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Have you always admired how shapely some people’s buttocks are? There are two reasons why your butt might not be as attractive as you might like it to be, namely;

● Sagging due to ageing

● Having a naturally flat butt

When it comes to having a great butt, some people are lucky enough to be born with it. Others have to seek a medical aesthetic buttock augmentation.

If a sexy, shapely butt doesn’t occur naturally for you, you might have to visit a butt enhancement doctor to get the butt that you’ve always desired. If you’re looking for a less complicated method, your doctor will likely advise you to go for filler or fat injections.

Researchers have conducted various studies in which they have found that butt injections can increase the butt size to make it look more appealing, safe in a safe manner. Compared to butt implants, butt injections are safer because they are less invasive.



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Since your doctor will use your fat to make you butt plumper, the lift will feel more natural. Doctors usually syphon fat from areas of the body that have excess fat such as love handles, thighs or tummy area.

Implants involve inserting a foreign object into the butt, which might feel unnatural. Although butt injections might feel a little firm, in the beginning, the firmness goes away in a month or two. Butt implants, on the other hand, stay firm forever.



Unlike butt implants that need a longer duration of recovery, injections only need a week or two. Your doctor will advise you to avoid strenuous activities as they might interfere with healing.

Therefore, avoid things like exercising for a few weeks after the procedure. You’ll also need to wear a compression garment to help contour the butt and reduce swelling three weeks following the treatment.


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Getting a butt implant will require the doctor to make a significant incision on your backside. Deeper cuts take longer to heal, and there’s often more pronounced scarring on the area.

With the injections, the area that the doctor injects to deposit the filler is hardly noticeable. If you want to show off your buttock augmentation in sexy bathing suits after the procedure, getting butt injections is the way to go.



Recovering from a butt implants procedure requires specialized care to avoid secondary infections. You might need a specialized nurse to ensure that aside from preventing infections, your surgery area heals quicker.

Aside from avoiding strenuous activities and wearing a compression garment for a few weeks, butt injections post-operation procedures are stress-free.

Like with any aesthetic procedure, ensure that you get your augmentation from a certified doctor. That way, you’ll avoid getting a botched procedure resulting from sub-standard products or lack of proper expertise.

Molding your butt can give you renewed confidence, not forgetting an hourglass shape. People with hourglass shapes fit into their clothes better and look more attractive.

One major drawback of fat injections is that they are not suitable for people that are extremely thin. For starters, it’s impossible to get the desired amount of fat from someone that’s already thin.

Unless you’re thin, fat injections are the best option for buttock augmentation compared to implants. The injections are less invasive, look and feel more natural, have a lesser recovery period and less scarring.


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Are you one of those people that have tried everything to lose body fat yet nothing seems to work? Aside from wanting to look more attractive, you should also target to get rid of your body fat for health reasons rather than just for aesthetics.

It’s paramount that you visit an aesthetic clinic KL for fat reduction. If left unchecked, excess fat can lead to lifestyle diseases. According to National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, being overweight can increase your risk of getting chronic diseases like;

● High blood pressure

● Diabetes

● Heart disease

● Kidney disease

● Certain types of cancer

● Fatty liver disease

● Stroke

● Pregnancy-related problems that might increase your chances of giving birth via caesarian section.

The good news is that you don’t have to deal with your weight issues forever. You can visit an aesthetic clinic, and a doctor will apply procedures to help you get rid of your body fat.



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Vanquish is a groundbreaking non-invasive procedure that is relatively new in the market. Vanquish uses safe radiofrequency technology to reduce subcutaneous fat. The one of a kind procedure uses a fat reduction device without coming into contact with your body. The non-invasive procedure targets the following areas;

● Love handles

● Tummy fat

● Fat on your back


● It’s safer than invasive fat removal procedures

● A single procedure takes just 30 minutes

● The process eliminates a lot of fat per session

● No downtime



Lipocel is yet another safe fat reduction procedure that uses a contact cooling technology. A Lipocel treatment at an aesthetic KL clinic uses ultrasound energy that has a high intensity to get rid of fat. High-energy shouldn’t scare you. Despite using a lot of heat, the cooling effect reduces the temperatures, hence no pain or damage to the nerves or epidermis.


● No recovery time

● One procedure is enough to get rid of unsightly fat for most people

● The method is non-surgical hence doesn’t require anesthesia

● Like Vanquish, the treatment is fast and only need about 30 minutes

● The skin becomes smoother and tighter after treatment


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MesoLipo uses mesotherapy to melt subcutaneous deposits of fat. Unlike liposuction, the therapy is noninvasive hence less risky. After the injections, your body will start discarding the fat naturally after about a month.


