Four Tips Every MapleStory 2 Player Needs to Know


While MapleStory 2 is similar to its predecessor in many ways, it also redefines and reinvents many of the gameplay mechanics from the original MapleStory. As such, even MapleStory veterans can find the sequel difficult to get into, as many basic gameplay elements must be relearned. While some players may rush to the online game store to get an advantage over other players, try these four MapleStory 2 tips before taking any drastic measures.


  1. How to Open Golden Luck Boxes

After a few hours of playing, you’ll notice your inventory start to fill with Golden Luck Boxes, small gold cubes which require a key to open. You’ll want to open these boxes as soon as possible because inside every box is a chance to get powerful weapons and armour that can give you an edge when fighting any monster, especially bosses. To get the key to these boxes, you’ll need to defeat elite mobs, such as the King Slime, as each one has a small chance of dropping a key.


  1. How to Automatically Pick Up Items

In most online video games, automatically picking up items your enemies drop is a default setting. It’s a helpful feature because, in an online role-playing game such as this one, you’ll want all of your earned items to either use or sell. Unlike other online role-playing games, in this game you’ll need to unlock the ability to pick up things automatically.

Doing this is simple but time-consuming, as you just need to pick up 500 items. Once you’ve picked up your 500th item, an achievement will unlock, and you can then configure automatic pick up of all items by clicking the gear at the bottom of your inventory window.


  1. Stay Calm

MapleStory 2 is much harder than its predecessor, so don’t get frustrated when you frequently die. Even monsters that look similar to their previous iteration and share the same name will have new attacks and all new statistics. Stay calm, watch your enemies carefully and don’t make any reckless moves; with a little bit of practice, you’ll quickly vanquish all of your foes.


  1. Work Together

Similar to games such as Guild Wars 2, teamwork is encouraged in this MapleStory sequel. Players who even land one hit on an enemy will get a share of the rewards while each player gets the full EXP amount, so help out every player you come across!

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