How To Keep Your Entryway Clean

It can be hard to keep your entryway clean. Our first instinct when coming home is to just drop our shoes and belongings right there. Sometimes it starts to become a big mess that you prefer to just ignore.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s an easy guide on keeping your entryway clean.


Have A Place For Everything

If you don’t know where to put your things, anywhere will look fine. To avoid this, prepare designated places or containers for you to put your small belongings. Have a set of hooks for your keys, a container for your loose change, a box for your mail, and a bin for your trash.

Shoes will pile up if you don’t have a place for them. Prepare a shoe cabinet near the door, and make sure you have more than enough space for everyone’s footwear. If it gets full, you’ll be tempted to just stack them on top of the other, or even just leave them outside the overflowing shoe rack.


Keep It Clean And Uncluttered

We naturally want to keep things the way they are. If you regularly clean your entryway, unsightly messes, even small ones will compel you to straighten it out immediately.

And you’ll realize the psychological benefit of having a clean entryway. Entering a clean, organized house will make you feel much better.


Don’t Leave Things On The Floor

It might seem convenient to leave your sports equipment there when you come home. But leaving one thing there is inviting other people, and yourself, to leave more things beside it.

Avoid that by making a rule to not put anything on the floor.


Make It A Habit

Keep your belongings at the same place every time so you won’t have to think about it again. Creating a habit takes time, but when it’s set things become automatic. You won’t have to worry that the shoes are everywhere, because you now automatically put it into the cabinet when you come home.


Maintain It

We slip up from time to time. You might just leave things in the entryway until it reaches critical mass. Or your children have a habit of leaving their shoes there despite repeatedly reminding them.

Just make sure to take time every week to organize the entryway how you want it to be. It will probably take 10 minutes at most.


Decorate It

Putting time into making the entryway a pleasant place to look at will drive you to keep it clean. But you don’t have to hang a Picasso there. Just put things that inspire you and fits your taste. Small paintings, lamps, or even a vase of flowers.


With this guide, you’ll be on your way to having a pleasant, clutter free entryway.


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