Turn Back the Clock With These Easy Beauty Tips


If you are like most people, you want to learn the best ways to look your best at any age. This includes getting more information about healthy eating principles, exercise and taking care of your skin. After all, the condition of your skin will reveal your age more than any other part of your body. Here are 6 easy beauty tips that you can apply to turn back the clock.
Purchase Moisturizing Skin Care Products
Moisture is important for your skin. This is especially true for your face. When you do not moisturize your skin, the following things can happen.


  • Your face will develop wrinkles.


  • The wrinkles on your face will become more pronounced and noticeable.


  • Your skin will flake and itch.


  • Your foundation will not apply evenly.

One way to ensure that your skin gets the moisture it craves is to buy skin care in Malaysia online. There are several products sold online that provide moisture rich vitamins and minerals for your skin.
Drink Plenty of Water
Beautiful skin begins inside of your body. This means that your skin is as only as healthy as the cells in your body. All healthy cells need water to help them function properly.

You should drink at least 64 ounces of water each day. After drinking water for a few months, your will notice that your skin looks more supple and lively.
Opt for Fuller Brows
As you age, your eyebrows become thinner. Sparse eyebrows will case you to look older. When you shape your brows, opt for fuller brows because they will give you a more youthful appearance.
Curl Your Eyelashes
Over the years, your eyelashes will become flat. Flat eyebrows cause your eyes to look small and dull.

Use an eyelash curler to create a bigger and brighter look for your eyes. Many beauty professionals believe that curling your eyelashes should be a part of your beauty routine if you are over 35 years old.


Exfoliate Your Skin
Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells and reveals a brighter complexion. After exfoliation treatments, your moisturizer will be better suited to penetrate through your skin.
Wear a Flattering Hairstyle
When you have a busy life, you might choose to wear easy and quick hairstyles. This might include pulling your hair back, or wearing it in a bun.

Although your quick hairstyle might make your morning routine easier, it could also be aging you. Find a hairstyle that is flattering and easy. It is possible for you to have the best of both worlds.

Turning back the clock on the aging process does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. By following these easy beauty tips, you can enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Dealing with Dark Circles: Tips for Instant Brighter Eyes 


Do your eyes have dark circles under them morning, noon and night? These dark circles can make you look old, tired and even bored, even if you are not any of those things.

Because most of these circles are actually small, dark lines etched into the skin under your eyes, it is nearly impossible to conceal them with makeup. If you cannot cover them up, you have to treat them, try to improve them or get rid of them. The root of your dark circles should be addressed to thoroughly remove them, but you can make instant improvements with these tips for brighter eyes:

  1. Remove swelling – Some dark circles can be caused by ongoing eye puffiness, such as from allergies or from crying. A cold compress held to your swollen eyes will work in minutes to reduce swelling. Caffeinated tea bags, soaked in warm water and then refrigerated for a few minutes, can make your eyes fresher and less swollen as well. If you can get rid of this puffiness, your eyes will look sharper and brighter.
  2. Get a chemical peel – Although this option will not remove your dark circles immediately, a chemical peel will improve your complexion around your eyes. By exfoliating your dead skin and encouraging new cells to grow, you will reduce those fine lines and make your eyes shine.
  3. Use skin-lightening agents – If you do not see any strong lines around your eyes, try whitening your skin. Lemon juice is an excellent skin bleach, and a cotton ball dipped in lemon juice can be applied around the eyes quite easily. After ten minutes of the lemon juice on your skin, rinse it off, and you will see the dark circles drastically reduced.
  4. Try at-home remedies – Simple products available at your home can also go far in affecting dark circles. Applying cooled cucumber slices, which contain astringent properties, under the eyes can lighten your skin. Thinly layering honey on your darkened skin, leaving it on as a mask for 20 minutes, or even overnight, can produce fast results. If you have even less time to make an impact, cool two spoons in the freezer, and hold them over your eyes for 10 minutes for the same effect.
    Woman with eye cream
  5. Apply the best eye cream – Under-eye creams, eyemasks and eye serums can also help reduce dark circles. The best eye cream for dark circles contains green tea and grape seed oils because it attacks under-eye capillaries, reducing puffiness, colour and other aspects that lead to dark circles.
  6. Apply orange-red lipstick under your eyes – If your dark circles have a green undertone to them, you can apply orange or red lipstick to neutralize the darkness. However, this tip is not for the timid. Only try this option if you have time to make adjustments since there is room for error in this method.

    If you suffer from dark under-eye circles, you can buy skincare online in Malaysia or anywhere else worldwide. Try some of these tips to instantly brighten your eyes, making you look younger and fresher in as little as 10 minutes.


