Holiday Home Decorating Tips for Small Living Rooms

Decorating small areas like a small living room can be challenging and perhaps, frustrating. However, there are things you and I can do that will not only make our small living rooms look great; it will also make them look beautiful! Buying a sofa L shape from the furniture shop is a great idea where you can decorate the back of it with a beautiful and festive Christmas throw.


Add a Beautiful Wreath to your Door!

Small apartments or homes all have front doors. Doors look great with a beautiful wreath hanging on it. A Christmas wreath will look great and provide a wonderful and decorative way when anyone approaches your abode. In addition, instead of putting up a large tree, place a table top tree or a smaller tree in the entryway or on an end table in your living room. Small trees can be made to look bigger by placing a bushy, green garland around it. The tree will look bigger and fuller, without taking up extra space.

door wreath decoration

Lights and Bulbs and Garland: Make a Tree look Bigger!christmas tree

Add some lights and bulbs to your tree and you will have a tree that looks big, shiny and beautiful. And, your lighted and decorated tree will make your small living space look beautiful and bright. Place some small gifts underneath the tree and you will have created a holiday atmosphere! However, if you don’t have room for a tree in your home or apartment, you can still make your place look festive. For example, use empty space on your bookcases and shelves and add mini wreaths, Christmas bulbs, Christmas figurines and other holiday décor. Set on a coffee table, place a small nativity or a small poinsettia plant on it. Everyone loves flowers at Christmas!


Set your Table with Gold and Silver!

To add holiday shine to your dining room set your table with gold and silver dinnerware and stemware. To complement the table, add a lovely centerpiece by filling a large glass bowl with silver or gold ball ornaments and you will have instant glitz!

Mirrors make a Room look Big!

How about placing a mirror opposite a window? By doing this, light will bounce around the room and make the space fill larger and joyous. To get the same effect, place a light fixture or shimmery lamp in the living or dining room area. It will reflect light and brighten up a space.


To conclude, there are many ways to make a small room look bigger. Try one or more of the above ideas and enjoy a lovely and spacious Christmas!


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