Cycling Shoe Buying Guide

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While many cyclist choose to wear a good trainers when biking, choosing a good pair of cycling shoes not only improves your comfort but may also improve your safety. The shoe that is right for the casual biker is not the best competitive shoe. There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing great cycling footwear.
Clipless or Clipped

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The type of riding that you plan on doing determines if clipless or clipped shoes are the best alternative for you. If you plan on riding your bike around town or doing BMX biking, then you generally will want a clipped shoe because it allows you to exit the bike faster. Alternatively, if you are considering competitive riding a clipless shoe featuring either a 3-hole cleat system often called Look-style system or a 2-hole cleat system often called Shimano Pedalling Dynamics system. It is essential that you match the pedal to the shoe. If you enjoy mountain biking, then look for clipless shoes with recessed cleats so that you can walk around easier.
full_Teva_Pivot_Clipless_Shoe-642x300All biking shoes should have tread that encourages them to be rigid. Carbon-fibre soles are much more rigid than other alternatives like rubber or nylon. If you plan to cycle over extremely rough terrain, then look for extra grippy cycling shoes offering additional screw-in studs. If you plan on riding in muddy areas, then look for shoes with a wider tread on the bottom to avoid mud building up. Additionally, consider a shoe that will protect your ankle if you plan on encountering rough patches that you may not be able to bike through.
rapha_grand_tour_shoes_pgrm5The stronger the sole, the more power that your legs can transfer to the pedals which lets you go faster. If you are able to try the shoe on, then the ball of your foot should be able to move up and down slightly as this helps with blood circulation keeping your toes from going numb on a long ride. Road shoes are generally designed very narrow, so do not be surprised if you need a larger size.
If you’re looking for cycling shoes in Malaysia to ride the Tour de Langkawi, then you need different shoes than if you are just commuting to work in Ipoh. When you spend a few minutes choosing the cycling shoe that fits your needs the best, you will be safer and feel more comfortable as you bike along.

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