The Pros and Cons of Server Co-Location



For a large website, server co-location can be the only solution to serving millions of pages. There are advantages to this web hosting package, and there are also a few disadvantages.




Serving web pages faster. Server co-location means that your server is in the web hosting company’s site. This means that there is a shorter distance between the computer and the internet backbone. This makes it faster to serve pages without the lag time due to the additional distance from your office to the web hosting site.

24 Hour Support. The cost of support and maintenance is part of the web hosting package. You do not need to hire your own person to watch over, support and maintain the server if it was located in the office.

Controlled Environment. Your server will be in a room which is temperature controlled throughout its lifetime. It will also have uninterrupted power supply while in service. It would cost you a lot of money to have the same environment if you had the server in your office.




Changing web hosts. When there is a need to change web hosting services providers, co-located servers have a distinct disadvantage: these are actual computers that you own. You would have to move them from one physical location to another. Besides that, you would still need to do some maintenance work to ensure that the servers are in perfect working condition.

Physical servers need to be replaced. At the end of the serviceable life of the server, these have to be replaced. When a server shows signs of giving up, it will have to be replaced before it totally dies in service. With a clean backup there should be no problem for business continuity.


All in all, once you already have a website with a large volume of traffic, there are only a few options for web hosting packages. If you have a continuing business, server co-location offer the best option. The only real disadvantages have more to do with necessary business decisions.



Why Do You Need Server Colocation?

Server colocation is one of the best things that you can spend money on because you need to get all your online information into the same place. You are going to save a lot of time and money when you are working on moving everything around, and the people who are managing the hosting are going to help you get all the things you need. You will be able to use the servers to get help moving everything into the same place, and you will be able to use the things that are going to match your needs. Every website is very different, and you need to start thinking about what it is going to take to get your information into the same place.


The first things that you are going to have to deal with is that fact that most people are going to want to use just one server.

You can order a server from the host, and they are going to help you make sure that you are going to be able to get the right amount of space. You can get a really complicated server that gives you enough space, or you will be able to get multiple servers that are going to be easy to use. You can get access to them, and you can get the host to show you how to get into the server if you need to.


There is something to what people are doing with colocation that is very important for the website. The security that you get from the host is going to help you make sure that you feel comfortable with the work you are doing, and you will know that they are going to let you know if there is a problem.

You want to work with a host who is going to step in to help you make sure that you are going to get the right kinds of security, and you can order other security apps from them if that is what you want to do. They are going to send you alerts, and they are going to help you install all the different kinds of security software that you need.



You also need to make sure that you have asked how much you are going to spend on hosting every month. You are investing your hard earned money in making sure that you have a host for the site, and you need to pick out a host with a package that makes sense for you. You will be able to use the host to get lower prices, and you will still have a place for all your information online. Ask your host how they are going to help you get ready for the future, and make sure that you have asked them how you are going to get more space if that is what you need. You get security, service and low prices that you cannot get anywhere else when you do colocation of your server.


Server Colocations Tips/Guides


Server colocation in Malaysia means enhanced business flexibility and superb information control. Server colocation companies exactly understand an enterprise data center needs and this is the main reason why data center solutions are tailored according to clients business needs.

Inside the data center the server colocation deploys a robust information system infrastructure that proactively manages an organizations data center requirement. The systems even come with an option to manage critical business assets such as firewalls, routers, and servers in order to deliver streamlined business operations.

Server colocation is a necessary step towards ensuring that an enterprise has on demand power, space, and requisite infrastructure. By investing in server colocation in Malaysia services an organization is stepping into a new class of infrastructure management.

Other key benefits that an organization is likely to benefit from include;

Proactive Technical Support

When an organization is using un-managed IT environment the organization is forced to absorb staff members who will work round the clock to ensure on demand availability of the information systems infrastructure. This is also a costly affair for the company because the organization has to factor in operational costs and other official perks such as mortgages, travel allowance or a company car.

A managed colocation service eliminates such a burden because the highly skilled technical support personnel are responsible for your data center footprint. With such a strategy in hand, an organization can focus on its core competencies rather than concentrating on technical infrastructure.

easyPeace of Mind

Information systems availability should always be on demand and therefore data center operations should be handled on a 24 hour basis. Through managed server colocation in Malaysia, organizations benefit from peace of mind because there is a standby technical support team who ensure that the server systems and the corporate network is healthy and optimal running. The power infrastructure is also balanced and there is a backup system bolstered with generators that automatically switch on whenever there is a black out.

Minimal Operational expenditure

With server colocation an organization does not have to invest upfront in acquiring IT systems, instead these assets are hired from a third party data center. When organizations outsources their infrastructure system it immediately shifts its Capital expenditure into Operations Expenditure, and the resources that previously could had been tied up in acquiring these IT assets can be used to invest into other critical areas such as production equipment expansion or even invested in research and development division which is a core division in any industry.

In addition, an organization is able to benefit from a predictable operational expenditure business model which is ideal for budget forecasting.

Scalability of resources

Through server colocation a business is able to increase its data center capacity quickly and cheaper because the organization only need to contact their colocation services provider and everything is remotely done instantly.

storageSecure Storage Solutions

Information is securely transmitted and stored in hybrid cloud system. This means that in case of a disaster there is always a better roadmap for disaster recovery without incurring additional costs.