Buying Halal Food at the Wet Market: Some Tips to Keep in Mind

There are no doubts about the fact that food makes up a great percentage of our day to day activities. For Muslims around the world, halal food is considered to be what is permissible for one to eat. Unfortunately, when it comes to the available food markets in our industries, there aren’t many options for devout Muslims to shop at as they do not carry halal food in their inventory.

By shopping within a specific halal market, it is highly imperative for said shopper(s) to ensure that they are provided with products that they favor. Who says halal foods cannot be enjoyed? Halal means to simply slaughter the meat source in a specialized way. Therefore, the halal market should follow the protocols of proper slaughtering process prior to cooking the animal for preparation.

do not carry halal food

When it comes to the Islamic community, there have been many conversations about what is the right and wrong way to slaughter meat. There are strict rules written in the holy selections of Hadiths and Q’uran for Muslims to follow in their day to day activities. Why neglect this if you are a Muslim? In order for you to attain the true gratification of following the most beautiful religion in the world, it is recommended for you to follow the rules that are prescribed for you to follow. If you are unsure about whether or not your food is halal, then please be sure to ask about your localhalal market. Although there are a vast array of choices when it comes to halal products, one should choose from those that are truly renowned as being halal. You do not want to make the mistake of shopping in a supermarket that claims to carry halal products, only to find out that you have bought food under fraudulent operations.

There are a few halal shops that truly follow the protocols and orders of the Almighty. Allah has commanded his followers to follow every rule down to the very essence. Neglecting the aspect of eating foods that are halal will be considered a sin that could have easily been avoided by shopping at the right place. Be sure to contact your local halal vendor to ask about current specials and offerings of selections today! You do not want to miss out on the deals while they last. Your health, well-being and happiness can be greatly determined by the choices you make in food selections. By attaining this form of self-satisfaction and happiness, you will surely have confidence in knowing that you are conducting the proper deities of following the beautiful religion of Islam.

3 Top Tips For Startup Entrepreneurs In Malaysia

While stamina and persistence are the key to success in any business, starting a business also requires a good understanding of business fundamentals. This article gives you three top tips that will help you master those business fundamentals before you embark on your startup journey.




1. Put Together An Experienced And Dedicated Team.

human resourcesWhile it is obvious that you need to have talented people with well-rounded education, it is not so obvious that one of the most important employees in your company is going to be the head of your human resources department. He or she will oversee the hiring of new employees, making sure that your company either succeeds or fails. While it may sound like an overstatement, lots of well-known chief executive officers have pointed out the importance of human resources department. Therefore, find someone with many years of relevant workplace experience and offer that person a competitive salary.


2. Choose The Best Type Of Business Incorporation.

While business registration can be a daunting process, it does not have to be so. In order to make it easy for you to choose the best type of business incorporation, you need to understand the three main types of business entities found in Malaysia. There are limited company, partnership business entity, and sole trader, also known as sole proprietorship. Each of these types of incorporation has a different set of legal implications.

Malaysia’s laws divide limited companies into three subcategories. One of them is unlimited company without or with share capital. The other two are limited by guarantee company and limited by shares company.

businessUnlimited company without or with share capital is free to give back the capital to its owners. Limited by guarantee company limits the amount of money the company’s owners can be liable for. Limited by shares company is the most popular type of business entity found in Malaysia because the owners’ personal assets are never liable for any of the debts incurred by the company.

There are two similarities between these three types of limited company. First, all three must have auditors who will regularly analyze company’s accounts and audit financial records. Second, all three must hire at least one secretary for the conduct of shareholder and board meetings.


3. Develop A Succinct Elevator Pitch.


elevator pitching


Understand your audience before developing your elevator pitch. This will help you understand the needs of your audience. Use the information you have discovered by putting it in the beginning of your pitch so that your listener will be more likely to be hooked by what you are saying.

Also, use an emotional appeal. Mention some commonplace problem that prospects in your field of business often experience. They will remember the frustrating experience they had. This will make it easy for them to identify with you because you will be offering them a solution to the problem they had.


Creating Your Perfect Elevator Pitch

Also, repeat the most important information about your business in the beginning and end. This way you will maximize the chance of people remembering about your business.

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How many of you love to bike? Now, how many of you love to go on long bike rides, I am talking more then 50 km? Well, this advice is going to be for you.

This advice works perfectly for those who are gearing up for a race. Lots of people race on the weekend. It’s good to get in some practice runs; especially, for those who are doing a 100 mile run.

Let’s get to it, shall we?

1)Do some regular training ridesheart

Get in about 5 or 6 before the actual race. Find your maximum heart rate, which should be about 75-80%, and zone in. Do this for about an hour, no more or less. This is a good way to work on your endurance level, without burning yourself out. This way you will be more prepared when the official race comes.

2)Endure the pain

What does this mean? Do some short-term flat-out efforts. Do this for 3 minutes, then rest. If you do this a few times during each ride, i guarantee you will feel the difference. Your body will feel better for it too. There is going to be some pain early on. This is normal. The idea is to outlive the pain. If you can go passed the pain, you can survive anything.