● Aside from getting rid of unsightly fat, the treatment also removes cellulite

● MesoLipo does not need surgery hence safer than most fast reduction procedures

● The therapy is cheaper than surgical fat reduction options

● The procedure only requires a short recovery time

If trying to remove stubborn fat has frustrated you for a long time, consider trying non-invasive fat reduction procedures. Fat is vital for your body because it helps the brain and nerves function, releases energy into the body, transports vitamins A, D, E, and K and maintains healthy tissue and skin.

It is, however, crucial to note that excess fat poses the risk of making you more prone to lifestyle diseases. The fat is also unsightly and unattractive, and you might want to get rid of it purely for aesthetic purposes. Remember, you deserve to look as good as you want and you should never feel guilty about it.

Ensure that you seek fat reduction services from an professional aesthetic clinic KL that has professional doctors. A reputable and professional clinic will use the highest grade of products, not to mention high-quality expertise. That way, you will get the best possible outcome.

Earthly Way of Beautification: Why You Should Start Including Pore Clay Mask to Your Skin Routine?

Who would have ever thought that a piece of finely-grained rock material will be your next facial skin’s best friend? Aside from being an ornamental display at home, clay, when used topically, could save your skin from all the earthly dirt, dust, and impurities that clog your pores. It predominantly removes the toxicities that your skin harbours during your daily life encounters.


Though there are hundreds of types of facial masks being introduced around Malaysia, here are some of the benefits why you should include a pore clay mask to your skin routine:

  1. Fights Against Bacteria

The clay mask can bind deeply to the pores and pull dried bacteria up to the surface of the skin. When washed, the harmful dried pathogens absorbed by the clay will be removed. This prevents the accumulation of pathogens that often causes various skin problems especially, the most common of all, acne.


  1. Purifies Skin

Skin detoxification is one of the major benefits of using pore clay mask. Although no one can 100% protect him or herself from all the environmental pollutants prevalent everywhere, anyone can save his or her skin from inflammation or an allergic reaction caused by these toxic substances. Any type of pollutant or unnatural impurities that entered your skin’s pores (e.g. chemicals, nanoparticles, cacogenic, etc.) could easily be eliminated through the application of clay mask. Expect your skin to become cleaner and purer than before.


  1. Controls Oil Production

The skin produces oil to serve as a natural protection and moisturizer to prevent dermatological problems. However, there are instances, specifically during stressful times, that the skin produces more than what it needs which often makes it more vulnerable to certain impurities. Thus, an oil regulator agent such as a clay mask is needed to prevent further problems like blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, or overly oily skin. Though it is now recommended for all skin types, pore clay mask used to be exclusive to people with oily and acne-prone skin. Clays absorb excessive sebum or oil and unclog dirty pores. As mentioned earlier, oils are still needed by the skin. So, wishing a complete elimination of oil is not good. Make sure to restore the natural oil wiped away from the skin by using an organic or plant-based moisturizer.


  1. Improves Skin Tone

Impurities lead to blemishes, consequently, blemishes lead to uneven skin tone. This is caused by melanin production on the pore. Melanin is the hormone that is responsible for the skin’s pigment. Too much melanin makes skin darker; otherwise, inadequate amount results to lighter skin tone. Because pore clay mask can effectively remove impurities and reduce inflammation, the domino effect can lead to a more even, rejuvenated, younger, and improved skin.


  1. Provides Oxygen to Cells

Aside from removing unwanted substances attached deeply to the pores, on a cellular level, clays can also provide better oxygenation for the skin cells, thereby rejuvenating the tissues and the entire facial skin per se. This leads to an improved blood circulation in the skin’s surface which could facilitate a better distribution of nutrients to the cells. The most significant nutrient that aids specifically to skin beautification is silica. And sadly, not everyone gets enough silica on their diet every day. Silica, a type of mineral, helps in manufacturing tissues in the body, makes the skin softer and smoother, and makes the teeth shiner. Thus, when you felt a huge change to your face after regular application of pore clay mask, silica most probably is the ultimate secret!

