Interested in an HR Job Position in Malaysia? Here Are Tips That Can Help

Becoming a part of the Human Resources (HR) department is an excellent career that usually involves interviewing prospective candidates, providing the best possible work environment and boosting productivity of employees. If you want to become an HR personnel, here are some essential tips to consider.


  1. Get the right degree

It is helpful to have a bachelor’s degree in HR or masters of business administration in HR to become a part of the HR team. Aside from a degree, you will also need personal skills that you will use to communicate with future and existing employees. You should also have skills of knowing the right people for particular jobs, helping companies boost efficiency at a minimal cost.


  1. Target your resume to the job

Your resume should be able to speak to your employer that you are fit for the HR position. Send out a well-written resume along with other essential information like certificates and documents, making it easy for the company to review your application. You can edit or tweak your resume to keep it close to the job you are applying for.


  1. Dress and look professionally

Appearance matters. If you are already in the interview phase, you’ll need to look and feel professional by choosing the right suit. A coat and tie should be considered but you can also go semi-formal. The first impression lasts. So, be sure to dress appropriately for the job and the company you are applying to.


  1. Do not give negative feedback to your previous employer

One of the most common interview mistakes is badmouthing your previous boss and co-workers. Most employers would ask about your previous job and why you want to change your career. If you do a lot of badmouthing, the company might think that you’re going to do the same to them when you’re moving on.

Thank you

  1. Send a thank you note after the interview

It is important to follow up on your job application to reiterate your interest in the position. One good way to do this is by sending a thank you note after the interview. You can do this by email or by notes. Either way, you should always send a thank you note to bring a positive atmosphere.


Where to find HR job vacancies

There are a lot of human resource job vacancies available online in Malaysia. If you are job hunting and you want to make things easier for you, just log on the Internet and look for HR jobs available in your area.  There are many HR positions available when browsing online, including entry level jobs and administrator jobs. Some entry level jobs include HR advisor and HR management while administrative jobs range from HR executive and HR specialist.

Vacancies in HR are increasing in Malaysia due to the growing importance of the department. Companies in both public and private sectors need HR specialists to make everything run smoothly. If you are looking for HR positions, this is the right time for you to apply.

3 Job Interview Questions You Might Be Getting Wrong

Businessman Getting Interviewed
Businessman Getting Interviewed

In light of the decelerating Malaysian economy, the job market is very competitive for job seekers. They would want to show interviewers that they are the talent the company is looking for. But to do this, they have to get past the deceptively tricky job interview questions.
Here are three of the most common job interview questions that you might be getting wrong. They are commonly asked even if you are a new hire looking for a first job or a veteran looking for more growth opportunities.job-interview

  1. Tell me something about yourself. When asked this question, most job seekers try to recite what is already written on their resume. This is not what interviewers are looking for. Instead, be ready with a short summary of your life and career. Keep your story related to the job you are applying for. If you are applying for engineering jobs, for example, it makes little sense to talk about your experiences in a conservatory you attended.

Interviewers want to see how coherent you can be, so keep everything short and sweet. They are also assessing your confidence levels, so look them in the eye as you speak. They have to see what kind of person you are outside your resume.157859734

  1. Why did you choose this company? Many start off by reciting the merits of the company, which they have probable researched from the website. But the most important point here is knowing how the company’s culture works. What market does it serve? What do the employees have to say about it? You have to be able to relate to these two points to give a convincing answer.

Also, don’t simply say “I like the salary/benefits” or “I was referred by a friend”. Remember that the company wants to know what they can get from hiring you. You have to show them that you like the way they do things, and you want to contribute to that.721658e939a3961135d9a454f0454265

  1. What are your strengths and weaknesses? This is a classic trap. You have to tell them the truth, but not the complete truth if it hurts your reputation. For example, saying that you tend to lose interest in a job after a few years isn’t going to make you look good. Same goes with admitting you are bad at organization and punctuality. In the same vein, extolling your virtues is also a no-no.

Instead, focus on how you take responsibility for your actions all the time. You could frame your weakness in such a way that you own up to it. For example, instead of saying “I am weak at organization”, you can say that “I tend to rely on my tools/apps to stay organized throughout the day”. This admits your weakness, but frames it in such a way that you are doing something about it.

As for strengths, focus on your abilities that help get the job done. If you are a professional seeking an engineering post, for example, focus on your problem-solving skills and your knack for precision.

Job hunting can be daunting, especially when pitted against many other professionals. But with the right know-how, you can ace any job interview. Simply keep an alert mind, and remember the tips you learned here.

