Innovative Cleaning Tools That Make It Easy To Keep The Home Looking Like New

Futuristic movies and novels have long described homes that are capable of cleaning themselves. While consumers have yet to access technology this innovative, there are a number of tools that can make it infinitely easier to maintain a pristine abode. These products limit the amount of work that people have to perform when completing their household chores. In many instances, they also prove far more efficient in eliminating dirt, germs and other debris when compared to traditional, cleaning tools.


CFL Bulbs With Negative Ionisation

Consumers can currently purchase light bulbs that take care of their housework for them. These CFL bulbs use negative ionisation technology to kill airborne germs and pathogens before these have a chance to wreck havoc on home residents. Best of all, they minimise the number of harmful microorganisms on indoor surfaces, even before sprays, scrubbers and other cleaning tools are used.

Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuums have quickly become the most popular set-it-and-forget-it solution in the modern world. These devices can be programmed to clean floors at specific times of the day. Thus, families can wake up, dress, eat breakfast and then head off to school or work, while trusting these units to create clean, attractive carpets before they return home. There is also an innovative dust collector in Malaysia that can provide these same benefits on a much greater variety of surfaces. Thus, both carpeted and tiled or hardwood floors can look pristine without efforts to vigorously sweep and mop or shampoo these surfaces.

Air Purifiers

Air purifying technology has long been used by water restoration companies as part of their efforts to mitigate mold and clean the indoor air of toxins and other unhealthy elements that have been introduced as the result of flooding. Now, however, consumers can buy affordable, lightweight purifiers of their own and can use these on a regular basis to reduce the presence of common allergens within the living environment. Thus, when investing in a dust collector in Malaysia in order to maintain clean and attractive floors, it is also a good idea to search for options that can purify the indoor air as well.

Steam Mops

For homeowners who don’t mind using a little bit of elbow grease to get tough household jobs done, there are also a number of innovative steam mops on the market. Rather than filling a bucket with hot water and manually ringing a mop out, people can simply use these all-inclusive units to clean and disinfect all hard floor surfaces throughout the home. Using these is as simple as pouring in water and turning them on. When guided across floor surfaces, they’ll sweep, mop, dry and shine them to an impressive finish.

With the right home cleaning tools, you’ll be able to keep your living environment polished to perfection. You can also spend less time on chores and more time enjoying your indoor space and the people you share it with. Best of all, there will be far fewer germs and allergens on common surfaces and throughout the indoor air.

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