Do These 3 Things When You Want to Shop for Furniture Online in Malaysia

Fancy showrooms or elaborate catalogues may seem like a good choice for people who are looking for furniture. Shopping for new pieces is one of the most pleasurable parts of buying or moving into a new condo or apartment. People expect to pay exorbitant amounts for high quality wood furniture. However, this is far from true. It is possible to procure elegant and sophisticated pieces without spending a fortune on it.

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Here are a few expert tips:


  1. Look for unique pieces online – good quality wooden furniture is timeless, but it doesn’t always have to be customized. You can find great home furniture by browsing shopping sites or catalogues online. You can filter your searches based on the style, colour, or price point that you prefer. When you shop for furniture online in Malaysia, you get the convenience of paying by credit card and having the items shipped directly to your doorstep. Plus, you can do it any time of the day or night!

Image result for Look for unique pieces online – good quality wooden furniture is timeless, but it doesn't always have to be customized.

Image result for Go to flea markets or garage sales – an old piece can be given a new twist. Some people have turned an old carriage wheel or tree stump into into an elegant corner or side table. There is no limit what a person can create with a vivid imagination and an eye for style. You can have the modifications made or you can have a go at it yourself. The end product will surely be to your liking. Additionally, since you made it yourself, the more reason to proudly display it at home.



  1. Go to flea markets or garage sales – an old piece can be given a new twist. Some people have turned an old carriage wheel or tree stump into into an elegant corner or side table. There is no limit what a person can create with a vivid imagination and an eye for style. You can have the modifications made or you can have a go at it yourself. The end product will surely be to your liking. Additionally, since you made it yourself, the more reason to proudly display it at home.


  1. Get a dealer – there are bargain hunters as well as collectors who shop for other people’s requested pieces. They normally go around and call people who are known to have collections of say, wooden frames or period furniture which they are willing to sell. Just let them know exactly what you need and how much your working budget is.

Shopping for furniture need not take up a lot of your time. The convenience of online shopping has simplified this task and made it even more economical.

5 Tips to Organize Your Precious Shoes



Shoes are your friends; they are your travel buddies that will always give your feet a good company. After a long tiring day, the first thing you take off are your shoes! But because they are considered as friends, you just don’t want them to be thrown away like trash; you treasure them. So, here are the ways on how you can organize your little feet protectors:


  1. Same Style Same Rack


Put the heels on the first rack, sneakers on the second, and flats on the third. Don’t they look systematic and clean? In just a glimpse, you’ll be able to find that perfect and proper style for your outfit. Save your time and energy.


2.Bookshelves to Shoe-shelves


If you think that only books could be stored in shelves, you better think again. If you love books more than shoes or you collect shoes more than books, then this tip is certainly for you! If you have enough space on your bedroom, closet, or wardrobe, you might as well use a bookshelf for your precious ones. It makes things cleaner and simpler.


  1. Hang Your Shoes


People in Malaysia who have a small apartment space but have lots of shoes as collection totally need one of these. Clothes are not the only ones that could be hung, clothes too! Shoe hangers than shoe rack in Malaysia is better if you want to save some space.



  1. Traditional Shoe Racks


If you have shoes, you also need a shoe rack. Among all the other tips here, this is the one that stores as many shoes as possible. Shoe racks in Malaysia come in different sizes which you could choose from depending on the number of your possession.


  1. Behind-Door Cases


If you don’t have enough space, you can try to create a shoe case at the back of your bedroom door. Just a few wood or steel and some nails or other hardware materials, you can already organize your shoe stuff. And because it is closer to your door, a lame excuse of being too lazy to put your shoes up there is not acceptable. By the time you enter the door, you can easily put your shoes to their rightful places.


Shoes are as important as your clothes. Without them, you won’t be going anywhere. So, if you are the type who goes out as frequent as possible, well you better take care of your shoes. They’ll be with you through thick and thin.


How To Keep Your Entryway Clean

It can be hard to keep your entryway clean. Our first instinct when coming home is to just drop our shoes and belongings right there. Sometimes it starts to become a big mess that you prefer to just ignore.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s an easy guide on keeping your entryway clean.