Target that Promotion with these Tips


“I want to have a career that evolves as I go on,” said Ed Sheeran.  A job in Ipoh is a great starting point for a blossoming career. However, like the pop star, we all want our careers to grow and prosper, especially if we are to begin a profession in one of the country’s largest cities. How do we do this? We list down tips below on how you can impress your bosses and get that promotion you

  1. Stop the chatter. Office gossip, especially in a big company, cannot be avoided. As much as possible, stay away from gossip mongers. If it cannot be avoided when you hear other workmates talking about colleagues and your boss, stay neutral. Do not feed off gossip and do not help spread stories whether it be true or not. Remember that gossip hurts two people, the one who is being talked about, and the one who is doing the talking.humility
  2. Praise others and show humility. Win over colleagues by genuinely complimenting them on their work. Not only will you be making new friends, you can also ask them for help for future tasks that you have problems with. They will be reliable officemates whose work you have seen, so you can trust that they will do a good job with you. If another officemate sings your work praises, say thank you and stay humble. People in your office can be your contacts for an expanding network, so it is best to not burn bridges and keep a positive outlook.418259440_640
  3. Do more than is expected of you Pitch in ideas and participate in tasks that you enjoy even though these do not cover your job description. This will impress the bosses, prove that you value your job and show that you are capable of doing other things than you are regularly responsible for. This will also show the bosses your potentials as well as your talents.learn_more
  4. Continue on learning Browse online articles, watch videos, and even sign up for short term courses that you feel are related to your chosen career. If you have the time, you may even apply for a Masters degree, and if you are lucky your company might even have a scholarship
  5. Show off those leadership skills. The best way to progress with your career and get a promotion is to demonstrate that you can be a good leader. Initiate projects, share your knowledge, and do not hesitate to take the lead in certain tasks. Show the bosses that you are a responsible individual who they can trust to leave the operations of the company to.

As you apply these tips to your work life, remember that it is always up to you to achieve the success that you would want to have. We wish you luck in a scoring that big promotion.

4 Ways On How To Reward Your Employees If You’re Bootstrapped


getty_143922977_9706939704500109_53565Increasing the salaries of your employees is still the best way to reward them for their excellent performance and productivity. However, this is a very difficult option if you are running a bootstrapped business wherein every dollar in your coffers needs to be re-injected into your cash flow to keep the business afloat. This basically means that increasing the salaries of your employees is out of consideration. In this case, you need to find other options in rewarding your employees. So check out these ways that allow you to show how grateful you are for their hard work.


  1. Show your appreciation.

    There are several ways on how you can extend a hand of appreciation. A written note commending the employees would go a long way in boosting office morale. However, it’s highly recommended that you approach the employees and thank them personally. This creates the honest impression that you truly care about the extra efforts they are doing to help grow your business.

    Stack of One Hundred Dollar Bills U.S.

    2. Give out awards to deserving employees.

    The best way to do this is to put up an “employee of the month” policy. This promotes confidence and healthy competition in the workplace. To make things more interesting, you should set up a wall where previous winners are posted with tallies of how many they have won the award.

    celebrate3. Celebrate personal milestones like birthdays, weddings, graduations, and anniversaries.

    This injects some form of social life in the workplace. A simple surprise birthday cake can make an employee’s day memorable. Celebrating personal milestones among your employees also promotes camaraderie which helps in easing tension if there’s any.

    sb10061547eo-0014. Provide business-related outings like team-building activities.

    Think of this as a paid vacation for your employees but it’s still geared towards growing and making your business better. Sure, you are going out for fun but you should also use it to drive the point that teamwork in the workplace is very important. That said, your outings should include interactive activities wherein your employees have to divide themselves in teams and compete against each other.


A lot of entrepreneurs who manage bootstrapped companies often make the mistake of assuming that monetary incentives are the only way to reward employees. Nothing is further from the truth. There are alternative ways on how you can show your appreciation. These include the strategies discussed above or apply these employee engagement strategies.

Being in the Creative Industry: Overcoming the Challenges



Challenges in the creative industry can range from simply finding inspiration for your work to finding the perfect job for your particular creative style. It could be difficult at times, but it should not be the case if you know how and where to look for the information you need. If you are looking for a job in the arts and related fields, here are some ways to overcome the most common challenges.


Challenge 1: Nobody knows what you can do
Tip: Create a portfolio

Your portfolio (e.g., a website, a published photo book, etc.), unlike your resume, shows exactly what you can do. Your resume might be able to provide a narrative of the experiences you’ve had, but a portfolio creates a visual representation of your skills as a creative person. For instance, if you are applying for architect jobs, you can increase your chances of being called in for an interview if the employer sees your actual work. Whether in digital form or not, you should make your portfolio easily accessible to your target employers.


Challenge 2: You have no network
Tip: Be part of the community

Attend conventions, seminars, or even just visit a gallery. If you are having difficulty finding new motivations in your career, meeting new people in the same industry can do wonders. Aside from helping you expand your network, going to such events will also enable you to have intellectual discussions about the topics that you are interested in. Even with the many communication technologies, sharing information within the creative community by word of mouth still helps you in many ways – especially when creating a reputation.


Challenge 3: You run out of new ideas
Tip: Take interest in other art forms

You should learn how to appreciate other people’s work, and do your best to observe and learn from your surroundings. For instance, if you are a photographer, examine paintings, animations, movies, and other media formats. Turning to other art forms to find inspiration can help you develop new ideas for your art. By doing so, you could learn different styles that you can integrate into your work.