Resort to what’s natural and safe. Unlike any other skin care products that can be bought elsewhere, clays are free from harmful chemical substances and synthetic fragrances that can cause skin irritation. Buy now your own pore clay mask at Kiehls Malaysia and witness how it will naturally help you achieve the younger, smoother, and softer facial skin.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation: Its Benefits And Importance


One of the most important parts of a woman’s body is probably the reproductive system. The vagina is where babies pass through at birth. Traditional birthing methods such as normal spontaneous delivery may take a toll on a woman’s genital area.

As a result, women opt for methods that may improve their vaginas.  Vaginal rejuvenation is a general term pertaining to a group of surgical procedures designed to improve the appearance of the vagina, including its internal parts.

This type of cosmetic surgery involves the tightening the walls and the opening of the vagina. It improves the muscle tightness of the vagina because as a woman undergoes several deliveries, it loses its firmness and tone. This may result in  various problems in their sexual life and self-esteem.

In the annual report of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), more than 50,000 vaginal rejuvenation procedures were performed in 2015. In Asian countries like Malaysia, this type of procedure has gained immense popularity among women who wants to regain their self-confidence. Here are the benefits of this procedure.1

  1. Less Invasive

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is a less invasive procedure compared to other types of cosmetic surgery. As a result, the recovery time is shorter and recuperation period is faster. Patients could go back to their work or regular activities in a shorter period of time. Aside from that, the pain is lesser since there is minimal skin integrity damage.2

  1. Improves Self-Esteem

Women are particularly sensitive when it comes to their intimate parts. Sometimes, they become less confident in making love with their partners because of loose vaginal walls. As a result, they can develop low self-esteem. This procedure helps them regain the confidence they have lost.3

  1. Restores Vagina’s Lost Elasticity

The vagina is a muscular organ and as women undergo many deliveries, they lose the firmness and elasticity of the vagina over time. Laser vaginal rejuvenation helps restore the vagina’s muscular tone and lost elasticity. Their partners may notice this change during intimate moments, improving sexual life.4

  1. Improves Sex Life

Probably one of the top reasons why women undergo vaginal rejuvenation is to improve their sex life. Renewed firmness of the vaginal opening and muscles help enhance pleasure during intimacy. As the partner notices and feels this change, it will improve and boost the couple’s satisfaction and sexual involvement.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is one of the most advanced solutions that involve huge steps. However, when women begin to realize the advantages of this procedure, they will learn that it can dramatically improve their self-esteem and sexual life. Most importantly, they will regain the lost confidence in themselves as a result of giving birth multiple times.


5 Natural Ways To Get Bigger Breasts Without Pills Or Surgery


Have you ever wondered what causes small breasts? Your breast size is often determined by several factors, which include your past medical history, hormones and genetics. For those who have small breasts due to genetics, it’s normally difficult to increase the size, compared to those who have small breasts due to hormones. If your small breasts are caused by your past medical history, a medical expert could advise you on the best ways to enlarge your breast, and whether it’s possible for you to get bigger breasts.

If you’re unhappy with your twins, there are several natural alternatives to making your girls bigger, without going under the knife or popping pills. A breast enlargement surgery is rather drastic (not to mention costly and risky), so you might want to start with these five natural ways to get bigger breasts:479439123_xs

  1. Consume foods and herbs that increase your breast size Certain foods and herbs have the ability to increase your breast sizes, as well as the way you eat. Some of the herbs that you can eat for this purpose are saw palmetto (which makes sure the oestrogen flows smoothly throughout your body by blocking testosterone), thistle (tricks your body into thinking that it has to produce milk), fennel seeds (stimulates your body’s oestrogen), and fenugreek (imitates the hormones needed to breastfeed, which leads to larger breasts). It’s recommended that you consume these herbs fresh. For the best results, don’t use the powdered version or supplements. You can either eat them on its own, make tea, or use them to make a cream.041246ca000005dc-0-image-a-97_1427669975309
  2. Wear bras that lift your assets This is the easiest and fastest way to make your breasts appear larger. Find a pair of bra that’s made of marshmallow foam, fibre fill and Diaplex memory foam for extra comfort. It should also have built-in straps that are convertible for ease of use.breast-cream
  3. Use breast creams Breast creams are one of the most recommended ways to enlarge your breasts. Not only are they affordable, they also come in various packages that cater to your needs and budget. The best breast creams should be able to help prevent collagen loss; encourages skin degeneration; improves and moisturises skin tone; curbs ageing effects; increases cup size safely; improves, tones and firms the breasts, and nourishes and nurtures the skin around your breasts. You can either purchase breast creams online or buy them at a pharmacy or beauty stores.vxasnirjphq5msfb8td7d1dhats
  4. Do breast workout Certain workout moves or equipment such as dumbbell flyes, pec decs, dumbbell chest presses, and pushups can do wonders for your breasts. These exercises (with accompanying equipment) should be done two sets each with 15 reps for three times a week if you want to grow your twins. The movements of these workouts help to structure, tone, and lift your breasts.grid-cell-32747-1423154851-8
  5. Cleavage contouring If you’re a makeup addict, take advantage of your makeup collection by giving your twins a makeover of their own! With the right tools and skills, you can easily turn your AA twins into a double D. Make your cleavage appear rounder and have more depth by applying shimmer bronzer, and sweep it along your breasts’ V shape. Next, use moisturiser or body lotion to make them stick.