Have A Place For Everything

If you don’t know where to put your things, anywhere will look fine. To avoid this, prepare designated places or containers for you to put your small belongings. Have a set of hooks for your keys, a container for your loose change, a box for your mail, and a bin for your trash.

Shoes will pile up if you don’t have a place for them. Prepare a shoe cabinet near the door, and make sure you have more than enough space for everyone’s footwear. If it gets full, you’ll be tempted to just stack them on top of the other, or even just leave them outside the overflowing shoe rack.


Keep It Clean And Uncluttered

We naturally want to keep things the way they are. If you regularly clean your entryway, unsightly messes, even small ones will compel you to straighten it out immediately.

And you’ll realize the psychological benefit of having a clean entryway. Entering a clean, organized house will make you feel much better.


Don’t Leave Things On The Floor

It might seem convenient to leave your sports equipment there when you come home. But leaving one thing there is inviting other people, and yourself, to leave more things beside it.

Avoid that by making a rule to not put anything on the floor.


Make It A Habit

Keep your belongings at the same place every time so you won’t have to think about it again. Creating a habit takes time, but when it’s set things become automatic. You won’t have to worry that the shoes are everywhere, because you now automatically put it into the cabinet when you come home.


Maintain It

We slip up from time to time. You might just leave things in the entryway until it reaches critical mass. Or your children have a habit of leaving their shoes there despite repeatedly reminding them.

Just make sure to take time every week to organize the entryway how you want it to be. It will probably take 10 minutes at most.


Decorate It

Putting time into making the entryway a pleasant place to look at will drive you to keep it clean. But you don’t have to hang a Picasso there. Just put things that inspire you and fits your taste. Small paintings, lamps, or even a vase of flowers.


With this guide, you’ll be on your way to having a pleasant, clutter free entryway.


Planning Furniture For The Living Room

You can buy furniture in Malaysia when you need to get the living room into shape, and you can find a shoe cabinet or all the seating you need to enjoy your time in the room. You need to make the room a better place to be, and the only way to do that is to find good things that make your decor. That means you need to be on a search for the right wood and the right color.

You also need to be sure that you are searching for something that is the right size for the room. The right size for the room will be different depending what it is that you think you need, and you can consider how many people you will have in the room every time you are hosting. The hosting that you do will be much easier when you have chosen the right kind of furniture for your home. You will get used to the furniture in the room, and your family will like the fact that you bought certain kinds of furniture as opposed to he furniture that they are used to seeing in other homes. They will have unique furniture that they love, and you will have enough seating for everyone.


The best part of the process is that you get to pick out anything that you need. You can use the side tables and seating all together, and you can get a coffee table that will work great for you. You might not know what to pick out, but you can actually sit down to draw up the room to see how it would look once you have done all the work. That means that you know just how to room will look, and you can even put colors on the chart when you sit down to draw it.


woman naps.jpg.jpg.653x0_q80_crop-smartYou also need to make sure that you have chosen something that makes you feel at home. You can get things that are much nicer to sit on, and they will make you very comfortable. That is something that you want if you ever sleep on the couch or have someone come over to crash. It is also a great place to take a nap when you have spent all your time setting up the living room the right way. You need to start searching today so that you can find the best kinds of products for your home.

Your home will feel a lot better than it did in the past, and you can start getting something that is the exact kind of style you want. You should look over the drawing you made for the room, and you need to be sure that you have had a look at what you will be doing for the future. You can get something that will host all the people you are used to inviting over, and you will know that all the friends and family will always be able to fit in the room.


