Just How Far Can Your Cycling Footwear Take You?

Image result for Cycling FootwearMany have missed out on the benefits of getting the right gear for an exercise because of some usual misconceptions. Sneakers can be considered handy for cyclists. At least, for some. Since cycling isn’t a daily routine, shoes are not a worthy investment. For a moment perhaps, but this thinking will eventually lead you nowhere.


Enthusiasts need the gist of this entire “shoe” story in their personal successes. Here are important considerations why cycling shoes in Malaysia will always be worth buying.


The Power Feature

Soles of cycling shoes are designed to be very stiff. Experts say that this significant feature prevents loss of the power produced from working leg muscles. Instead of being trapped in the soles’ cushion, the power goes straight where it’s needed-the pedal. As a result, it becomes easier to pedal as one amps up resistance.


The Alignment Feature

Proper position is the key. The right foot gear needs no conscious effort for the feet to stay in the right position. Cycling shoes automatically clip in. One gets consistently aligned then and better avoids injuries.


The Comfort Feature

There is a danger of failure to clip in. Those with bigger shoe sizes find it hard to keep up with the optimal position – that makes them pedal with their toes. Those with smaller sizes may end up with arches of their feet over the mid-pedals. Both situations are not advisable. The proper footwear is sure to bring the best comfort possible and prevents both tendencies to occur.


The Muscle-Building Feature

One can target his core better with the right kind of shoes. Since cycling shoes keep the feet in place, unnecessary stress is gotten rid of, especially in body parts not required for the workout. The sweat session will definitely be of good quality.


Cycling must end up somewhere, health-wise and energy-wise. To get the most from this, the right foot gear helps. If you believe otherwise, prepare to be caught in a measly bike.


The benefits far outweigh the price paid. Almost always.

How The Folding City Bike Works For You

You need to use folding bikes when you are in the city, and you find out foldable bikes that suitable you will get you through the city really easily. You can visit://www.usjcycles.com/bicycle/folding/bike/ for more information on these devices, and you will find out that you can get the best bikes for the best prices when you are working and traveling in the city. The city is a good place to work, and it is easier to manage when you are on a small bike.
You can stow these bikes really easily when you are working in the city, and they actually fold up if you are getting on the train or trying to keep them at home or the office. That makes them very functional because you can take them anywhere, and you will also have a chance to make your bike into something that helps you get to work faster. You need to remember how much smaller these bikes are, and then you need to make use of them as much as you can.

You will have a chance to go right through traffic when you want to, and you will have an easy time of going to places that are not very accessible. You deserve to have a chance to go where you want to go without a problem, and you will get there in no time. You can stash the bike when you get there, and then that is the end of it. It is one of the easiest things in the world to do, and it will be so easy that you will forget how hard it used to be to get around the city.

You also need to remember that these bikes are so small that you could even take them on the bus. There are a lot of people who have to take very odd routes to get to work, and the bike will go anywhere you want when the time is right. You can learn how to get somewhere faster by taking the bus and train instead of only riding, and it will even help you if you are a courier. These bikes are so light that they are a lot easier to ride, and they come with a couple gears that make them a lot easier to use. You deserve to have something that will be very reliable, and you will love the way it feels to ride in the city on something that actually helps you.

Your next bike should be one that folds to help you get where you want to go. Your best bet is to pick the smallest bike you can find, and then you will be in a place where you can make your way through the city without a problem. The bike goes anywhere, and it help you when you cannot help yourself. You instantly get the results you want, and you will have good transportation for as long as you work in the city.