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How to Care for Your Skin at Any Age


No matter your age, you want your skin to look its best. Developing a solid skin care routine at a young age is the first step. As the years pass, uncovering effective anti-aging products is essential as well. Here are important tips to help you care for your skin at any age.


Apply Sunscreen Each Day 

The sun’s UV rays can cause extreme damage to your skin. Often, the effects are not seen until later in life. To protect itself, your skin heightens its production of melanin, which results in a dark or uneven tone. Also, it causes skin to lose its natural elasticity. This leads to sagging and wrinkles. In severe cases, cancer cells form. To prevent these issues, it is vital to apply sunscreen each day. Experts advise you to apply sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going outside. Using a lip balm with SPF protection is wise as well. For added convenience, numerous skin care products come with built-in sun protection.

Establish a Solid Skin Care Routine 

From a young age, it is important to organize a regular skin care regimen. Practicing good habits early ensures a lifetime of healthy skin. For instance, it is crucial to wash your face each night and to use a moisturizer that keeps your skin properly hydrated. No matter how tired you are at the end of a busy day, you must always remove your makeup. A gentle cleanser will keep pores from becoming clogged and will not irritate sensitive skin.


Control Breakouts 

Pimples can occur at any age. To prevent breakouts, it is vital to use the correct cleanser for your skin type. Also, it is important to exfoliate a few times each week. When breakouts are frequent, you should use a gentle product with salicylic acid. This has anti-bacterial properties that enter your pores and control acne.

Use Products with Natural Ingredients 

When selecting products for your skin, it is essential to use items that contain natural ingredients. Products with chemicals or other toxins may wreak havoc on your health. For example, some beauty products include mercury. Mercury is easily absorbed but hard to eliminate. It can lead to kidney damage or nerve problems. In pregnant women, it can cause developmental issues in foetuses.

It is essential to read labels and avoid items containing harmful ingredients, including dyes and fragrances. This will lower your chances of suffering irritation, breakouts, or allergic reactions. It is better for the environment as well.


Anti-Aging Products 

As you age, fine lines and wrinkles develop. However, there are anti-aging products available that can make the issues less visible. When using these products, it is important to have realistic expectations. When an item gives exaggerated promises, it is probably too good to be true. For instance, you should not buy a product promising to deliver results similar to a facelift. However, it is possible to find items that plump the skin and eliminate crow’s feet and frown lines.

Taking care of your skin will keep it looking healthy. The above tips will fill your beauty routine with effective products that offer protection and help maintain a youthful appearance at any age.


Making A woman’s Eyes Beautiful

A woman likes to make her eyes look beautiful for various reasons, including being more attractive. She will do this with the use of makeup that is made specifically for the eyes. There is specific makeup that a woman can use like mascara, eye shadow and eye liner. All of these will help to define her eyes to make them look more striking.
What Different Kinds Of Eye Makeup Do Women Wear?

Women use L’oreal in Malaysia, as well as Maybelline to make their eyes look fantastic. There are others brands that they will also find that will work for them also. Many women try out several different ones to see what works best for them. Many of them are good to use for certain occasions. They will be able to use them in different ways for professional or personal outings.


How Does She Apply The Eye Makeup?

A woman will want to use the eye shadow on her eyelids. The colour should complement her eyes. The eye liner is used to rim the actual eye. In most cases, this should be used minimally. Mascara is used on the lashes to make them look full and lush. Once a woman practices using the makeup, she will be able to do so very easily whenever she wants to make herself look great.



How Much Does Eye Makeup Cost?

This will all depend on the brand that is purchased. It is a good idea for a woman to make use of coupons that are offered to save money. Online shopping in Malaysia is also a good way for a woman to get special discounts on makeup that she needs. She can also ask for her family and friends to purchase these items for her for different gifts throughout the year. Some occasions, can be holidays or birthdays that a woman will love to receive her favourite makeup.



Removing The Eye Makeup Before Sleeping

After wearing the makeup for the day and night, before sleeping, a woman should remove the makeup with a special makeup remover that they can purchase. This is a good practice for them to get into to protect their eyes from infections.



When Eye Makeup Gets Old, It Should Be Thrown Out And Replenished With New Makeup

Woman should remember to discard their eye makeup after three months. After eye makeup is three years old, bacteria can grow in it that is harmful to a human’s eyes. They should purchase new makeup that is fresh and uncontaminated so that they don’t get an infection in their eyes.


Making her eyes look beautiful is a woman’s prerogative that she should feel free to imbibe in. She should take the time to learn how to use the eye makeup correctly so that she can look very beautiful for any occasion that she has on her itinerary. It will make a difference in the way she feels about herself, and her confidence will show when she is on an outing of any kind.


