Moisture Is Key: Top 5 Things You Need In Your Beauty Regimen

Every once in a while, you may find yourself stressed out with everything that is happening in your life. Be it school, work, or household chores, these small worries can pile up and eventually take its toll on your appearance. Fortunately, there is one simple secret to looking young and healthy: moisturizing.

Sure, eating a balanced diet and exercise can create wonders on your body, but maintaining a beauty regimen that focuses on keeping your body well-moisturized will give you a unique glow. To achieve this, here are the top 5 things you need to have at hand.


  1. Lipbalm for your Lips

Caring for your lips is one of the easiest ways to make small yet significant changes in your appearance. Make sure to have a lip balm in handy, regardless of the weather. You can also use a moisturizing lipstick, but lip balms are the way to go if you are often in a hurry to do your daily chores. Bonus tip: lightly brush your lips with a toothbrush to remove dead skin cells after brushing your teeth in the morning.


  1. Night Cream for your Eyes

 Some people tend to forget that the eyes are indeed the ‘windows to the soul’, and that they require proper moisturizing as well. Use eye cream before going to bed, and you will notice that you look less tired and drained the morning after. Bonus tip: after drinking tea, take the used tea bag, pat it try, and put it on your eyes to reduce soreness.


  1. Protection for your Face

For your face, use a moisturizing cream that also provides protection from the sun. The skin on your face is very susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, so moisturizing it alone is not enough. Bonus tip: if you could find the time, use moisturizing face masks at least once a week.


  1. Treatment for your Hair

Here is a quick course to hair care: shampoo is for cleaning, conditioner is for moisturizing. Both helps to keep your tresses healthy, but adding moisture to your hair will make it vibrant. Get a hair treatment cream from the store, or make your own. Hot oil treatments can be made at home: take about a spoonful or two of coconut oil, heat it for a few seconds on the stove, massage it into your hair and scalp, then cover it with a towel or shower cap. Rinse it thoroughly after about 15 minutes, and you will get a well-moisturized hair. Bonus tip: add some fragrance by adding a few drops of vanilla or other essential oils to the treatment.


  1. Body Lotion for your Skin

Body care products are readily available in stores, so you should have no excuse to have a body lotion at all times. Choose a body lotion that feels light on the skin to keep you feeling fresh even on hot days. Like the face cream, the body lotion should also provide protection from UV rays. This means that the lotion should at least have an SPF 30 rating. Apply it on your skin after every shower, and throughout the day if necessary. Bonus tip: use an empty container (like the small jar for your eye cream), fill it with your lotion, and use it as a body lotion/hand cream throughout the day.


Aside from the tips above, keeping a happy outlook in life will make you avoid looking dull and dry. Remember to always moisturize and you will see that you will radiate beauty even more.


How to Care for Your Skin at Any Age


No matter your age, you want your skin to look its best. Developing a solid skin care routine at a young age is the first step. As the years pass, uncovering effective anti-aging products is essential as well. Here are important tips to help you care for your skin at any age.


Apply Sunscreen Each Day 

The sun’s UV rays can cause extreme damage to your skin. Often, the effects are not seen until later in life. To protect itself, your skin heightens its production of melanin, which results in a dark or uneven tone. Also, it causes skin to lose its natural elasticity. This leads to sagging and wrinkles. In severe cases, cancer cells form. To prevent these issues, it is vital to apply sunscreen each day. Experts advise you to apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going outside. Using a lip balm with SPF protection is wise as well. For added convenience, numerous skin care products come with built-in sun protection.

Establish a Solid Skin Care Routine 

From a young age, it is important to organize a regular skin care regimen. Practicing good habits early ensures a lifetime of healthy skin. For instance, it is crucial to wash your face each night and to use a moisturizer that keeps your skin properly hydrated. No matter how tired you are at the end of a busy day, you must always remove your makeup. A gentle cleanser will keep pores from becoming clogged and will not irritate sensitive skin.


Control Breakouts 

Pimples can occur at any age. To prevent breakouts, it is vital to use the correct cleanser for your skin type. Also, it is important to exfoliate a few times each week. When breakouts are frequent, you should use a gentle product with salicylic acid. This has anti-bacterial properties that enter your pores and control acne.

Use Products with Natural Ingredients 

When selecting products for your skin, it is essential to use items that contain natural ingredients. Products with chemicals or other toxins may wreak havoc on your health. For example, some beauty products include mercury. Mercury is easily absorbed but hard to eliminate. It can lead to kidney damage or nerve problems. In pregnant women, it can cause developmental issues in foetuses.

It is essential to read labels and avoid items containing harmful ingredients, including dyes and fragrances. This will lower your chances of suffering irritation, breakouts, or allergic reactions. It is better for the environment as well.


Anti-Aging Products 

As you age, fine lines and wrinkles develop. However, there are anti-aging products available that can make the issues less visible. When using these products, it is important to have realistic expectations. When an item gives exaggerated promises, it is probably too good to be true. For instance, you should not buy a product promising to deliver results similar to a facelift. However, it is possible to find items that plump the skin and eliminate crow’s feet and frown lines.

