8 Easy Hacks for Organizing Your Tools


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There’s a growing culture of people making do-it-yourself things. From the hype of IKEA’s concept where people can arrange their own furniture, to making your own items such as wooden clocks and pottery. There’s a certain pride when one is able to craft items, and with that creativity comes… clutter.



In order to help you make the best tools organizing system, here are some tips below:

–           Have categories for your tools. Have a system. This would mean that your tools are easy to locate and use when you need them. It’s also crucial to protect your tools. Metal tools can get rusty over time, and also break other more delicate tools.

–           If you have string-like tools (cables, rope, measuring tape, etc.), it’s a good idea to keep them in a roll so they don’t tangle. You can always use rubber bands to tie it together so it’ll stay in a neat coil.

–           Consider the weight of your tools. Keep heavy objects such as items made from metal or heavy wood away from things like corrugated cardboard or plastic.

–           When dealing with smaller items such as nails or nuts in small, organized containers. You may opt for a nice toolbox that has smaller components with lids in it to prevent smaller items from getting mixed up.

–           It’s a good idea to have a separate tool bag with staple tools you use, just in case you need to bring them somewhere. Some brands may also offer tool sets that already come inside their own packaging/case.

–           For tools with sharp edges such as screwdrivers or handsaws, it’s better to store them in containers where you can fully see the items and also have all the handles facing one direction so you don’t get yourself injured when reaching in to grab items.

–           If you have heavy tools such as large hammers or drills that you have to move around, consider getting a utility cart. It provides efficiency because it doubles as a storage area while also helping you move tools around.

–           Keep in mind the materials of items. Some items may be fine kept in a standard steel toolbox, but others might require more specific containers such as ESD boxes.

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The most important thing is to keep yourself safe while handling these tools and create a system that’s best for you. Good luck, and keep crafting!

How to Make Your Startup Business Work for You

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As an entrepreneur who has been in this field for a decade, I must say that jolting down the perfect business plan or finding the ideal customer segment is not the ultimate recipe to get your startup off the ground. It is all about getting involved and going out of your way to make it happen. However, how do I exactly go about the whole process to power off the business from the ground? Here is how it happens.

Balance Between Activity and Action 

In school, most students who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs are taught about activity and less of action. Activity in startups often involves a lot of time spent on promotional objectives, market analysis and competitor market. Rarely have I encountered individuals with great ideas who have done basic analysis, have a business plan and contacted over 20 customers to get their feedback. This is a huge yet embarrassing display of ignorance among investors because they are primarily looking for signs of action instead of facing the bull by its head.

No Excuses at any Point 

Most investors like to make a lot of excuses on why they don’t want to invest or explore a certain market niche. After completing the Malaysian company registration process, I really sucked at pitching new customers and potential partners. As a result, nobody would want to write me a check. When asked about the current situation in my business, I would always sugarcoat things in the form of excuses. In short, I forgot to re-evaluate myself and come up with new ways to improve my business. There should be no excuses in your startup. Taking full responsibility of the business will not only nurture self-confidence but also create strong admiration among potential investors and customers at large.

Options are Quick Ways to Leverage Yourself 

Most investors make the mistake of using up their option pool very fast hence diluting themselves. For instance, many make the mistakes of signing up tons of business affiliates and advisors and giving them whatever they want even if it means exhausting all the options. Even though such affiliates may be of value to the startup, a better job at negotiating could make all the difference between getting diluted or staying upbeat in the business.

Don’t Waste Time in Startup Networking Events 


What is learned in startup networking events is the same thing that can be learned online. The only difference is that most startup events cost a fortune and need a lot of time to hone and nurture. This means that I don’t have to attend every networking event to make my business relevant in the market. I will only choose a few which I consider friendly to my pocket and worth my time. I usually check the list of the attendees every time I consider registering for a particular event. I ensure that the event has the people that can contribute something to the business.

In simple terms, if you want your startup business to succeed and hit the roof, be smart and intelligent at all times. Don’t waste your time on activities and instead, take actions. Don’t focus more on networking and using up all the options you have. All the best.


Ways to Reduce Your Costs When Starting a New Business Online

Online entrepreneurs in Malaysia have to be very careful with money and budgeting for start-ups. Making mistakes could potentially drain all the money from a new business before it can ever get off the ground. You can do something to avoid that. Here are a few ways to reduce costs when starting a new business online.


