Dealing with Dark Circles: Tips for Instant Brighter Eyes 


Do your eyes have dark circles under them morning, noon and night? These dark circles can make you look old, tired and even bored, even if you are not any of those things.

Because most of these circles are actually small, dark lines etched into the skin under your eyes, it is nearly impossible to conceal them with makeup. If you cannot cover them up, you have to treat them, try to improve them or get rid of them. The root of your dark circles should be addressed to thoroughly remove them, but you can make instant improvements with these tips for brighter eyes:

  1. Remove swelling – Some dark circles can be caused by ongoing eye puffiness, such as from allergies or from crying. A cold compress held to your swollen eyes will work in minutes to reduce swelling. Caffeinated tea bags, soaked in warm water and then refrigerated for a few minutes, can make your eyes fresher and less swollen as well. If you can get rid of this puffiness, your eyes will look sharper and brighter.
  2. Get a chemical peel – Although this option will not remove your dark circles immediately, a chemical peel will improve your complexion around your eyes. By exfoliating your dead skin and encouraging new cells to grow, you will reduce those fine lines and make your eyes shine.
  3. Use skin-lightening agents – If you do not see any strong lines around your eyes, try whitening your skin. Lemon juice is an excellent skin bleach, and a cotton ball dipped in lemon juice can be applied around the eyes quite easily. After ten minutes of the lemon juice on your skin, rinse it off, and you will see the dark circles drastically reduced.
  4. Try at-home remedies – Simple products available at your home can also go far in affecting dark circles. Applying cooled cucumber slices, which contain astringent properties, under the eyes can lighten your skin. Thinly layering honey on your darkened skin, leaving it on as a mask for 20 minutes, or even overnight, can produce fast results. If you have even less time to make an impact, cool two spoons in the freezer, and hold them over your eyes for 10 minutes for the same effect.
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  5. Apply the best eye cream – Under-eye creams, eyemasks and eye serums can also help reduce dark circles. The best eye cream for dark circles contains green tea and grape seed oils because it attacks under-eye capillaries, reducing puffiness, colour and other aspects that lead to dark circles.
  6. Apply orange-red lipstick under your eyes – If your dark circles have a green undertone to them, you can apply orange or red lipstick to neutralize the darkness. However, this tip is not for the timid. Only try this option if you have time to make adjustments since there is room for error in this method.

    If you suffer from dark under-eye circles, you can buy skincare online in Malaysia or anywhere else worldwide. Try some of these tips to instantly brighten your eyes, making you look younger and fresher in as little as 10 minutes.


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