Methods of Buying Wooden Furniture


When it comes to buying wood furniture, you really have to consider and think carefully about the type of wood you want. Whether you want oak, walnut, cherry, maple, or any other type of wood for your furniture, there are so many options that you should take a look at everything and feel the different types of wood before you make a decision. Typically, when you have wood furniture, you have to rub the furniture down with oils every now and then, which refurbishes the eye appealing look. Each type of material is going to have different requirements in terms of maintenance, so if you are the type of person that does not want to spend a ton of time going over your furniture to make it look great, you might want to go with a type of wood that requires less maintenance.
2015-China-modern-wooden-font-b-bedroom-b-font-font-b-furniture-b-font-popular-fontOn the other hand, if you have paid a bunch of money for high quality furniture made with only the best types of wood, you will want to make sure you keep your furniture looking amazing, by detailing it and rubbing it down with various wood oils regularly.
Modern-Wood-Office-FurnitureThere are a bunch of different ways you can go about picking up wooden furniture, and while a lot of people think that the only way they can get furniture is to go to the store, they are greatly mistaken. It is highly beneficial, in fact, to buy furniture online these days, so if you have not yet done this before or even considered it, you should check out the many stores that sell outstanding furniture online. This puts up a red flag for a lot of people when they hear that they can buy furniture online for the first time, as it would seem to a lot of people that you really need to get a feel for a piece of furniture before you buy it.
brilliant-country-style-bedroom-sets-country-bedroom-furniture-sets-the-pertaining-to-high-quality-bedroom-setsThis is true to some degree, but if you know what type of wood you are working with, have bought a certain brand in the past, or have simply done a lot of research on review sites, you should be pretty confident with your online purchase. If you happen to buy something that you are not happy with, you may be able to return it, but the best part about this is the fact that you can usually get things for way cheaper. Online stores are marked down by a huge degree, so you should be able to get yourself a truly great deal if you make the wise decision to look for and purchase your wooden furniture online, rather than in person, just make sure they will ship to your location. If you are looking for furniture online in Malaysia, you are in luck, as they have a ton of retailers that can furniture to your home. If you live outside of Malaysia and want to get some of their furniture, there is a good chance you can also place a shipment.

Things to Focus on While Setting Up Your Home Office


If you are working from home and stuck at the kitchen counters, amongst the kid’s homework you are sure to hate your job. So we are pleased to bring you a few ideas on how to make the most out of your own home office. Regardless of the size of the space you have to work with, you can maximize the economy and still be professional with a space of your own. So if you thought that it would be too daunting to set- up a home office let us show you some functional ways to make it work for you.


Pick the Best Secluded Space

First, select the best space. If you have already set up a spot to work that is just your own stop and consider if you chosen wisely. Perhaps there is another corner of your home where you could reinvent your concentration space. Having quiet in order to work is usually a luxury, but you can better your chances by putting yourself in a corner that you can feel good about working in. If you are short on space, painting the office area a different colour can really brighten things up and help you feel reinvigorated. Try some of the brighter, or even some of the chalk paint colours; a relaxing colour can change your whole mood when you’re in the space.

On Your Feet!

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but a stand up desk can offer a lot of workspace in a small area. Once you don’t have to strategize about how far the legs of the office chair are blocking the space you have a real chance to change things. Many people report that they are more productive than and not as sore as when seated all the time. You can still pop a seat with a sleek stand up tall bar stool intermittently.

Get the Right Angle

Considering your corners can be paramount when you have only so much room. Whether you have a corner desk unit in a V shape, or a traditional desk pushed into the corner on one end, you can make use of otherwise wasted space. Leveraging your corners, even if it’s the edge of the desk for the printer;
using every spot possible; arranging furniture in an L shape.

Madame….Your Throne Awaits

Even though we like to try and save money on everything we buy here’s one spot it pays to spend the most you can afford. Your back is worth the extra $100 you might save with an economy chair. Instead, look mid-range to higher end, but if you can swing it go ergonomically. If you buy furniture online, furniture in Malaysia will give you a number of good options and colour choices. Trying to suffer in a lousy chair will play heck on your productivity if you are sore from slumping over to while trying to do it on the cheap; invest in your spine and get comfy.


Get out of the Dark

Step into the light. Poor lighting only strains your eyes regardless of your age such constant eye strain can lead to problems, both in physical energy and in fatigue levels. If your space allows have on the desk lighting or two matching mid-height lamps. The new energy efficient bulbs offer plenty of white light options and last for a number of years. Sure, you might not splurge if it was all the bulbs in the house, but two for your everyday work area is worth it.


Spring Cleaning Tips For The Living Room


Spring cleaning can be a very big job, but it really should be done. It is a time to get things organized, and to clean things that you don’t usually tackle during your regular daily or weekly cleaning. If you are planning to do spring cleaning in your living room, there are a few things that should be on your checklist.


