Beginner’s Tips for Blade and Soul Online


Blade and Soul, a free-to-play game, provides you with a bone-crunching MMORPG that has existed for several years now. If you are wondering what a fighting game looks like in MMORPG style, then look no further. It mixes two genres of exciting raid bosses and a fun community with PvP action. They even have world championships!

Different Than Your Average MMO 

Compared to other MMORPGs, Blade and Soul differs a lot. The combat system of the game is more reactive than what you run into with some of the other MMORPGs. A lot of the gaming terminology that you find comes from more the fighting genre, and it applies to here. For example, you have frame data, juggles and combos. While it has been around for years in Southeast Asia and South Korea, the game has maintained wild popularity.


If you are going to fight an opponent, you have to within distance of the enemy, and you also have to choose a viable attack option. That sounds fairly self-explanatory, but the dungeon raids and enemies will dance around in the environment, and the gameplay depends on targeting manually, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. Outside of the lesser bosses and bigger bosses, your average enemy does not use telegraphing data, and you have to avoid attacks where the enemy tries to dodge or counter your attack. Telegraphs happen in the red or yellow zone, and they can be seen under the feet of the boss. It lets you know when the boss will attack. As much as possible, you want to stay out of the red zone because you cannot block their attack.


Coin Hoarding—Do It! 

The first thing that you learn in this game is that they have everything sold for one bronze coin. With that said, they will sell everything you sold for five silver coins, which equates to 100 bronze coins for each silver coin. Avoid spending your money unless you have to. You will be grateful that you kept it for the more important aspects of the game. You can either spend the money at the marketplace, or you can take it to the loot auction that you find in the dungeons. For example, there is one in Blackram Narrows. Also, you need more money toward the end game because it will be much higher for upgrading your weapons, accessories and soul shield. Save as much of your coins as you can.


Because the game has been around for a while, you have a lot of gameplay experts who show their combo skills and PVP and PVE. Looking at the videos on Youtube for your chosen class can really help you to advance further in the game. Learning from the seasoned pros will make a huge difference. While it might be a while before your character reaches the higher levels for accessing each of the skills, it is still good to check out how to play the class. You can play now at


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