Fulfill Your Wanderlust: Top 7 Jobs If You Love To Travel



Some people are born to fulfill their wanderlust and travel the world. To do this, one must quit job and break the bank. However, did you know that you can travel the world and at the same time, get paid? Yes, you’ve heard it right. With the right skills and knowledge, you could land a job that allows you to travel to various destinations regularly.


Travel is not uniform across all people from various walks of life. For some, travelling means visiting their families in another country while others believe travelling entails relaxing by the beaches, mountain ranges or theme parks. Regardless of how people spend their vacations on travels, the important thing is, they get to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, even for just a short period of time.


Why settle for a few days of vacations each year when you can actually enjoy it as part of a career path? Satisfy your wanderlust all year round by embarking on a career that entails your most favorite hobby – travelling.


Top 5 Jobs If You Love To Travel


  1. Cruise Ship Employee


It’s everyone’s dream to go on a cruise and travel around the world. Did you know that you can actually visit as many countries throughout the year if you’re an employee at a cruise ship? Don’t ponder on working all the time. In fact, cruise ship crew are given time to explore new countries they dock in.


Luxury cruise ships have jobs for everyone from cleaners to cooks, to nursery staff, musicians and beauty therapists.

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  1. Engineers


An engineering job can help you earn while travelling to various destinations. Construction managers, for instance, make good money while they do lots of travelling. They are relocated to various places often to oversee projects and at the same time, explore new horizons or places and meet new people.


  1. Travel Nurse


Today, there is a lack of supply of nurses across the globe. Hence, being trained and well-versed in the nursing field can work to your advantage. If you’re the type of nurse who doesn’t want routine work in hospitals, being a travel nurse might interest you more.


Though you’ll still be assigned in hospitals, travel nurses often fill open positions wherever needed. The good thing is, if you’re working for a company, they will shoulder all your expense, from accommodation, to travel costs and travel allowance. Plus, you’ll definitely get paid.

Beautiful air stewardess

  1. Flight Attendant


Well, this job is one of the most obvious career paths for people who love to travel. Aside from being able to land on different countries in just matter of days, flight attendants are allowed to stay a night or two in foreign cities, countries and destinations. Though the lifestyle may seem fast paced and tiring, this job is perfect for a wanderlust by heart.


  1. Freelancers


Whether a website developer, an online freelance writer, a blog writer, a virtual assistant or an online teacher, being freelancers is advantageous in so many levels. For one, you work on your own time. Thus, you’ll have all the time you have to travel and you can actually bring work with you. Just be sure your destination has adequate internet connection.


  1. International Aid Worker


If you want to fulfill your wanderlust, try working for humanitarian groups which allow its workers to be deployed in various countries across the globe. It is one of the most exciting and fulfilling jobs on the list. They provide salaries, allowances and accommodations. If you want to travel for a living and at the same time, make a difference in people’s lives, being an international aid worker for companies like USAID, WHO and United Nations, is right for you.

Much more inventive than the average tour guide, Abbie illustrates his talks with photos of the area.

  1. International Tour Guide


This one’s for the traveller by heart. In what other career path can you explore cities in Europe, Asia and Australia, among others, and get paid for it? Tour guides are trained and skilled in terms of communicating with their clients. They also have adept knowledge in the different cultures and languages of other countries.


Working and having fun can be done at the same time with these jobs that are perfect for people who love to travel. It is important to know the limits, perks and risks you’ll face while working. When you can’t afford to waste your time for jobs wherein you’re stuck in the office five days a week, take these career paths into consideration. You might end up travelling the world while being paid.

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