Cycling Shoe Buying Guide

BMC's Adam Blythe got his leopard print shoes wet on Wednesday, and they hadn't dried by Thursday morning. So he busted out the dalmation theme. Photo: Caley Fretz | VeloNews.com

While many cyclist choose to wear a good trainers when biking, choosing a good pair of cycling shoes not only improves your comfort but may also improve your safety. The shoe that is right for the casual biker is not the best competitive shoe. There are several factors to keep in mind when choosing great cycling footwear.
Clipless or Clipped

A BMX (Bicycle Moto-cross(X)) in the air against a clouded sky

The type of riding that you plan on doing determines if clipless or clipped shoes are the best alternative for you. If you plan on riding your bike around town or doing BMX biking, then you generally will want a clipped shoe because it allows you to exit the bike faster. Alternatively, if you are considering competitive riding a clipless shoe featuring either a 3-hole cleat system often called Look-style system or a 2-hole cleat system often called Shimano Pedalling Dynamics system. It is essential that you match the pedal to the shoe. If you enjoy mountain biking, then look for clipless shoes with recessed cleats so that you can walk around easier.
full_Teva_Pivot_Clipless_Shoe-642x300All biking shoes should have tread that encourages them to be rigid. Carbon-fibre soles are much more rigid than other alternatives like rubber or nylon. If you plan to cycle over extremely rough terrain, then look for extra grippy cycling shoes offering additional screw-in studs. If you plan on riding in muddy areas, then look for shoes with a wider tread on the bottom to avoid mud building up. Additionally, consider a shoe that will protect your ankle if you plan on encountering rough patches that you may not be able to bike through.
rapha_grand_tour_shoes_pgrm5The stronger the sole, the more power that your legs can transfer to the pedals which lets you go faster. If you are able to try the shoe on, then the ball of your foot should be able to move up and down slightly as this helps with blood circulation keeping your toes from going numb on a long ride. Road shoes are generally designed very narrow, so do not be surprised if you need a larger size.
If you’re looking for cycling shoes in Malaysia to ride the Tour de Langkawi, then you need different shoes than if you are just commuting to work in Ipoh. When you spend a few minutes choosing the cycling shoe that fits your needs the best, you will be safer and feel more comfortable as you bike along.

Three Tips to Improve your Cycling Experience


Cycling is conceivably one of the best forms of exercise available for people who would like to kip fit. As such there are a few tips that have been proposed by many who engage in it to help those who aspire to take on the tracks that are meant to help them ride faster, safer, happier and get as much as they can from the experience.


Longer riding.


Mountain bikes are perhaps the bicycle of choice when it comes to cycling. For a person to ride longer, avoid soreness as well as fatigue, it is essential for the rider to familiarize themselves with the gear functions. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear, do not hunch your shoulders or stiffen the neck to avoid cramps.


Cycling shoes enable a person to ride more efficiently and make sure they are less tired after the experience. Most people agree that cycling shoes minimize soreness of the feet. Cycling shoes in Malaysia come from many entities as well as online sites that offer free delivery upon request. They include safety apparel, shoes, Road Bikes, and hybrid mountain bikes.




Just like any other moving object, bicycles can be dangerous. Safety paraphernalia such as helmets and knee pads prevent the rider from serious injury in case of a fall. Learning the signals that indicate when a rider wants to turn can save them from accidents as well as inform other cyclists and motorists of the rider’s intention to turn.


To avoid gluts, muscle pulls and hamstrings especially when one cannot stop, make sure that the torso does not move much but rather acts as a fulcrum. Just let the bicycle sway beneath the upper body.


Improving the experience.


When using an MTB, all the energy must be focussed on the pedals. To make sure this happens, pull the handles in a rowing motion as this will counter the push of the legs on the pedals. The motion ensures that all the power will be transferred into making the MTB move forward and reduces energy wastage.


Make sure that you stop once in a while to stretch your arms and legs while you admire the surroundings to improve the experience and take your mind off the fatigue as you catch some air.


Periodically change you cycling routes to ensure that the experience is new. It will make you want to ride further as you explore new tracks and paths.


It is also important to join a cycling club or group to ensure that there is collective group morale as well as a target destination whenever the group meets. Another upside of this is that the group can help you in the case of injury or muscle pulls and aches.


Ultimately, the riding experience depends on the location. Whether you are riding on the streets or the trails of Malaysia or mountain biking in another part of the world; get the maximum experience from it. Improve your fitness, take care of your body regarding safety and most importantly enjoy the experience.


