How To Buy The Right Air Purifier And Water Filter

These days, it’s better if you have at least one air purifier and water filter for your household, especially when we’re struck with haze and other environmental disasters every year, with many people facing a decrease in health (sometimes death) due to the harsh environment, whether indoor or outdoor.

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Aside from taking precautions and whatnots, you can also get a portable air purifier and water filter in Malaysia. Not only are they easy to be carried and moved around should you need it, these portable devices are also reasonably priced; making them a good investment.


Air purifier:


For a portable air purifier, they come in many shapes, sizes and weight (which ranges from 1.5kg to 4kg). Do some window-shopping online and you can see that they go as low as RM50, with 6 months to 2 years of warranty. There are plenty of minimalist designs but for those who’d like to add some style to their space, there are also beautiful air purifiers for décor.

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Overall these purifiers function the same way and have similar features, so make sure your portable purifier doesn’t weight more than 4kg, has at least 1-year warranty, can maintain optimum humidity, has easy smart-touch button, and a certification. Having an air purifier especially during the haze season is an advantage to your heath.


Water filter:


For a water filter in Malaysia, you no longer have to get a plumber to install the device in your household, as the portable water filter is easy to use, install or uninstall. These devices are especially useful if you live in an area where it’s prone to flood or flash flood, contaminating the water in the surrounding area. Most of the portable water filters found in the market comes in two shapes: a long stick or a jug-like shape complete with pumps.

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The prices can range from RM80 to RM500, weighing no more than 5kg. When looking for a portable water filter, make sure the device comes with at least 1-year warranty, weighs no more than 5kg, has a certification, can remove particles over 5 microns (rust, dirt, silt, sand), remove odour and taste, and chlorine. The ability to remove any unwanted substance is important as your health is at risk if you drink contaminated water that hasn’t been properly filtered.


Do some window-shopping online to determine which devices would benefit you the most, taking into account your budget, personal needs and other things.