How To Make Shooting At Targets More Fun For Pennies

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While there are many excellent shooting board manufacturers, the cost of buying many target shooting boards can be prohibitive, while shooting at real objects can cost you a lot of money. So it makes sense to create your own homemade targets. The best part is that these targets can be easily built on a few pennies. Moreover, you can use your old objects as shooting targets.

shooting target boardThe best material for building shooting targets is the paper plates. You can purchase them at any discount store. Then you can turn them into any shooting target your imagination can handle. You can, for example, draw Q-tips on targets to test your precision shooting skills. You can also tape various objects on homemade targets. Some of these objects are lollipops and candies, not to mention coins of different sizes.
If you want to get really creative, you can glue playing cards to your homemade targets. If you want to get even more creative, buy cards with faces of famous personalities. This way one of your friends can have a lot of fun shooting at the face of hated celebrity.
You can also staple a tiny paper plate to a larger-sized paper plate. Then make the tiny paper plate be above the larger-sized paper plate. This way you can create an effect of a silhouette and your target will have a head and a chest. Moreover, to test your concentration and speed, you can have your friend call out numbers placed in different targets.
But creating your own homemade target is not always necessary. There are other objects you can shoot at without breaking your budget. Many of these objects are more interesting to shoot at than paper plate targets. They are more interesting to shoot at because they are reactive. Some of them include bottles and cans. They would make a sound when shot. You can also watch water bottles explode. To get an explosion effect, just fill them with water and shoot in them.
You may be interested to know that you can get a smoke effect when shooting in balloons that have baby powder inside them.
This article has shown you how to make your own shooting targets and which old objects of yours to use in place of shooting targets. We hope you liked it. If you liked it, please share it with your friends on social media and comment.

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