Why Topeak Bike Pumps Are The Pumps of Choice for Cyclists

The best bike trip possible is going to be more fun for you when you using the Topeak pump. This is a great pump for you, and you need to have a bike pump with you when you are on the road. Everyone who is looking for a way to make the right kind of bicycle trip needs to bring along all the extra tools that are needed. The bicycle pump is going to be a great thing to bring, and it is going to make things much easier for you if you need to make a repair. This means that all your trips are going to be safer, and you are going to be able to handle small repairs without a problem.

The Pump Works Fast

You need to be able to get through all your repairs faster. You need to imagine how you are going to get your tires pumped up and this is going to be much easier when you are trying to get on your way. The bike pumps that you are using are going to help you manage your tires, and this is going to make it so much easier for you because you will be able to get the tires pumped up fast. You often do not have all the extra time that is needed, and you will be able to save time because you have set everything up to pump up the tires fast. The tires will be ready to go, and you will be able to safely make it your next location.

The Pump Is Easy To Carry

easy bringing topeak pump

The pump is going to travel with you easily even if you have very little space. This pump is going to travel with you through your whole journey, and you are not going to have worry about the problems that other people have. You may need to keep the pump in a place that is hard to reach, or you must just trust on finding places where you can get your tires pumped up. You can carry this one with you to make sure that you are going to be able to use it easily, and you are going to be able to make sure that you are going to pump up the tires in a fast manner. Moving fast is a big deal, and people that are not moving fast enough are going to have to get these pumps to avoid problems in the future.

The pump that you bring with you is going to help you with all the problems that you have had in the past with your tires. You know that something is going to happen when you are on your trip, and you can pack it up for you without any trouble. You will be able to get this easily done, and you will be able to use these things when you are on the road even if you are in a place that is not going to be forgiving.



How many of you love to bike? Now, how many of you love to go on long bike rides, I am talking more then 50 km? Well, this advice is going to be for you.

This advice works perfectly for those who are gearing up for a race. Lots of people race on the weekend. It’s good to get in some practice runs; especially, for those who are doing a 100 mile run.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

1)Do some regular training ridesheart

Get in about 5 or 6 before the actual race. Find your maximum heart rate, which should be about 75-80%, and zone in. Do this for about an hour, no more or less. This is a good way to work on your endurance level, without burning yourself out. This way you will be more prepared when the official race comes.

2)Endure the pain

What does this mean? Do some short-term flat-out efforts. Do this for 3 minutes, then rest. If you do this a few times during each ride, i guarantee you will feel the difference. Your body will feel better for it too. There is going to be some pain early on. This is normal. The idea is to outlive the pain. If you can go passed the pain, you can survive anything.

If you are not sure what a flat-out is in biking riding, ask a professional. You never want to attempt this without knowing what you are doing first, I don;t care how good you are at cycling.

3)You need to save your energy for a run like this

This also includes wearing the right type of gear. Shimano gear is usually the better way to go. You can also ask a professional what other types of mountain bike gear are going to be good. The idea is not to wear something to big. You also do not want to wear something to small. You need to wear clothing that is comfortable; and yet, clothing that you really don’t have to put too much thought into.

Wearing the right type of clothing is all part of it. Maintaining a very high cadence is the idea.


4)Hills are not meant to be your enemyconquer

Hills are all part of the journey. Do not let the hill stress you out, no matter how big it is. The key is to alternatebetween sitting and riding up by the saddle. The jey is to give the legs equal balance and energy.

When you get to the top, you might want to give it that extra push. This especially goes for the “dry runs”. These are the practice runs you do before the big race. Giving it that extra push will help you up and over the top mark on the hill. After you get over, you can afford to let go a bit.

As I said, practice the run a few times. This way you won’t be as stressed or as nervous when the real race happens. It will become like second nature when you have to do it all for real.

Go on our site for more cycling tips. We offer advice for those just starting out. We offer advice for those who enjoy it for fun. We offer advice for seasoned pros. It’s all there. Join us online now.