Overall, your emotional and health conditions play a huge role in determining the sizes of your breasts. To achieve your goal of larger breasts, watch out for energy blockage, malnutrition or poor diet, hormonal imbalance, emotional problems (i.e. depression, stress) and low body fat content.

What You Need To Know Before Getting A Botox


Botox is used as a cosmetic treatment to banish wrinkles and sagging facial muscles.  The compound is administered to the target area by injecting with a very fine needle.  The entire procedure takes about 10 minutes and the patient can easily go back to his normal routine immediately after.  Usually, the effect begins to become visible within three days and the client enjoys a wrinkle-free face in a span of three to four months.  As a therapeutic drug, it is used to treat chronic migraine and a host of other muscle control disorders.

It being a neurotoxin, or a poisonous substance targeting the nervous system, means that it may cause adverse reactions from the body.  In spite of this, allergy testing is not regularly done on patients before the substance is injected into their system.

To be on the safe side, here is a list of the most common Botox side effects experienced by patients.  Although these are considered regular occurrences among most people who have had Botox, patients are still strongly encouraged to seek a doctor’s opinion at the first sign of a negative reaction.  Each person has a unique capacity to withstand irritants and allergens and this is something you do not explore on your own.blepharoplasty-droopy-eyelids

  1. Droopy eyelids.

This can be very uncomfortable and may take four to six weeks before the eyes start looking better.blurred-vision

  1. Blurry vision.

If the patient has always had perfect vision, this side effect might scare her.  You should start seeing clearly within five weeks after the procedure.open-uri20130310-19097-frsq93

  1. Bruising and swelling.

The area where the Botox was injected would normally exhibit redness and blotching.  This may be the most common of all side effects and should be gone in a day or two.little-girl-staring-at-plate-with-sandwich

  1. Nausea and loss of appetite.

This is a pretty complicated reaction and one that needs your doctor’s immediate attention.  Do not wait until you’re too weak to seek medical advice.

The reactions are not limited to these four although these are considered to be the most common.  A Botox side effect is not to be taken lightly as the drug can directly affect the nervous system.  If this is your first time to try Botox, it is best that you have it done by a doctor you are familiar with.

Moisture Is Key: Top 5 Things You Need In Your Beauty Regimen

Every once in a while, you may find yourself stressed out with everything that is happening in your life. Be it school, work, or household chores, these small worries can pile up and eventually take its toll on your appearance. Fortunately, there is one simple secret to looking young and healthy: moisturizing.

Sure, eating a balanced diet and exercise can create wonders on your body, but maintaining a beauty regimen that focuses on keeping your body well-moisturized will give you a unique glow. To achieve this, here are the top 5 things you need to have at hand.


  1. Lipbalm for your Lips

Caring for your lips is one of the easiest ways to make small yet significant changes in your appearance. Make sure to have a lip balm in handy, regardless of the weather. You can also use a moisturizing lipstick, but lip balms are the way to go if you are often in a hurry to do your daily chores. Bonus tip: lightly brush your lips with a toothbrush to remove dead skin cells after brushing your teeth in the morning.


  1. Night Cream for your Eyes

 Some people tend to forget that the eyes are indeed the ‘windows to the soul’, and that they require proper moisturizing as well. Use eye cream before going to bed, and you will notice that you look less tired and drained the morning after. Bonus tip: after drinking tea, take the used tea bag, pat it try, and put it on your eyes to reduce soreness.


  1. Protection for your Face

For your face, use a moisturizing cream that also provides protection from the sun. The skin on your face is very susceptible to the harmful effects of the sun’s rays, so moisturizing it alone is not enough. Bonus tip: if you could find the time, use moisturizing face masks at least once a week.