Taking care of your skin will keep it looking healthy. The above tips will fill your beauty routine with effective products that offer protection and help maintain a youthful appearance at any age.


How to Get Fairer Skin After a Sun-Drenched Beach Holiday


Everyone loves a relaxing beach holiday, but if you’re not careful, all that fun in the sun can leave you looking a bit too brown. Tan skin can be sexy, but it isn’t flattering on everyone. On top of that, sometimes a tan can start out golden and gorgeous and end up looking dark and uneven later. This is especially true if you earned yourself some tan lines.


  1. A Proper Exfoliation Routine

As you already know, a tan fades over time. This is because the skin cells shed and are gradually replaced with fresh cells from underneath. These fresh cells haven’t been exposed to the sun and will therefore be lighter.

It takes a long time for this process to occur, but you can speed it up a bit by gently exfoliating your skin. Using a specially designed scrub along with a sponge or loofah, gently work to exfoliate your entire body in the shower. Be careful not to scrub too hard. You can only remove dead skin cells, which are present on the surface of the skin. Continuing to scrub won’t contribute to whitening and will instead cause irritation.

  1. A Good Moisturizer

No matter what state your skin is currently in, it needs moisture to look its best. Moisturizing keeps skin supple, reduces itchiness and helps you avoid wrinkles and age spots.

You’ll get the most bang for your buck if you apply your moisturizer after you get out of the shower. Since exfoliating clears away dead skin cells, and the heat from the water opens up your pores, this is the perfect time to apply a nourishing moisturizer. This will help revitalize your skin and prepare it for whitening cream.


  1. A High-quality Whitening Cream

A good cream will help your tan fade faster. Always follow the instructions carefully to ensure that your whitening product works effectively. Keep in mind that no product will work overnight. If you see a product that promises instant results, be wary. You can only speed up the lightening process so much. The last thing you want to do is damage your skin further. Choosing creams from reputable companies will protect against this.

  1. A Strong SPH

After exfoliating, moisturizing and lightening the skin with creams, you’ll need to protect yourself from further sun damage. Always finish your skincare routine with a product that offers plenty of sun protection. All exposure to sunlight has an effect, even if you won’t be spending the entire day outdoors.

The best way to whiten your skin is to prevent it from becoming tan in the first place. On your next holiday, always cover up when you’re not in the water, and if you want to lounge around outside, sit under a beach umbrella, shady tree or patio cover. If you do get a little too tan, don’t worry. By following these easy tips, you’ll be back to your regular skin tone in no time.


Things You Do That Are Aging Your Hands

When it comes to an anti aging beauty regimen, the face usually gets most of the pampering. From cleansing to moisturizing and protecting from the elements, women follow an elaborate routine to make sure that facial skin remains youthful. However, equal attention should be given to the hands as they tend to show age even more than your face.


Inadequate Hand Protection

The hands are hardworking units of the human body. Depending on your lifestyle, your hands would be exposed to detergents, soaked in water for long periods and subjected to activities that can be harsh on the skin. These can lead to skin dryness and damaged skin in some cases.

Unless you are royalty with a coterie of servants at your disposal, you will have to use your hands to do your daily tasks. It does not take much more effort to put on a pair of protective work gloves before you start working. Apply moisturizers to your hands before you don the gloves to allow absorption of the product as you work. Always apply moisturizers after washing your hands. This will ensure that natural moisture lost to hand washing is replenished right away.



Not all Skin Products are made the Same

Choose your hand lotion wisely. Oily hand creams could smudge your clothes and any item you touch. Absorption may be a problem, in which case, your skin won’t benefit much from the product.

Look for an anti aging hand cream that contains shea butter, and apply generously as often as necessary. Health and beauty experts suggest using facial products for your hands. After treating your face, apply the same product on your hands for simple and efficient beauty routine.



Hands need Sun Protection

Your hands are exposed to the sun more than your face is, but it is easy to overlook the fact that the skin on your hands require as much, if not more, sun protection as your face. Age spots appear on areas of the body that are routinely exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. These spots can make your hands look considerably older. Use your facial sunblock on your hands to make it easier to remember to apply the sun protection.

When choosing a sunscreen product for your hands, consider those products that are dual purpose. A 45-SPF sunscreen with humectants built in the formula will certainly help prevent age spots while keeping the skin moisturized. Treat existing age spots with hydroquinone-based fading lotions. These are over-the-counter products, but pay attention to the manufacturer- suggested use and time restrictions.



Veins and Crinkly Skin

The skin on your hands loses elasticity with age and overexposure to certain chemicals. The skin becomes thinner and starts to resemble crumpled paper. Consider changing your moisturizer to an anti aging cream with retinoids to build up the collagen levels and make the skin on your hands look more youthful.

A more drastic approach calls for an invasive procedure where fillers are injected under the skin to fluff up the area. This procedure is typically combined with laser resurfacing to remove age spots.

You depend on your hands to do many tasks, so it is only fitting that they should get the same pampering and attention as your facial skin. Make sure to protect your hands with the proper equipment when working then treat with the right anti aging products as needed.



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