lower than the top of the seat.


Choosing Your Seat

There’s probably nothing more unpleasant than riding a bike with an uncomfortable seat. Seats of a racing bike are usually hard and narrow. Choose a gel-filled seat to help alleviate pressure.


Tips on choosing saddle


Start Off Slow

If it’s your first time riding or if you are out of shape, start slowly. Take a 30-minute ride and practice keeping your balance. In addition, make sure you stay on level terrain. After you have perfected your balance, you can increase your distance and slowly integrate different types of terrain.


Dress The Part

When biking, be certain to wear the appropriate type of clothing. Clothing that is loose and drapes over the bike is not recommended. Form-fitting clothing that hugs your body is recommended.


Guide about cycling clothing

Additionally dress for the season. Wear clothes that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bright colors are also recommended so motorists can see you clearly. Never wear dark-colored clothing.


Change Gears

Although it’s tempting to full throttle to burn calories, your muscles need periods of rest too. Alternate between high intensity and easy peddling to help your muscles restore themselves.


bike gears


Cycling is an enjoyable way to spend time with family and friends. Knowing the ins and outs beforehand ensures a safe journey.

4 Steps for Daily Skincare That’s Not Harsh On Your Skin


Having a proper daily skin care routine will provide many benefits. Not only will you see the benefits in your beautiful, clear skin but you will also have younger looking skin for years to come.


A proper skin care routine should consist of four major steps. Each of these steps have different types of products available depending on your skin type.


Big brand skin care companies such as Naruko Malaysia offer many options for all of the different skin types and tones. If you follow these four steps every single day, you are sure to see all of the benefits.




STEP ONE Exfoliate


Exfoliating your skin is an important step in your daily skin care because if this step isn’t properly completed, it could interfere with the proceeding steps. Exfoliation works to clear your skin of all dead skin cells and anything else on your skin that doesn’t belong.


If you have very dry skin, you will want to use a very light exfoliant as exfoliating can dry your skin out more. Likewise, oily skin might require a heavier exfoliant.


STEP TWO Cleanse


The next step in your daily skin care routine is going ro be to cleanse. Cleansing is beneficial for many different reasons. Cleansing your skin after a long day helps to stimulate the different processess that fight aging. It also ensures you have clean pores and allows oxygen to get into your pores which promotes healthy skin growth. Cleansing shrinks your pores which gives them a more beautiful apperence. Also, cleansing prevents your skin from dehydration and ensures that there is no oil build-up.


An excellent cleanser to use no matter what type of skin you have is b.liv Off With Those Heads face wash. This product helps to clear up acne, control oil and is an additional gentle exfoliant.





Toner is also important in your daily skin care process because it ultimately contributes to your skins apperence. Toner makes sure that all of your skin has the same youthful look about it. Toner helps to even out your skin pH, shrink your pores and add a layer of peotection. Because your pores are smaller after toning, it is harder for dirt and other impurities to penetrate the skin.


There are two different types of toner you can use depending on your skin type and your own personal preference. These two types are lotion and liquid. One excellent option for a lotion is Dr Douxi skin toner Lotion. This toner, which is a top-seller in Taiwan, is quickly absorbing but helps to moisturize your skin.


Dr Douxi skin toner Lotion


STEP FOUR Moisturize


The final step in your daily skin care routine is to moisturize. Moisturizer is important bevause it provides benefits for today, tomorrow and years to come. Hydrating your skin through moisturizer gives your skin a healthy glow. It also allows skin to rapidly repair itself. Best of all, moisturizer makes your skin feel good.
If you have very dry skin, a moisturizer such as Guerisson 9 Complex Cream would be perfect for you. This natural cream is made from horse fat and is full of Vitamin E whoch offers your skin many healing benefits. It is long-lasting and provides healthy skin.


Having a proper skin care regime is very important to your overall health. After following these foue simple steps, your skin will be ready for make-up, the day and the world.