  1. Treatment for your Hair

Here is a quick course to hair care: shampoo is for cleaning, conditioner is for moisturizing. Both helps to keep your tresses healthy, but adding moisture to your hair will make it vibrant. Get a hair treatment cream from the store, or make your own. Hot oil treatments can be made at home: take about a spoonful or two of coconut oil, heat it for a few seconds on the stove, massage it into your hair and scalp, then cover it with a towel or shower cap. Rinse it thoroughly after about 15 minutes, and you will get a well-moisturized hair. Bonus tip: add some fragrance by adding a few drops of vanilla or other essential oils to the treatment.


  1. Body Lotion for your Skin

Body care products are readily available in stores, so you should have no excuse to have a body lotion at all times. Choose a body lotion that feels light on the skin to keep you feeling fresh even on hot days. Like the face cream, the body lotion should also provide protection from UV rays. This means that the lotion should at least have an SPF 30 rating. Apply it on your skin after every shower, and throughout the day if necessary. Bonus tip: use an empty container (like the small jar for your eye cream), fill it with your lotion, and use it as a body lotion/hand cream throughout the day.


Aside from the tips above, keeping a happy outlook in life will make you avoid looking dull and dry. Remember to always moisturize and you will see that you will radiate beauty even more.


Office Makeup: What You Can and Cannot Do



Women find the act of applying makeup very liberating and therapeutic.  Whether it’s simply dabbing lip gloss before stepping out of the car or going the whole nine yards for a night out with the girls, putting on makeup has proven to be every woman’s remedy to imperfections that only she can see.


Makeup helps women look good and feel good, but there is also an appropriate amount and style that need to be considered when wearing it for work.  What looked good on you at last night’s concert may not necessarily be suitable when meeting your boss at 9AM.


Here are some tips when wearing makeup to the office:

Woman eye with long eyelashes and mascara brush

  1. Go easy on the mascara.

Mascaras are supposed to make your eyes look bigger and your lashes more pronounced.  Too much of it can ruin the natural beauty of your eyes.  Instead of loading your lashes with the thick liquid, just roll the wand once from base to tip for a natural effect.


  1. No dark eye shadows please.

You may be a pro at achieving the “smoky eyes” effect but do know that that only works at night.  Office makeup does not necessarily require eye shadow but if you feel you really need to apply some, stick to earth tones and neutrals that will enhance your eyes’ expression rather than dim it.


  1. Hold the frosts and glitters.

Lipsticks that are too shiny, frosty, or glittery wash out your face and make you look immature. If you want to be taken seriously by your colleagues, choose a nude shade that makes you look fresh and professional.


  1. And the bronze goes to…

Bronzers can help you achieve a natural glow when applied correctly. Use a large brush when putting on matte bronzer on your face as a final touch to your “barely made up” look.  It helps keep your colors in place while giving you an effortless glow.


  1. Keep the drama away from your eyebrows.

The secret is choosing an eyebrow pencil shade that is nearest your hair color. Elianto Malaysia carries dark and light shades of brown that you can match with the color of your hair.  It helps if your eyebrows are neatly groomed too!


Work makeup has to make you feel confident without being too loud or off-putting.  Wear the kinds of shades that will make others say, “She’s got her game face on.”


The Truth Behind Facial Pigmentation and How to Treat It

One of the more widespread problems that affect the skin of both men and women is facial pigmentation. Light patches or uneven skin tones on the skin are usually the culprit that causes poor self-esteem among many individuals. Skin pigmentation may not be a life-threatening condition, but it does serious damage to one’s ego and self-image.


What Triggers Skin Pigmentation?


There’s really no single factor that causes such skin disorder, however, the main catalyst for this condition is melanin. Aside from creating our skin color, its main function is to serve as a natural sunscreen, protecting our skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. The question now is, what stimulates our skin to release melanin in such an excessive amount? Here’s a brief rundown of the answers to that:


Excessive Sun Exposure

As mentioned above, melanin protects our skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun. However, our skin could only take too much radiation before it could prevent the skin from the sun’s harmful effects without releasing more and more onto the skin, which eventually gives the skin a much darker shade than the usual.




Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, women (especially those with darker complexion) are prone to the excessive production of melanin, leading to hyper-pigmentation. Normally, the production of the melanin settles down after pregnancy which slowly brings back the skin to its natural glow and complexion. However, there are cases when the skin requires manual intervention to bring back its natural color, such as the use of whitening products or dermatologic treatment.