Challenge 4: You unknowingly disregard intellectual property rights
Tip: Get to know the people in the industry

To avoid being labeled as a copycat, take the time to get to know the people in the industry. You can still learn new things even when you are not in university anymore, and who else can you learn from better other than the people who are in the same industry as you? However, be careful in doing so, as you would not want to be accused of (or worse, sued for) copying someone else’s work. For example, you can go to exhibits and art installations of artists who use the same style, but you cannot copy exactly what they are doing. What you can do is learn their process and technique, but you need to have your own interpretation of the art.Get-Your-Content-to-Stand-Out-from-the-Crowd-620x350


Challenge 5: Your work doesn’t stand out
Tip: Deviate from the norms

Most creative people find it difficult to build their careers simply because they follow what other people are doing. If you want to show your potential in the industry, try to develop your own knowledge and skills, combine them, and add a personal touch to it. It is all about how you market yourself. Have you ever noticed how Tim Burton’s movies always seem dark, while Quentin Tarantino’s always show gore and blood in intricate detail? These creators have their own “signatures”, and it is one of the reasons why they captured people’s attention.


Once you overcome the challenges that everyone in the creative industry is facing, your job-hunting experience will no longer be as difficult as you think it is.

Fulfill Your Wanderlust: Top 7 Jobs If You Love To Travel



Some people are born to fulfill their wanderlust and travel the world. To do this, one must quit job and break the bank. However, did you know that you can travel the world and at the same time, get paid? Yes, you’ve heard it right. With the right skills and knowledge, you could land a job that allows you to travel to various destinations regularly.


Travel is not uniform across all people from various walks of life. For some, travelling means visiting their families in another country while others believe travelling entails relaxing by the beaches, mountain ranges or theme parks. Regardless of how people spend their vacations on travels, the important thing is, they get to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, even for just a short period of time.


Why settle for a few days of vacations each year when you can actually enjoy it as part of a career path? Satisfy your wanderlust all year round by embarking on a career that entails your most favorite hobby – travelling.


Top 5 Jobs If You Love To Travel


  1. Cruise Ship Employee


It’s everyone’s dream to go on a cruise and travel around the world. Did you know that you can actually visit as many countries throughout the year if you’re an employee at a cruise ship? Don’t ponder on working all the time. In fact, cruise ship crew are given time to explore new countries they dock in.


Luxury cruise ships have jobs for everyone from cleaners to cooks, to nursery staff, musicians and beauty therapists.

Group of successful architects talking about the project. They are wearing protective helmets.  [url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url]

  1. Engineers


An engineering job can help you earn while travelling to various destinations. Construction managers, for instance, make good money while they do lots of travelling. They are relocated to various places often to oversee projects and at the same time, explore new horizons or places and meet new people.


  1. Travel Nurse


Today, there is a lack of supply of nurses across the globe. Hence, being trained and well-versed in the nursing field can work to your advantage. If you’re the type of nurse who doesn’t want routine work in hospitals, being a travel nurse might interest you more.


Though you’ll still be assigned in hospitals, travel nurses often fill open positions wherever needed. The good thing is, if you’re working for a company, they will shoulder all your expense, from accommodation, to travel costs and travel allowance. Plus, you’ll definitely get paid.

Beautiful air stewardess

  1. Flight Attendant


Well, this job is one of the most obvious career paths for people who love to travel. Aside from being able to land on different countries in just matter of days, flight attendants are allowed to stay a night or two in foreign cities, countries and destinations. Though the lifestyle may seem fast paced and tiring, this job is perfect for a wanderlust by heart.


  1. Freelancers


Whether a website developer, an online freelance writer, a blog writer, a virtual assistant or an online teacher, being freelancers is advantageous in so many levels. For one, you work on your own time. Thus, you’ll have all the time you have to travel and you can actually bring work with you. Just be sure your destination has adequate internet connection.


  1. International Aid Worker


If you want to fulfill your wanderlust, try working for humanitarian groups which allow its workers to be deployed in various countries across the globe. It is one of the most exciting and fulfilling jobs on the list. They provide salaries, allowances and accommodations. If you want to travel for a living and at the same time, make a difference in people’s lives, being an international aid worker for companies like USAID, WHO and United Nations, is right for you.

Much more inventive than the average tour guide, Abbie illustrates his talks with photos of the area.

  1. International Tour Guide


This one’s for the traveller by heart. In what other career path can you explore cities in Europe, Asia and Australia, among others, and get paid for it? Tour guides are trained and skilled in terms of communicating with their clients. They also have adept knowledge in the different cultures and languages of other countries.


Working and having fun can be done at the same time with these jobs that are perfect for people who love to travel. It is important to know the limits, perks and risks you’ll face while working. When you can’t afford to waste your time for jobs wherein you’re stuck in the office five days a week, take these career paths into consideration. You might end up travelling the world while being paid.