Where to Take Your Kids for Family Fun This Merdeka Day


Merdeka day is one of the most celebrated holidays in Malaysia because it marks the total independence of the country from the British Empire.


This is a momentous day for all Malaysians and deserves to be celebrated, and this is usually the day when families go out and have to enjoy the spirit of Merdeka. There are many family friendly attractions in Kuala Lumpur that will surely provide an all-in-one fun experience to every member of the family especially to the kids.


Theme parks in Malaysia are the best places to visit during this holiday, for that quick family bonding fix. Two of the most popular and most accessible theme parks in Kuala Lumpur are the places to be for families this Merdeka Day, and they are Sunway Lagoon and Berjaya Theme Park.


Sunway Lagoon in Selangor


This theme park is one of Malaysia’s multi-awarded attractions due to its awe-inspiring number of rides which is now at over 80. One of the most famous rides that this theme park has is the 360-degrees rotation pirate ship which will satisfy the need for an adrenaline pumping fun of your kids. Aside from that, there are so much more in store in this theme park than you’d expect.
What to do:

  • Ride their 360-degrees Rotation Pirate Ship.
  • Explore, have fun and learn about exotic animals and the wildlife in their Wildlife Park.
  • Enjoy surfing as you catch the waves of their man-made surf beaches inspired by the waters of Africa. Their man-made beach is over 13,000 square meters big, offering tons of water activities and sports, perfect for everyone in the family.
  • Have fun hunting for and running away from Zombies with their “Scream Park.”
  • Let your kids play with other kids and explore their creativity and imagination with Sunway Lagoon’s Captain Kid’s Candyland playgrounds.


If you think the outdoors would be the perfect place for your family to bond and enjoy Merdeka Day, Sunway Lagoon should be on top of your list.


Berjaya Times Square Theme Park 


Contrary to the outdoor driven nature of Sunway Lagoon, Berjaya Times Square Theme Park is otherwise.  This place offers an all in one playground for kids that will surely satisfy their thirst for fun and adventure.  Their attractions include the following:


Fantasy Garden 


This is a very child-friendly attraction that is suitable for pre-schoolers and toddlers. It has rides that are safe for kids but are fun enough to keep them active:

  • Botanic Drive
  • Buddy-Go-Round
  • Crazy Bus
  • Fantasy Trail
  • Flying Bumble Bee
  • Honey Bump
  • Kid’s Theatre
  • Molly’s cool Swing


Galaxy Station 


On the other hand, while you leave your kids to have some child-friendly fun in the Fantasy Garden, you can head on to Galaxy Station if you seek for thrills that will give your adrenaline a boost.  The Galaxy Station offers adrenaline pumping rides that are Galaxy themed:

  • Dizzy Izzy
  • DNA Mixer
  • Oort’s Express
  • Robo Crash
  • Spinning Orbit
  • Supersonic Odyssey


If you’d prefer to have an indoor attraction without going far away from the city, Berjaya Times Square Theme park is the place to be.


Merdeka Day is more than just a commemoration of the independence of Malaysia, but also, it’s a day for friends and family to bond and enjoy the essence of freedom brought about by this national holiday. What better way to enjoy freedom than to live free and enjoy the rides offered by these awesome theme park in Malaysia.

Six Misconceptions about Buying Online Gaming Cards


Online gaming cards are changing gamer culture because they’re changing the way that gamers pay for gaming services. There are still many gamers who choose to participate via traditional payment methods, and among this crowd, still many misconceptions persist. With that in mind, let’s consider these misapprehensions and uncover the truth.

1. It’s Better to Pay a Gaming Service Directly 

The truth is it’s rarely better to pay a gaming service directly than say use Cherry Credit or a Steam Wallet code. There are a number of reasons why this is. There are less opportunities for discounts, and when you pay a gaming service directly, you lose opportunities for recourse. Perhaps the biggest shortfall of buying directly is that you’re locked into that particular service even if your tastes change.

2. All Card Sellers Are Created Equal 

All card sellers aren’t created equal. Take SEA Gamer Mall, which is unparalleled in its buying power. Competitors simply can’t match the discounts that this company can pass on to customers. Reputability is also a consideration. The gray markets are a real concern, and when you buy online gaming cards, you want to buy authentic cards acquired through legal channels.

