4 Things you can do to beat the traffic this Merdeka Day


Commuting through public transportation is exhausting especially under the blazing heat of the sun and the unbearably heavy traffic. There is one thing worse than commuting, though, and that is commuting during a national holiday. In case you can’t help but go from one place to another despite the increase in the volume of people on the streets, here are some tips you can do to at least make your travel a bit more bearable


  • Know the KTM Timetable and the ETS Schedule by heart

In their website (www.kltransit.my), you’ll find notices, timetables, train ticket bookings, and other alternative mode of transportation you can take. If you really must travel on the Merdeka Day Parade, make sure to know the KTM timetable, parade route and steer clear of those routes as much as you can.


  • Use technology to your advantage

There are a lot of apps that would make your commuting life so much better. Google Maps can show you real-time traffic advisory and route information. Waze uses your GPS location to accurately tell you how to navigate the road with real-time updates on traffic jams, accidents and road blocks. It may even be wise to hail an Uber or Grab taxis if you’re carpooling with friends to save time and avoid paying the price for parking.


  • Don’t be afraid to take the longer roadIf you are in your car and you happen to encounter a traffic jam that looks like it will not end anytime soon, you should consider going the long way. This might seem like a bad idea at first, but consider this: more people always want to take the nearest route, so you have a higher chance of smooth driving along emptier roads using the longer route.


  • Make sure that you are safe on the road

This may not seem like traffic advice, but hear us out: if you are safe on the road, nothing much will hinder your travel. On the other hand, if you got into an accident, this will only be an inconvenience to you, but also to a lot of other motorists. Which is why before you should make sure that your vehicle is in good condition and your tank is full before you take on the road.

Public transportation is a huge help in lessening the heavy traffic on the roads. Even if you own a car, schedule days where you could take the KTM or ETS trains. Chances are, you will spend less, and your day will have a bit of adventure in it.

Port Dickson (Malaysia) Travel Tips/Guide/Advice – GLPD 



Beaches and Resort in Port Dickson
If you are one person that likes beaches, then you will be recommended to visit the beaches at the fourth mile. These are almost the sandy white beaches. They are five hundred meters wide, and the most favorite of the beaches is the one that is usually fully packed during holidays and weekends is opposite the Sri Malaysia Hotel as well as the royal yacht club in the Port Dickson. The other beach to be tried is the Tanjung Huang resort and hotel that is just a walking distance from the superb club yacht hotel. This is an ideal place where you will get to enjoy the sunset as well as local foods for dinner and powerful lunches. You are recommended to check out the Cape Ricardo view of the lighthouse. It is a breathtaking and crazy beach. You will also bring your cameras and take memories of beautiful pictures.
Ostrich Farm 6
P.D Ostrich For farm
Aside from the beach in Port Dickson, it also offers other attractions that can cater for small groups as well as families such as the show farm in the Ostrich Park. There are also other few animals that can be seen aside from ostriches such as birds, crocodiles and rabbits. This is more of a mini petting zoo. Ostriches from a large tourist attraction where most activities in the show farm are centered on them, the ostrich ride, shade, as well as the related souvenirs and also food items that are made from this birds. For being a Star guess, there is a small price to pay.
Lukut Museum 2
Lukut Museum
This is one of the most beautiful museums in the world. It also gives an insight into the golden Lukut’s eras as being one of the capitals in the trade in tin. Tourist as and visitors have it at their will and a pleasure to discover the Nassau shipwreck artifacts as well as the Indian Dutch East battleship that sank in the Cape Ricardo in the year 1606. Some of the artifacts in this museum include porcelain, canons, and China wares as well as the coins, urns and microscopes. The archeological finds are showcased in the area as well as the history underlying in the fort. Before entering the museum, you will be required to take off your shoes. Textiles and weaving, as well as farm tools, are exhibited in one of the upper floors.

You can also make your path into the fronts of the fort ruins after visiting the museums. Only the wells and the walls remain. You will also cross the dried up moat and get to the very center of the compound. The Lukut Fort ruins that were constructed in the year 1847 to have the city protected from the booming trade of the town is an exciting sport in the history of the buffs. The legendary poisoned well is one of the major tourist attractions. Archeology and history buffs will also find this museum to be one of the most satisfying and informative of them all.