Outsource Instead Of Building In-House Departments

Your online business in Malaysia is likely to need support in several different areas to be successful. You could need a warehouse and fulfilment department. You need customer service, billing and payroll for employees. You can save money by outsourcing these things instead of spending a small fortune to develop in-house departments. You can outsource logistics, customer service, payroll and marketing. The initial start-up costs will be minimal when using third-party service providers.

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Bundle Your Ecommerce and Credit Card Processing

Most online businesses in Malaysia are attempting to sell something to consumers through a website or app. This means you need to have a payment gateway and online credit card processing service. You can reduce your start-up costs by bundling your ecommerce hosting with a credit card processing service. This is actually something you can commonly find when looking for hosting providers. Find a service that will host the ecommerce site and including credit card processing all in one package.

Opt For a Serviced Office Spaceleasing service office in malaysia

You are going to need physical office space at some point even if it is just for a short time. You can lower your start-up costs by leasing a serviced office in Malaysia. A serviced office allows you to rent fully equipped office space for the exact amount of time your need. You can even rent additional space as needed like meeting rooms. This is a far less expensive option than signing a major lease for a costly empty office or buying a building.

Stay Focused On Your Core Business Only

A major mistake some online entrepreneurs make in Malaysia is attempting to over-diversify when starting a new business. This occurs when you attempt to stretch your start-up too far in the initial stages before establishing the company in the online marketplace. You can avoid this by staying focused on your core business only. You want to narrow the scope of your business to just a few basic products or services. Do not attempt to offer too much or expand into unrelated areas in the beginning. That will just dilute your brand, waste money and confuse consumers.

Use Carefully Targeted Marketing

Marketing is very important for any online start-up in Malaysia. If you are not careful, then you could be wasting money on broad marketing campaigns that see little in the way of returns. You need to use carefully targeted marketing when first starting an online business. Know and research your key demographics and market segments. Use precision marketing that will reach the people most likely to convert. This will reduce your marketing costs significantly.

You do not want to take anything for granted as an online entrepreneur. The small things that you do to help lower the costs and overhead of starting a new business will pay off in the long run. These tips will allow you to keep costs down as much as possible when starting a business online.

3 Top Tips For Startup Entrepreneurs In Malaysia

While stamina and persistence are the key to success in any business, starting a business also requires a good understanding of business fundamentals. This article gives you three top tips that will help you master those business fundamentals before you embark on your startup journey.




1. Put Together An Experienced And Dedicated Team.

human resourcesWhile it is obvious that you need to have talented people with well-rounded education, it is not so obvious that one of the most important employees in your company is going to be the head of your human resources department. He or she will oversee the hiring of new employees, making sure that your company either succeeds or fails. While it may sound like an overstatement, lots of well-known chief executive officers have pointed out the importance of human resources department. Therefore, find someone with many years of relevant workplace experience and offer that person a competitive salary.


2. Choose The Best Type Of Business Incorporation.

While business registration can be a daunting process, it does not have to be so. In order to make it easy for you to choose the best type of business incorporation, you need to understand the three main types of business entities found in Malaysia. There are limited company, partnership business entity, and sole trader, also known as sole proprietorship. Each of these types of incorporation has a different set of legal implications.

Malaysia’s laws divide limited companies into three subcategories. One of them is unlimited company without or with share capital. The other two are limited by guarantee company and limited by shares company.

businessUnlimited company without or with share capital is free to give back the capital to its owners. Limited by guarantee company limits the amount of money the company’s owners can be liable for. Limited by shares company is the most popular type of business entity found in Malaysia because the owners’ personal assets are never liable for any of the debts incurred by the company.

There are two similarities between these three types of limited company. First, all three must have auditors who will regularly analyze company’s accounts and audit financial records. Second, all three must hire at least one secretary for the conduct of shareholder and board meetings.


3. Develop A Succinct Elevator Pitch.


elevator pitching


Understand your audience before developing your elevator pitch. This will help you understand the needs of your audience. Use the information you have discovered by putting it in the beginning of your pitch so that your listener will be more likely to be hooked by what you are saying.

Also, use an emotional appeal. Mention some commonplace problem that prospects in your field of business often experience. They will remember the frustrating experience they had. This will make it easy for them to identify with you because you will be offering them a solution to the problem they had.


Creating Your Perfect Elevator Pitch

Also, repeat the most important information about your business in the beginning and end. This way you will maximize the chance of people remembering about your business.

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