3. Cards Are Only Sold at Face Value 

One reason that some gamers fail to see the value in gaming cards is that they don’t realize that they can be purchased at below face value. That’s right. If you time your purchases during sales or take advantage of your buying power, you can buy at a discount. In other words, you can buy Aeria points and receive 10 percent or even more extra points and no additional charge.

4. Cards Are Only Sold for a Particular Game or Service 

In some cases, cards are only sold for a particular game, such as FIFA, or a particular platform, such as a Steam Wallet code. However, the industry has evolved greatly, and there are systems that are completely independent of games and even platforms. That means that you can buy today without knowing where you’ll spend that money tomorrow.

5. Credits Are Insecure 

Credits are as secure as any web wallet. These companies use all of the same security standards. What’s more important is that when you use Cherry Credit, for instance, you don’t have to pass around sensitive personal information. If your card is ever lost or stolen, you can cancel it like a credit card and have it replaced.

6. Credits Have No Resale Value

Credits can be non-transferable. However, even in cases where that’s true, such as when you buy Aeria points, that lack of transferability is a nonissue because the points never expire. On the other hand, points and credits that come on cards or via digital codes to be added to an account later are in fact fully transferable.


Choosing to purchase your gaming points and credits at SEA Gamer Mall and similar retailers is a great way to protect yourself as a gamer. Not only do you safeguard your funds, but you protect yourself against your changing interests and even get to stretch your gaming dollar further.


Beginner’s Tips for Blade and Soul Online


Blade and Soul, a free-to-play game, provides you with a bone-crunching MMORPG that has existed for several years now. If you are wondering what a fighting game looks like in MMORPG style, then look no further. It mixes two genres of exciting raid bosses and a fun community with PvP action. They even have world championships!

Different Than Your Average MMO 

Compared to other MMORPGs, Blade and Soul differs a lot. The combat system of the game is more reactive than what you run into with some of the other MMORPGs. A lot of the gaming terminology that you find comes from more the fighting genre, and it applies to here. For example, you have frame data, juggles and combos. While it has been around for years in Southeast Asia and South Korea, the game has maintained wild popularity.


If you are going to fight an opponent, you have to within distance of the enemy, and you also have to choose a viable attack option. That sounds fairly self-explanatory, but the dungeon raids and enemies will dance around in the environment, and the gameplay depends on targeting manually, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Outside of the lesser bosses and bigger bosses, your average enemy does not use telegraphing data, and you have to avoid attacks where the enemy tries to dodge or counter your attack. Telegraphs happen in the red or yellow zone, and they can be seen under the feet of the boss. It lets you know when the boss will attack. As much as possible, you want to stay out of the red zone because you cannot block their attack.


Coin Hoarding—Do It! 

The first thing that you learn in this game is that they have everything sold for one bronze coin. With that said, they will sell everything you sold for five silver coins, which equates to 100 bronze coins for each silver coin. Avoid spending your money unless you have to. You will be grateful that you kept it for the more important aspects of the game. You can either spend the money at the marketplace, or you can take it to the loot auction that you find in the dungeons. For example, there is one in Blackram Narrows. Also, you need more money toward the end game because it will be much higher for upgrading your weapons, accessories and soul shield. Save as much of your coins as you can.


Because the game has been around for a while, you have a lot of gameplay experts who show their combo skills and PVP and PVE. Looking at the videos on Youtube for your chosen class can really help you to advance further in the game. Learning from the seasoned pros will make a huge difference. While it might be a while before your character reaches the higher levels for accessing each of the skills, it is still good to check out how to play the class. You can play now at seagm.com.


Vendor Recipes for POE That New Players Might Not Know


Path of Exile doesn’t use gold like other MMOs for their currency. The currency in POE is in the form of orbs and scrolls. Orbs and scrolls can drop to the ground while the player is fighting mobs or bosses, but many new players might not be aware that scrolls can be purchased by using the vendor recipe system.

Upgrade Life, Mana and Hybrid Flasks 

While you’re leveling in POE, you will pick up mana, life and hybrid flasks to be used while fighting. You’ll be able to sell these flasks to the vendors in towns to obtain scroll fragments, or you can sell them to the vendor to obtain higher level flasks. To obtain higher level flasks, take three of the same type of flask and sell it to the vendor at the same time. He or she will give you the same type flask in return, but a higher level one.