List of Major Muslim Festivals in 2016

There are two major Muslim holidays in the Islamic calendar. We have the Eid Al-Fitr and Eld Al-Adha. The first one is usually celebrated at the end of the Ramadan which is month long period of fasting. The others are just important Muslim celebrations in the Islamic calendar.

You may check out the latest Muslim festivals or events in Islamic calendar of 2016 via some blogs out there. In this post, we are going to review key events that will take place in the Islamic calendar of 2016.

Eid al-Fitr (July 07, 2016) 
It falls on the first day of the next month and the celebrations last a period of three days. During Ramadan, Muslims normally give out Zakat which is a form of charity to the less needy in the society.

Eid Al Adha (September 13, 2016) 
It is also referred to as the “feast of the Sacrifice” and it is usually celebrated on the tenth day and lasts for four days. During this particular Eid Al-Adha period, Muslims usually sacrifice a sheep and distribute its meat to family, friends, and the less fortunate in the society.

Eid al-Adha is usually a commemoration of Prophet Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only son Ishmael as an act of submission to the creator. When Prophet Muhammad wanted to sacrifice Ishmael despite the knife being so sharp, it did not cut the kid but Angel Gabriel miraculously appeared with a ram that was to be sacrificed instead. This is also the main reasons why a sheep is usually used in the celebrations to depict the mentioned submissiveness to God.

Islamic New Year – Hijra (October 03, 2016
It occurs during the first day of the Islamic calendar that began in 610 AD during the first Muslim trip from Mecca to Medina.

Ashura (October 12, 2016)
It is also another important Muslim festival that occurs on the tenth day of Muharram. This is considered as the same day prophet Noah’s ship landed from the ground after the heavy flooding. It is also considered as the same day that the red sea was dissected so that Prophet Musa together with his followers could escape Pharaoh and his battalion.

Arafa (September 10, 2016) 
It occurs on the ninth day of the month Dhu al-Hijja which is also the last month in Islamic calendar.

Laylat al-Qadr (July 02, 2016) 
The event is regarded as the most important night. The events holds a lot of power and destiny to the Muslims because its widely believed that the first Quran verses were revealed to prophet Muhammad during this particular night. This particular event occurs during the last ten days of Ramadan.
Laylat al Raghaib
This is believed to be the night that Prophet Muhammad’s own mother realized that she was carrying a baby. It occurs on the first Friday night of Rajab.

Laylat al Bara’ah (May 21, 2016)
It occurs during the month of Sha’ban on 15th.

Laylat al mi’raj (May 05, 2016)
This is considered to be the night that Prophet Muhammad ascended to paradise. Salah which are Muslims daily prayers became mandatory after this particular journey.

Alvida Jumma
This is the last Friday during Ramadan period, and every Friday is usually a blessed period for the Muslims brothers and sisters.

Mawlid Al Nabi
During this period Muslims celebrate prophet Muhammad’s birthday.

Kheer Puri niyaaz
This is a “Shia” tradition based on the story revolving around a woodcutter’s wife praying on the 22nd day of Rajab due to pressing economic conditions that she endured when her husband was away from her trying to make ends meet. 

Thyroid Problems and Hair Loss: The Science behind Your Thinning Tresses

Approximately half of all people, men and women, will experience some hair loss by the age of 40. However, if you’re one of the 20 million Americans that have a thyroid disorder, you may begin to lose your hair at a much younger age. As one of the leading causes of hair loss, a thyroid disorder may cause you to lose a large amount of hair in a very short amount of time. Here’s why.


Healthy Hormone Production



Hair Growth Relies on Healthy Hormone Production

Your hair naturally goes through four phases of growth. During these phases your hair follicles produce hair, shed hair, rest and grow new hair. Changes in your thyroid hormone levels can greatly affect the entire process. For example, in healthy individuals, the growing phase normally lasts about two to seven years. In those with a thyroid disorder, the growing phase may be drastically shorter. What’s more, the resting phase, the phase where follicles lie dormant, may be elongated in those with thyroid trouble. An imbalance of thyroid hormone may also push follicles into the resting phase prematurely. All of these factors contribute to symptoms of hair loss and thinning in individuals.