This greatly applies to women who take contraceptives on a regular basis, however, this can also be applicable to those who experience hormonal imbalance. When the estrogen is high, just like in pregnancy, it will stimulate the release of melanin, and too much melanin will lead to hyper-pigmentation.




While others worry about certain conditions that trigger pigmentation of their skin, some are just born with it. It can be inherited from your father and mother, or great-grandfather, and so on.


Natural Remedies


Home Remedies are a dime a dozen when it comes to treating facial pigmentation. You don’t need to actually look for any complex treatment regimen in order to rid of this unwanted skin condition. Here is natural solution that could treat skin pigmentation without spending a lot of money, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find these in your kitchen:


Potato Treatment

Slice a medium-sized potato and rub its insides on the pigmented area, so that its juice can act on the affected skin. Potato is actually a good skin whitening agent.


Lemon and Cucumber

These are two of the best natural whitening agents. The lightening action of lemon is without a doubt effective, while the cool and soothing effect of cucumber will have a synergistic effect on the lemon’s whitening action. Simply rub the juices of these two on the affected area of the skin twice a day, and leave them on for at least 20 minutes.



This fruit is another potent natural whitening agent. Simply grate a papaya, extract its juice, apply it on your face for at least 30 minutes.


Natural remedies are safe and effective, however, they take time in order to see obvious results. Religious compliance to these natural remedies is very important in order to achieve the results that you desire.


Immediate Solution


With the help of modern technology, one can easily say bye-bye to this unwanted skin condition without having to endure a lengthy process. A skin care procedure called CO2 Fractional is the answer to an instant glow and flawless skin.

C02 Fractional Resurfacing


A modern day skin care procedure that removes layers of skin, leaving behind a revitalized, radiant, and younger-looking skin. CO2 Fractional laser procedure uses Carbon dioxide (CO2) in fueling its laser technology to shed off the topmost layer of the skin – the target of hyper-pigmentation.


Fractional CO2 laser in Malaysia offers the fastest and most efficient results in just one session. Though this procedure entails a week or two of recovery, it’s the only procedure that offers immediate results which you don’t get instantly after multiple sessions of non-abrasive skin care procedures. To date, it’s the best one-time treatment for more complex skin damage. Try fractional CO2 laser in Malaysia if you want to get rid of facial pigmentation easily, and fast.

Achieve that Natural Makeup Look in 5 Minutes Flat


As modern women, we all live hectic and busy lives that leave little time for self pampering. This is why many women turn to express makeup techniques, especially since we’re all rushing to go to work in the morning. Even home-maker mums struggle to find time to put on makeup before going out, as they have to watch their kids and get them prepared too.

So the question in many women’s minds often is ” how can I apply makeup in the shortest time possible and still look fabulous?” Well here’s a step by step guide you can follow to achieve a glowing yet natural look. The no-makeup look is a growing trend nowadays as it brings out one’s natural beauty.


Step 1: Even out your skin tone by applying foundation and powder. There are many products out there that combine the two in the form of a liquid or powder and all you have to do is make sure you apply them evenly with your fingers or a sponge. There are even some makeup products that combine a concealer together with foundation and powder, and you can definitely save more time if you use one of these.

Alternatively, you can use BB cream or its other counterparts like CC or DD cream that contain moisturizing, anti aging and sunscreen properties to protect your skin all day long. Whichever product you go with, be sure to pick a shade nearest to your skin tone as possible.


Step 2: Pick a concealer that isn’t too bright and start applying them under your eyes to conceal dark circles, as well as on any uneven skin tones or blemishes you may have. Applying a lighter shade of concealer on your cheekbones and the center of your face along the nose line will help highlight your face and create a more contoured look. Remember to blend out well.


Step 3 : Line your eyes with a pencil, as this is the quickest way to do it. Apply some on your upper lids only and give them a quick smudge so that they don’t look ‘drawn on.’


Step 4: Comb your eyebrows and fill them in with short strokes using an eyebrow pencil. Be careful not to draw a sharp line on your eyebrows as this give them a very artificial look.


Step 5: Swipe on some lipstick and cheek tint. If you’re in a rush, you can always rub on some lipstick on your cheeks to give it some colour. Elianto lipsticks are a good place to start looking for shades that are not too garish. Try their Star Riche Rouge and Satin Matte Rouge lines to find shades that closely resemble your lips.


Now that you know the brief steps involved, it’s time to make makeup a simple and fuss free affair. You can now step out in confidence every time you leave the house.