Clean Your Couch 
Whether you have a sofa L shape, a traditional couch, or a love seat, it is important to clean it yearly. During the course of a year, food and drinks can be spilled on the couch, the animals can track dirt on the couch, and simple wear and tear can take its toll on the appearance of the couch. The first thing that you should do is remove the cushions, and clean out any objects that have fallen inside. Next, you should vacuum the couch with the cushions off. If you have a leather couch, you should wipe it down with a warm wet cloth with a mild cleanser. If you have a fabric couch, you can rent a carpet cleaner with upholstery attachments. You can also wipe down the couch with a wet cloth, and allow it to dry before you replace the cushions.


Polish the Wood 
While you likely polish the wood in the room, such as the coffee table, end tables, and the entertainment center when you do your regular cleaning, you should do it when you do your spring cleaning as well. Rather than using your regular furniture polish, you should use a deep cleaning oil polish.
Wash the Drapes and the Windows 
During the course of a year, your windows can collect a great deal of dirt and debris and your drapes can attract a great deal of dust. Washing the windows and the drapes yearly is a great way to keep them looking nice. It will also allow more natural light to come into the home and will improve the air quality in the room.


Organize Your Shoes 
If the main entrance to your home is in the living room, chances are there are several pairs of shoes sitting by the door. If this is the case, you should purchase a shoe rack to keep by the door. This will make the area by the door neater, and will also keep people from tripping over the shoes when they come into the home.

Organize DVD’s and CD’s 
Just about everyone is guilty of, at one time or another, not putting the CD’s and DVD’s back in the cases after they are used. Spring cleaning is a great time to put everything back where it belongs, and to make sure that everything is in the proper case.

Wash the Carpet 
During spring cleaning, you should wash your carpets. Regardless of how careful you are with your carpets, they can become dingy by people walking on them regularly. You can either rent a carpet cleaner, or hire a professional to come and clean the carpets for you.

Spring cleaning is the time to do a deeper cleaning on your home than you do during a regular weekly cleaning. If you make sure that you clean everything on the above checklist, you can be sure that your living room will be clean.


Holiday Home Decorating Tips for Small Living Rooms

Decorating small areas like a small living room can be challenging and perhaps, frustrating. However, there are things you and I can do that will not only make our small living rooms look great; it will also make them look beautiful! Buying a sofa L shape from the furniture shop is a great idea where you can decorate the back of it with a beautiful and festive Christmas throw.


Add a Beautiful Wreath to your Door!

Small apartments or homes all have front doors. Doors look great with a beautiful wreath hanging on it. A Christmas wreath will look great and provide a wonderful and decorative way when anyone approaches your abode. In addition, instead of putting up a large tree, place a table top tree or a smaller tree in the entryway or on an end table in your living room. Small trees can be made to look bigger by placing a bushy, green garland around it. The tree will look bigger and fuller, without taking up extra space.

door wreath decoration

Lights and Bulbs and Garland: Make a Tree look Bigger!christmas tree

Add some lights and bulbs to your tree and you will have a tree that looks big, shiny and beautiful. And, your lighted and decorated tree will make your small living space look beautiful and bright. Place some small gifts underneath the tree and you will have created a holiday atmosphere! However, if you don’t have room for a tree in your home or apartment, you can still make your place look festive. For example, use empty space on your bookcases and shelves and add mini wreaths, Christmas bulbs, Christmas figurines and other holiday décor. Set on a coffee table, place a small nativity or a small poinsettia plant on it. Everyone loves flowers at Christmas!


Set your Table with Gold and Silver!

To add holiday shine to your dining room set your table with gold and silver dinnerware and stemware. To complement the table, add a lovely centerpiece by filling a large glass bowl with silver or gold ball ornaments and you will have instant glitz!

Mirrors make a Room look Big!

How about placing a mirror opposite a window? By doing this, light will bounce around the room and make the space fill larger and joyous. To get the same effect, place a light fixture or shimmery lamp in the living or dining room area. It will reflect light and brighten up a space.


To conclude, there are many ways to make a small room look bigger. Try one or more of the above ideas and enjoy a lovely and spacious Christmas!