Thyroid Medications Don’t Work Quickly

If you want your hair loss to stop, you have to treat your underlying thyroid condition. If you don’t, hair loss treatments simply will not work. However, it can take months or years for your hair to grow back, and your hair may never fully come back. In rare instances, thyroid medications may actually make your hair loss worse. In the best case scenario, thyroid medications return hormones to a level that’s conducive to hair growth.


Thyroid Problems and Hair Loss


Your Follicles Need Stimulation

Since your hormones have essentially put your hair follicles into shock, you may have to do something to get them to start producing hair again. Products formulated to promote hair growth, such as shampoos, conditioners and serums, work wonderfully. You may also wish to seek hair loss treatment in Singapore. Hair loss centers will help you devise a comprehensive approach to your hair loss problem.


Thyroid disorders are notorious for causing premature hair loss in men and women. If you notice that your hair is getting thinner and feels brittle to the touch, it’s vital that you seek medical treatment to uncover a hormone imbalance as well as seek treatment for your hair loss. In most cases, it takes a two-pronged approach to restore your hair to its former glory.

Shimano – Gears For Novices To Pros

Shimano gears have become the de facto standard of quality and one of the bestselling brands of parts for bicycling enthusiasts who are both knowledgeable about their hobby and looking for reasonably priced parts to increase their enjoyment of the outdoors. There are some basics about these gears which should be known in order to make the selection an easier process and insure that a purchase is well-advised. Having this knowledge will allow a rider to choose a suitable bicycle gear that can increase performance and add longevity to the bike.


Shimano gears are most generally classified into two distinct groups in the same way that all other brands are divided. There are the front gears and then there are the rear gears, they both have similar purposes, but careful attention can reveal subtle differentiating factors among the products. The front gears are going to be the biggest contributor to a change in pedaling effort and total speed of the bike. Bikes which are not custom built will usually have a common gear with 50/34 teeth, but there are other alternatives such as the 52/36 or 53/39 double. As well, there are triples with something like 50/39/30 teeth available as well. The best selection will depend mostly on the type of terrain that will be encountered most frequently as well as some other factors. Gear theory can be quite a complex endeavor and it is best to seek the advice of a professional who can best recommend something for your particular needs. However, all of the Shimano cranksets are solid choices and will get the job done.


If the front gears are the major contributors, then the rear gears are the fine tuners of the entire assembly. These gears provide 8-11 speeds through the integration of a cassette. A tradeoff is made between the smoothness of shifting and the availability of certain “help” gear ratios which will provided extra assistance for steep hills or other obstacles during a ride.


As with other manufacturer’s products, Shimano gears have a hierarchy which can be used as a guide for shopping. This spectrum delivers a range of products that are suited for economical and beginning riders on one end to professional riders on the opposite side of the spectrum. So it starts with the Claris set which is the basic entry level groupset that can meet the needs of most casual riders. The ladder then goes up to the Sora and Tiagra lines which are slightly more intermediate products. The 105 and Ultegra lines are another notch up in performance and then their is the high-end DuraAce line which has a price signifying its use in professional bikers’ repertoires. DuraAce can be integrated with electronic shifting for absolute top-notch shifting which will bring the envy of many fellow biker friends. So, the choices are to be made and one should usually go with the best product that can fit within the budget. That way, the bike will grow with the rider.

Awesome Ways Saving Your Plastic Can Save You Money!


Naturally, you would not think of reusing your plastic, although most of the bottled waters you drink regularly are made of reused plastic. What I am trying to say is that instead of just throwing your plastic away, you can donate it; or use it for a good purpose in your home.

