Going the Distance With Cycling: 6 Starter Tips

benefits of cycling

benefits of cycling


Age doesn’t matter when it comes to cycling. Not only is it an optimal form of exercise, but it’s also a fantastic way to travel and see the world. When performed vigorously, it gives you a great cardiovascular workout and burns over 500 calories per hour. With the creation of specialized road bikesĀ from USJCycles.com, finding the right bike is quite easy. Most notably are hybrids, which have the speed of a road bike, but the sturdiness of a mountain bike. These two factors work together to make riding easier, and they also offer a variety of options to fulfill your needs. What’s even more important is that cyclists have far more places to ride than ever before. Before you strap on your helmet and set off for a day of cycling, here are a few tips on improving your comfort, performance and most importantly, safety.


Safety First

Above all, your safety is most important when cycling. Always wear a helmet with biking. Be sure to choose one that fits well and stays where it belongs. It should not slip and slide. Choose a bright color so it’s easier for motorists to see you.



Size Matters

Sure, you saw the sign bicycle promotions here and thought it was a great deal until you tried to ride your new bike. When looking for a new bicycle, make sure it fits your body type. On both mountain and road bikes, you should at least two inches between the top tube and your groin area. The handlebars should always be one inch lower than the top of the seat.


Choosing Your Seat

There’s probably nothing more unpleasant than riding a bike with an uncomfortable seat. Seats of a racing bike are usually hard and narrow. Choose a gel-filled seat to help alleviate pressure.


Tips on choosing saddle


Start Off Slow

If it’s your first time riding or if you are out of shape, start slowly. Take a 30-minute ride and practice keeping your balance. In addition, make sure you stay on level terrain. After you have perfected your balance, you can increase your distance and slowly integrate different types of terrain.


Dress The Part

When biking, be certain to wear the appropriate type of clothing. Clothing that is loose and drapes over the bike is not recommended. Form-fitting clothing that hugs your body is recommended.


Guide about cycling clothing

Additionally dress for the season. Wear clothes that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bright colors are also recommended so motorists can see you clearly. Never wear dark-colored clothing.


Change Gears

Although it’s tempting to full throttle to burn calories, your muscles need periods of rest too. Alternate between high intensity and easy peddling to help your muscles restore themselves.


bike gears


Cycling is an enjoyable way to spend time with family and friends. Knowing the ins and outs beforehand ensures a safe journey.

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