The Truth Behind Facial Pigmentation and How to Treat It

One of the more widespread problems that affect the skin of both men and women is facial pigmentation. Light patches or uneven skin tones on the skin are usually the culprit that causes poor self-esteem among many individuals. Skin pigmentation may not be a life-threatening condition, but it does serious damage to one’s ego and self-image.


What Triggers Skin Pigmentation?


There’s really no single factor that causes such skin disorder, however, the main catalyst for this condition is melanin. Aside from creating our skin color, its main function is to serve as a natural sunscreen, protecting our skin from the damaging effects of UV rays. The question now is, what stimulates our skin to release melanin in such an excessive amount? Here’s a brief rundown of the answers to that:


Excessive Sun Exposure

As mentioned above, melanin protects our skin from the harmful effects of the UV rays of the sun. However, our skin could only take too much radiation before it could prevent the skin from the sun’s harmful effects without releasing more and more onto the skin, which eventually gives the skin a much darker shade than the usual.




Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, women (especially those with darker complexion) are prone to the excessive production of melanin, leading to hyper-pigmentation. Normally, the production of the melanin settles down after pregnancy which slowly brings back the skin to its natural glow and complexion. However, there are cases when the skin requires manual intervention to bring back its natural color, such as the use of whitening products or dermatologic treatment.




This greatly applies to women who take contraceptives on a regular basis, however, this can also be applicable to those who experience hormonal imbalance. When the estrogen is high, just like in pregnancy, it will stimulate the release of melanin, and too much melanin will lead to hyper-pigmentation.




While others worry about certain conditions that trigger pigmentation of their skin, some are just born with it. It can be inherited from your father and mother, or great-grandfather, and so on.


Natural Remedies


Home Remedies are a dime a dozen when it comes to treating facial pigmentation. You don’t need to actually look for any complex treatment regimen in order to rid of this unwanted skin condition. Here is natural solution that could treat skin pigmentation without spending a lot of money, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to find these in your kitchen:


Potato Treatment

Slice a medium-sized potato and rub its insides on the pigmented area, so that its juice can act on the affected skin. Potato is actually a good skin whitening agent.


Lemon and Cucumber

These are two of the best natural whitening agents. The lightening action of lemon is without a doubt effective, while the cool and soothing effect of cucumber will have a synergistic effect on the lemon’s whitening action. Simply rub the juices of these two on the affected area of the skin twice a day, and leave them on for at least 20 minutes.



This fruit is another potent natural whitening agent. Simply grate a papaya, extract its juice, apply it on your face for at least 30 minutes.


Natural remedies are safe and effective, however, they take time in order to see obvious results. Religious compliance to these natural remedies is very important in order to achieve the results that you desire.


Immediate Solution


With the help of modern technology, one can easily say bye-bye to this unwanted skin condition without having to endure a lengthy process. A skin care procedure called CO2 Fractional is the answer to an instant glow and flawless skin.

C02 Fractional Resurfacing


A modern day skin care procedure that removes layers of skin, leaving behind a revitalized, radiant, and younger-looking skin. CO2 Fractional laser procedure uses Carbon dioxide (CO2) in fueling its laser technology to shed off the topmost layer of the skin – the target of hyper-pigmentation.


Fractional CO2 laser in Malaysia offers the fastest and most efficient results in just one session. Though this procedure entails a week or two of recovery, it’s the only procedure that offers immediate results which you don’t get instantly after multiple sessions of non-abrasive skin care procedures. To date, it’s the best one-time treatment for more complex skin damage. Try fractional CO2 laser in Malaysia if you want to get rid of facial pigmentation easily, and fast.

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