Pantry Canisters


Label (either printed off or store bought)

Spray paint of your choice

You have been online, and I am sure you have seen those pretty and decorated canisters in the photos floating around. I have seen them, too. They have basically the same things at stores around town and their is just one difference- one is glass. All you need to make them are the following items:

  • Empty peanut/almond can
  • Label (either printed off or store bought)
  • Spray paint of your choice

They are made from empty peanut/almond containers. How did they do that? Easy, Just take off the ugly label, put yours on (buy them from Walmart or print offline), and spray paint the lid to match the label! So, instead of throwing the container away, reuse it to save you money.

Teacher’s Gifts

Back-To-School is a big thing, and most students like to take their teacher a nice gift- just to get on their good side. Re-using your plastic bottles to make open-able apples to stuff with candy is a perfect way to send your student’s teacher over the edge. Supplies needed are:

  • Brown and green construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • An attatchable zipper (big enough to cover your bottles)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Spray paint (apple colored)
  • 2 plastic bottles
  • Candy

All you do is cut evenly across your plastic bottles and spray paint them the color you want your apple to be. Then just hot glue your zipper around your “apple” and stuff your candy. To make your “apple” look more like an apple, take your scissors and construction paper, cut out leaves and a stem, and hot glue them to your apple. This would especially make a perfect surprise gift to your student’s science teacher during the teaching of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.

Overall, their are millions of small projects that you can do, whether it is for around your home, or a gift to your friends or teachers. Try one of these, find a new one, or just make yourself one! Good luck to you!

Enough fun, it is now time to talk about the PP Foam and the PU Foam. When you are talking about Polypropylene(PP Foam), it is used during packaging and labeling, textiles, stationery, reusable containers, laboratory equipment, loudspeakers, automotive components. This PP Foam is rugged and not usually resistant to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. When you are talking about Polyurethane (PU Foam), it is usually found in domestic and commercial furniture, refrigerators, freezers, door frames, columns, balusters, window headers and rosettes.

The Answer to Cleaning Out Your Drain Lines: High Pressure Water Jets


When your business infrastructure needs maintenance, reacting immediately is the key to keeping your business equipment up and running. Whether you are spring cleaning or not, you are constantly causing wear and tear on your home and/or business equipment. Thus, it is an exceptional business practice to understand when and why your equipment requires top-of-the-line maintenance. High pressure water jet systems can be employed to perform a variety of tasks such as cutting roots, pulverizing scale, flushing out your system, breaking up sludge and debris and flushing out and emulsifying grease. Here are some tips on cleaning equipments in Malaysia: If your sewer or drain pipes need to be cleaned, always use high pressure water jet systems that are designed to ensure economical, efficient and environmentally sound cleaning solutions.


If You Want to Keep Your Drain Line Flowing, Keep Your Maintenance Going


When sludge, grease buildup and debris start accumulating in your pipes, it is time for a cleaning. There are several things that should you should consider when your business equipment requires maintenance such as the size of your pipes, what you should do about frozen pipes and how you should handle tree roots and/or ceramic pipes. Tree roots that cause blockages in your plumbing have to be removed with specialized equipment, pressure-washing systems aren’t built for the expeditious removal of solid limb removal. Outdoor field drains can also be cleaned with high pressure water jetter systems. Additionally, because of the possibility of premature erosion, it’s not advisable to use high pressure cleaning systems on ceramic pipes.

Sewer Jetter Frequently Asked Questions



A pressure washer isn’t always required, but there are times when it is needed to clean drain tiles, landscaping drains and septic lines.

If you have several clogs in one plumbing system, oftentimes, this indicates that the problem is in the main drain.

If only one plumbing fixture is acting up, a lateral drain line may be the culprit.
Sometimes, sharp elbows and other obstructions that make it difficult or impossible for a sewer jetter to pass through. If you are facing this problem, you might need to find a secondary drain opening to unclog the drain.

Whatever you do, don’t hesitate to fix a problem or delay regular maintenance because it will only lead to bigger and more expensive problems.

