How to Leverage Your Business Studies in 5 Easy Ways

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With all of the media attention going towards the disconnect between college courses and the jobs that are available for certain majors, you should be very aware of how your business studies today will affect your job prospects tomorrow. Here are a few ways that you can leverage your business studies in order to create a better chance of a job upon graduation.


Ask people who are employed about what their company needs.

The people who understand the nature of business studies best are the ones who are currently employed. While you are choosing your courses, make sure that you are taking advice from people who are employed in companies that actually interest you. Your interests may change, but if you maintain this standard for your advisory council, you will not go wrong.


Move towards courses that give you hard skills.

Many liberal arts and business programs tend towards soft skills that are not very impressive when they are put on a resume. This is the reason that many people with a business degree from an undergraduate institution must go directly into a Master’s program because they cannot get employed out of undergraduate college. Hard skills such as industry standard programs are a much better bet than vague courses about networking. Although networking is certainly important, this should be taught in conjunction with hard skills.


Look for professors who have connections to internships.

Who you know is just as important as what you know. When you are taking courses that have hard skills interwoven into them, you will be in a much more leveraged position for internships. Professors who are in league with employed people may be able to give you a referral that can give you these internships more readily. If you need to take a certain course in order to stay in touch with a professor that has contacts, then you may want to consider that course above the others that may be on your schedule.


Make sure that your courses have plenty of real life case studies in them.

All business studies should teach the application of their skills in the real world. This is usually done through real life case studies and group projects that send students out into the real world to associate themselves with actual business people. You can usually look over the course material of previous years online in reputable institutions. Take a look at the real world experience that you will be employing as well as the concepts that you will be learning. Focus your attention on the courses that put you in touch with real people in the business world.


If it is at all possible for you to do while in school, join a business fraternity.

A business fraternity is a great way to learn networking without having to pay tuition fees. It is also a way to get in touch with people who will be able to provide you with opportunities during your business studies courses.

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