Things You Do That Are Aging Your Hands

When it comes to an anti aging beauty regimen, the face usually gets most of the pampering. From cleansing to moisturizing and protecting from the elements, women follow an elaborate routine to make sure that facial skin remains youthful. However, equal attention should be given to the hands as they tend to show age even more than your face.


Inadequate Hand Protection

The hands are hardworking units of the human body. Depending on your lifestyle, your hands would be exposed to detergents, soaked in water for long periods and subjected to activities that can be harsh on the skin. These can lead to skin dryness and damaged skin in some cases.

Unless you are royalty with a coterie of servants at your disposal, you will have to use your hands to do your daily tasks. It does not take much more effort to put on a pair of protective work gloves before you start working. Apply moisturizers to your hands before you don the gloves to allow absorption of the product as you work. Always apply moisturizers after washing your hands. This will ensure that natural moisture lost to hand washing is replenished right away.



Not all Skin Products are made the Same

Choose your hand lotion wisely. Oily hand creams could smudge your clothes and any item you touch. Absorption may be a problem, in which case, your skin won’t benefit much from the product.

Look for an anti aging hand cream that contains shea butter, and apply generously as often as necessary. Health and beauty experts suggest using facial products for your hands. After treating your face, apply the same product on your hands for simple and efficient beauty routine.



Hands need Sun Protection

Your hands are exposed to the sun more than your face is, but it is easy to overlook the fact that the skin on your hands require as much, if not more, sun protection as your face. Age spots appear on areas of the body that are routinely exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays. These spots can make your hands look considerably older. Use your facial sunblock on your hands to make it easier to remember to apply the sun protection.

When choosing a sunscreen product for your hands, consider those products that are dual purpose. A 45-SPF sunscreen with humectants built in the formula will certainly help prevent age spots while keeping the skin moisturized. Treat existing age spots with hydroquinone-based fading lotions. These are over-the-counter products, but pay attention to the manufacturer- suggested use and time restrictions.



Veins and Crinkly Skin

The skin on your hands loses elasticity with age and overexposure to certain chemicals. The skin becomes thinner and starts to resemble crumpled paper. Consider changing your moisturizer to an anti aging cream with retinoids to build up the collagen levels and make the skin on your hands look more youthful.

A more drastic approach calls for an invasive procedure where fillers are injected under the skin to fluff up the area. This procedure is typically combined with laser resurfacing to remove age spots.

You depend on your hands to do many tasks, so it is only fitting that they should get the same pampering and attention as your facial skin. Make sure to protect your hands with the proper equipment when working then treat with the right anti aging products as needed.


4 Steps for Daily Skincare That’s Not Harsh On Your Skin


Having a proper daily skin care routine will provide many benefits. Not only will you see the benefits in your beautiful, clear skin but you will also have younger looking skin for years to come.


A proper skin care routine should consist of four major steps. Each of these steps have different types of products available depending on your skin type.


Big brand skin care companies such as Naruko Malaysia offer many options for all of the different skin types and tones. If you follow these four steps every single day, you are sure to see all of the benefits.




STEP ONE Exfoliate


Exfoliating your skin is an important step in your daily skin care because if this step isn’t properly completed, it could interfere with the proceeding steps. Exfoliation works to clear your skin of all dead skin cells and anything else on your skin that doesn’t belong.


If you have very dry skin, you will want to use a very light exfoliant as exfoliating can dry your skin out more. Likewise, oily skin might require a heavier exfoliant.


STEP TWO Cleanse


The next step in your daily skin care routine is going ro be to cleanse. Cleansing is beneficial for many different reasons. Cleansing your skin after a long day helps to stimulate the different processess that fight aging. It also ensures you have clean pores and allows oxygen to get into your pores which promotes healthy skin growth. Cleansing shrinks your pores which gives them a more beautiful apperence. Also, cleansing prevents your skin from dehydration and ensures that there is no oil build-up.


An excellent cleanser to use no matter what type of skin you have is b.liv Off With Those Heads face wash. This product helps to clear up acne, control oil and is an additional gentle exfoliant.





Toner is also important in your daily skin care process because it ultimately contributes to your skins apperence. Toner makes sure that all of your skin has the same youthful look about it. Toner helps to even out your skin pH, shrink your pores and add a layer of peotection. Because your pores are smaller after toning, it is harder for dirt and other impurities to penetrate the skin.


There are two different types of toner you can use depending on your skin type and your own personal preference. These two types are lotion and liquid. One excellent option for a lotion is Dr Douxi skin toner Lotion. This toner, which is a top-seller in Taiwan, is quickly absorbing but helps to moisturize your skin.