5 steps to become more marketable while pursuing degrees in business


For students pursuing degrees in business there are many things that
command a lot of your time. Studying for coursework, team projects, and
other grade related items come first for most students, and since they are
necessary for preparing you for a role in business and are one of the
primary criteria that potential employers view, they should represent a
majority of your time while pursuing your degree in business. However,
there are other ways you can prepare yourself for a successful career in
business so that you can effectively utilize whichever of the degrees in
business that you are choosing. This article will highlight five of the
most important things you should do while pursuing degrees in business
outside of your coursework.

1) Develop a Network:
There is a saying that it is not what you know but
who you know that matters. This is a half-truth but one that certainly
demands some attention. Meet professors, local business leaders, and
other business students and try to develop lasting relationships that can
pay dividends for your career in the future.

2) Keep Abreast of Financial News: Understanding the economic climate is
one of the most essential business skills you can develop and it can only
come with constant monitoring of financial markets. Read the financial
news every day and pay attention to the stock market. The business world
is bigger than the stock market, but many of the important economic
concepts are shed to light while following stocks.

3) Invest in the Stock Market: Students rarely have a lot of money to
invest but try putting aside some money into the stock market. While it
is unlikely that you will be able to generate a significant amount of
money from your investment, investing in the stock market is a learning
process that is better learned when you are investing small amounts of
money. Using real money is better in that many people become more
passionate about it while they invest money, but if you absolutely can’t
afford it, then use paper accounts and track the progress of your
investments. Choose a few companies, monitor the results and learn about
the factors that are driving the success or failure of the company and its

4) Get an Internship: Real world experience through an internship often
pays a salary in knowledge. While you may start out with mundane tasks
like scanning or data entry you gain an understanding of what office life
is like and gain exposure to computer software programs and office
dynamics that help to prepare you for your career after you polish off
your degrees in business.

5) Cultivate an Interest in Other Items: Businesses can be in any
industry and a businessman may need to have significant exposure to
technology, retail, bio-pharmacy, or whatever the industry that they end
up entering into. Cultivate some interests outside of business in
general. Even if you only have your degrees in business, having a working
knowledge can only help you if you enter into the industry and need to
understand the terms and concepts behind the products or services that you
are selling.

Pursuing good grades while obtaining one of the degrees in business
offered by your university is important, but not the only thing that will
prepare you for a career in business. Try one of the aforementioned five
ways to cultivate yourself for a role in business while obtaining your
business degree and become a more marketable employee in the process.

Fashionable Ways to Wear a Muslim Headscarf

islamic fashionsOne does not have to compromise faith and style when it comes to Islamic fashion. While this standard is true, it is always best to consider the faith when breaking tradition on dress and style. There are many ways women can a Muslim headscarf. There are many fashionable muslim women out there that have been at the forefront of changing the standard without being disrespectful to the religion. Many fashionable Muslim women have become popular due to their style and have been the inspiration to many other Muslim women looking for new style trends and looks.


wear hijab


When deciding on how to wear the Muslim headscarf, there are a few keys that can make it stylish to complete the entire look. Here are fashionable ways to wear a muslim headscarf.


Try Colour

The traditional Muslim headscarf is usually in muted colours, such as black, crème and white. Many women are changing it up by wearing their headscarves in different colours. There are women these days that wear headscarves in red, green, blue, gold and silver. There are also women who wear headscarves in pastel colors. Printed patterns are also a new staple in the style. It is not hard to find women wearing headscarves in beautiful printed patterns. Many of these patterns compliment the outfit and complete the look. Some of the patterns include flowers, dots and checkerboard. Many of these patterned scarves are in different colours.


patterns hijab

different patterns of headscarf


Wear The Headscarf Differently

Many women are seen wearing the headscarf in many different ways. It is not difficult to find women wearing the headscarf as a stylish turban or tying it differently underneath. When wearing the headscarf in a turban, women have to remember to cover their neck with another piece of clothing. Women can see Zilzar Muslimah clothing online for inspiration on the many looks they are attempting to try.


Three headscarf styles tutorial


Finding fashionable ways to wear the headscarf doesn’t have to be a challenge. There is inspiration everywhere from online shops to fashion blogs.