Quality Flasks and Gems 

Magic and high quality flasks are vital for levelling. To get quality flasks, you can wait for them to drop randomly from killing mobs and bosses, or they can be obtained from a vendor recipe. If you have quality flasks that you don’t need, you can sell them to get a glassblower’s bauble, which gives your flasks quality. It helps to create your own much-needed flasks. The flasks you sell can be life, mana or hybrid, but they must have a combined total quality of 40 percent. The same is true of quality gems. You can sell the gems with quality that you don’t want to obtain a gemcutter’s prism. The gems you sell must have a combined quality of 40 percent.

Map Recipes 

When you’ve levelled past the end of merciless difficulty, you’ll need to start farming in maps. As you’ve levelled, you’ll have received maps as drops from various mobs and bosses. You can take three of the same map and trade it in to the vendor for a map one level higher. You can also take a map that you don’t want and add a stone hammer, rock breaker or gavel of 20 percent quality to the vendor space for a cartographer’s chisel. These are used to improve the quality of a map, which will improve the quality of the items that drop inside the map instance.

Bandit Rewards 

If you choose the wrong bandit reward, you can obtain the reward from a vendor recipe. This requires 20 orb of regrets and an amulet that will give the same reward as if you’d chosen the bandit. For example, 20 orbs of regret and an amber amulet, which gives strength. You’ll get a book of reform for Oak’s reward. You must be in the area of the game and specific difficulty, whether that’s normal, cruel or merciless, that you want the reward. If you chose the skill point as a reward, you must have a skill point available for the recipe to work. For Kraitin’s reward, you’ll need 20 orbs and a jade amulet. For Alira’s reward, you’ll need a lapis amulet. For the skill point, you’ll need the orbs and an onyx amulet.

These recipes for POE, available in the online game store, are ones that are not always apparent to new players. They can be quite expensive to obtain, like the bandit rewards, but they are good if you find out later you’ve chosen the wrong reward for your character.


Essential Tips to Winning at Online Baccarat


Punto banco is the most popular variant of baccarat online. It’s also a game of chance, which means that the best way to win is to stack the odds in your favor as much as possible. You’ll do fine if you embrace these essential tips and never lose sight of the fact that the odds are against you no matter what.


1. Make Choices According to the House Edge 

When you visit seagm.com or another online gaming website, take some time to review the available baccarat options. The standard house edge is 1.06 percent, which is what you should target. There are a number of factors that can increase that advantage, such as a commission higher than 5 percent or the shoe count. Online tools are available that make calculating house edge easy.

2. Opt for a Small Shoe 

An eight-deck shoe is the standard shoe size for baccarat, which means that the dealer deals from a deck of cards that’s actually eight decks combined. Most baccarat probabilities, such as the 1.06-percent edge mentioned earlier, are based on this shoe size. A small-shoe game usually uses six decks, which lowers the edge even further, and avoid any game that uses a shoe size greater than eight.


3. Bet on the Banker 

If you want to play winning baccarat, then you have to bet on the banker’s hand every round, without exception. Even with the commission factored in, this bet provides the smallest house advantage. Never change up your bet to get out of a rut or for any other reason.

4. Employ Money Management Not Betting Strategies 

Baccarat betting strategies don’t work, but money management strategies help you get the most out of your bankroll. If you have an hour to play and hold a $50 bankroll and the average hand takes three minutes, then you should bet no more than $2.50 per hand. Feel free to bet even less.

5. Avoid Side Bets 

Online casinos will often seek to entice you with side bets. One of the attractive aspects of baccarat is that it’s a game of chance with a relatively small house edge, but side bets give a huge advantage to the house. Side bets also reduce hand count, and a large hand count is a key to winning baccarat.

6. Maximize Your Bankroll with Casino Promotions 

Many online casinos and other gaming websites offer promotions in the form of deposit bonuses, loyalty programs, cash-back rebates and so forth. Take advantage of these whenever possible. You can visit seagm.com or a similar site and actually increase your bankroll size, which is an integral component of being a successful player. The moral of the story is this: find a fair baccarat game at a website you like, and then be loyal to the service rather than hop around in order to maximize your resources.

Win at Baccarat 

Play baccarat because you enjoy the game. If you follow that simple tenet and make choices based on probabilities, then you’ll never lose a lot and the wins will be sweet.