Your Friend’s “I Swear It Works” Hangover Cure? It’s Debunked: Find Out What You Should Have Instead

Overindulging on alcoholic beverages may be fun in the moment, but eventually there will be a price to pay. Very few women can let loose at night and avoid the dreaded morning-after hangover, which typically includes nausea, a pounding headache and a nagging dizziness. Because hangovers are so common, there seems to be an endless supply of supposed cures. Unfortunately, most of the familiar quick fixes just worsen hangover symptoms.

Put the Lid on the Frying Pan

Many people try to cure a hangover with a big, greasy breakfast and cup after cup of coffee, but neither is an effective remedy. Alcohol increases stomach acid production, so fatty foods just trigger heartburn in an already high-acid digestive system. It’s better to eat mild, light and easily digestible foods. If protein is a must for a post-party breakfast, eggs are the best options because they break down alcohol toxins.

After a night of excessive drinking, coffee and energy drinks are the enemies because caffeine dehydrates the system. Alcohol acts as a diuretic and increases urination, so the goal after drinking is to replenish fluids rather than diminish them. For those concerned about caffeine-withdrawal headaches, one cup of weak black tea is a good substitute. According to these hangover tips, drinking water or sports drinks throughout the day is the best way to rectify alcohol-related dehydration.

Don’t Sweat It

Some women swear that a good workout speeds up the body’s recovery process after alcohol consumption. However, exercise and sweat go together, and too much perspiration leads to more dehydration. To avoid this cycle, choose gentler exercise routines. Take a leisurely walk or do some light stretches as soon as it’s physically possible. At some point, it’s also important to rest. The body will heal itself, but it needs a reprieve to do so.

Sweating out the poisons of alcohol at the sauna is also a common hangover treatment, but it often intensifies the sick feelings associated with drinking. The high temperatures of a sauna can negatively affect blood circulation and cause a drop in blood pressure. This may lead to even worse health issues. Instead of taking that risk, opt for a cool shower. The chillier temperature will invigorate the mind and wake up the body.

Alleviate, Don’t Medicate

Antacid tablets, over-the-counter pain relief medications and hangover pills may rectify certain issues, but they usually add new layers of problems. When the formulas contain aspirin, carbon dioxide or citric acid, they can further irritate the stomach and exacerbate nausea. One suggestion discusses the benefit of taking a multivitamin to replace lost nutrients. Balancing out the system like this might resolve hangover symptoms more naturally.
A number of people self-medicate after a drinking binge by consuming more alcohol. This is possibly the worst option because it doesn’t give the body any chance to recover. Herbal teas like ginger honey tea or kombucha tea is a safer alternative for taking off the edge, and it’s actually one of the best hangover cures overall. Peppermint and ginger teas soothe the stomach and promote well-being without any unnecessary ingredients.

There is no magical cure for a hangover. Conventional remedies usually don’t work, and they often add to the morning-after misery. The one guaranteed way to avoid that foggy, dizzy and achy feeling is to drink wisely. Replenishing much-needed nutrients, getting rest and staying hydrated with water will reduce the effects of overconsumption, but only the passing of time will provide complete relief.


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