Dr Douxi skin toner Lotion


STEP FOUR Moisturize


The final step in your daily skin care routine is to moisturize. Moisturizer is important bevause it provides benefits for today, tomorrow and years to come. Hydrating your skin through moisturizer gives your skin a healthy glow. It also allows skin to rapidly repair itself. Best of all, moisturizer makes your skin feel good.
If you have very dry skin, a moisturizer such as Guerisson 9 Complex Cream would be perfect for you. This natural cream is made from horse fat and is full of Vitamin E whoch offers your skin many healing benefits. It is long-lasting and provides healthy skin.


Having a proper skin care regime is very important to your overall health. After following these foue simple steps, your skin will be ready for make-up, the day and the world.


Fashionable Ways to Wear a Muslim Headscarf

islamic fashionsOne does not have to compromise faith and style when it comes to Islamic fashion. While this standard is true, it is always best to consider the faith when breaking tradition on dress and style. There are many ways women can a Muslim headscarf. There are many fashionable muslim women out there that have been at the forefront of changing the standard without being disrespectful to the religion. Many fashionable Muslim women have become popular due to their style and have been the inspiration to many other Muslim women looking for new style trends and looks.


wear hijab


When deciding on how to wear the Muslim headscarf, there are a few keys that can make it stylish to complete the entire look. Here are fashionable ways to wear a muslim headscarf.


Try Colour

The traditional Muslim headscarf is usually in muted colours, such as black, crème and white. Many women are changing it up by wearing their headscarves in different colours. There are women these days that wear headscarves in red, green, blue, gold and silver. There are also women who wear headscarves in pastel colors. Printed patterns are also a new staple in the style. It is not hard to find women wearing headscarves in beautiful printed patterns. Many of these patterns compliment the outfit and complete the look. Some of the patterns include flowers, dots and checkerboard. Many of these patterned scarves are in different colours.


patterns hijab

different patterns of headscarf


Wear The Headscarf Differently

Many women are seen wearing the headscarf in many different ways. It is not difficult to find women wearing the headscarf as a stylish turban or tying it differently underneath. When wearing the headscarf in a turban, women have to remember to cover their neck with another piece of clothing. Women can see Zilzar Muslimah clothing online for inspiration on the many looks they are attempting to try.


Three headscarf styles tutorial


Finding fashionable ways to wear the headscarf doesn’t have to be a challenge. There is inspiration everywhere from online shops to fashion blogs.

Face Facts: Building a Better Foundation for Skincare With Innisfree

Let’s take the modern skincare routine back to its foundation. If you’re looking for an easy beginner routine or introducing a new product line, use the following tips to help you achieve the results you’re looking for. Keeping it as simple as possible, you’ll be able to focus on a better you. You can have every step of your routine covered when you buy Innisfree in Malaysia. After choosing the products that are right for you, follow the tips below to maximize your overall skin health.

buy Innisfree in Malaysia

Here’s a quick look at a general beginner skincare routine:

1. Cleanse
2. Exfoliate
3. Moisturize

Cleansing removes makeup, dirt, oil, from the surface of the skin. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re not overworking your skin while you cleanse:

• Use tepid water: Water that is just about room temperature doesn’t irritate your skin like hot or cold water can. Use tepid water to wet your face before using cleanser, and for rinsing.
• Be gentle: Use small, circular motions with your fingertips while you cleanse.
• Pat dry: Use a clean microfiber cloth and gently pat your face dry.

Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from the surface, and acts as a skin polisher. Exfoliating can also boost collagen production, leaving your skin healthy and supple. Here are some tips to update your exfoliation or what to do if you’re introducing exfoliation into your routine:

•No rough particles: Ingredients like sand, salt, and sugar should be kept off your face. Your facial skin is delicate and harsh minerals like this can cause microtears in the skin. Microtears are susceptible to bacteria and infection. If you have a product like this, keep it away from your face! Use it as a great body scrub instead.
•Be gentle: Much like cleansing, a little goes a long way. Gentle circles with your fingertips is all you need to remove dull skin. Don’t scrub with rough sponges or towels, a microfiber cloth can get the job done.
•Every other day is fine: If your skin feels dry, tight, or itchy after you exfoliate, you may be doing it too often. It’s okay to only exfoliate twice a week!

Moisturizing is the most important step in your skincare routine. Cleansing and exfoliating can strip natural oils that your body needs to keep your skin healthy, and it’s crucial that you replace this moisture. Here’s a few tips about moisturizing:

•Keep it simple: Moisturizers free of fragrances and dyes are less likely to irritate your skin.
•Take your time: Allow your exfoliator to dry before applying moisturizer.
•Every time: Moisturize every time you cleanse to maintain your skin’s healthy balance.

Use these simple steps and tips to maintain healthy skin. Have confidence in yourself and put your best face forward with a strong skincare foundation.