If you are not sure what a flat-out is in biking riding, ask a professional. You never want to attempt this without knowing what you are doing first, I don;t care how good you are at cycling.

3)You need to save your energy for a run like this

This also includes wearing the right type of gear. Shimano gear is usually the better way to go. You can also ask a professional what other types of mountain bike gear are going to be good. The idea is not to wear something to big. You also do not want to wear something to small. You need to wear clothing that is comfortable; and yet, clothing that you really don’t have to put too much thought into.

Wearing the right type of clothing is all part of it. Maintaining a very high cadence is the idea.


4)Hills are not meant to be your enemyconquer

Hills are all part of the journey. Do not let the hill stress you out, no matter how big it is. The key is to alternatebetween sitting and riding up by the saddle. The jey is to give the legs equal balance and energy.

When you get to the top, you might want to give it that extra push. This especially goes for the “dry runs”. These are the practice runs you do before the big race. Giving it that extra push will help you up and over the top mark on the hill. After you get over, you can afford to let go a bit.

As I said, practice the run a few times. This way you won’t be as stressed or as nervous when the real race happens. It will become like second nature when you have to do it all for real.

Go on our site for more cycling tips. We offer advice for those just starting out. We offer advice for those who enjoy it for fun. We offer advice for seasoned pros. It’s all there. Join us online now.

Server Colocations Tips/Guides


Server colocation in Malaysia means enhanced business flexibility and superb information control. Server colocation companies exactly understand an enterprise data center needs and this is the main reason why data center solutions are tailored according to clients business needs.

Inside the data center the server colocation deploys a robust information system infrastructure that proactively manages an organizations data center requirement. The systems even come with an option to manage critical business assets such as firewalls, routers, and servers in order to deliver streamlined business operations.

Server colocation is a necessary step towards ensuring that an enterprise has on demand power, space, and requisite infrastructure. By investing in server colocation in Malaysia services an organization is stepping into a new class of infrastructure management.

Other key benefits that an organization is likely to benefit from include;

Proactive Technical Support

When an organization is using un-managed IT environment the organization is forced to absorb staff members who will work round the clock to ensure on demand availability of the information systems infrastructure. This is also a costly affair for the company because the organization has to factor in operational costs and other official perks such as mortgages, travel allowance or a company car.

A managed colocation service eliminates such a burden because the highly skilled technical support personnel are responsible for your data center footprint. With such a strategy in hand, an organization can focus on its core competencies rather than concentrating on technical infrastructure.

easyPeace of Mind

Information systems availability should always be on demand and therefore data center operations should be handled on a 24 hour basis. Through managed server colocation in Malaysia, organizations benefit from peace of mind because there is a standby technical support team who ensure that the server systems and the corporate network is healthy and optimal running. The power infrastructure is also balanced and there is a backup system bolstered with generators that automatically switch on whenever there is a black out.

Minimal Operational expenditure

With server colocation an organization does not have to invest upfront in acquiring IT systems, instead these assets are hired from a third party data center. When organizations outsources their infrastructure system it immediately shifts its Capital expenditure into Operations Expenditure, and the resources that previously could had been tied up in acquiring these IT assets can be used to invest into other critical areas such as production equipment expansion or even invested in research and development division which is a core division in any industry.

In addition, an organization is able to benefit from a predictable operational expenditure business model which is ideal for budget forecasting.

Scalability of resources

Through server colocation a business is able to increase its data center capacity quickly and cheaper because the organization only need to contact their colocation services provider and everything is remotely done instantly.

storageSecure Storage Solutions

Information is securely transmitted and stored in hybrid cloud system. This means that in case of a disaster there is always a better roadmap for disaster recovery without incurring additional costs.

Air Cleaning Technology For Your Home Or Office

A dust collector system run by HEPA filters in Malaysia is going to help you take care of the air in your building when you are working or living. These systems are going to clean the air to a level that you choose, but you have a few choices when you are getting the system together. You can learn about these choices here, and you need to make sure that you are using the filters that are going to give you the best results possible.

The Normal Filter

The normal filter is going to help you clear the air in the building by catching the biggest dust and dirt particles. The dust and dirt that is collected by the system is going to sit inside the collection unit, and you will be able to clean that out every month or so. The collection system is going to help you make sure the air in the building is clean, but these normal filters do not catch a lot of the smaller particles that are going to cause problems in certain spaces.

HEPA filters in Malaysia is going to help you

Industrial Filters

Industrial filters will help make the air very clean in buildings where you need a little more protection. These filters are going to make the space clean for you to use, and you will not have to worry about dust and dirt getting into the production process of all your items. This is a very important part of the process, and the filters are going to help you prevent the particles that you must avoid from getting in the building. You can smell the difference in buildings that use these filters, and you will enjoy a better production process as a result.

Medical Filters

Medical filters are going to help you clean a building to a level that you may not have known was even possible before you installed the filter. These filters will completely sterilize the air in a building, and the building itself will be much easier for people to work in. You can use these in any medical facility, and you will be able to enjoy the building more because you can tell that the air is totally clean. This is the kind of cleaning you need in order to run a medical facility, and you will be able to enjoy knowing that you have done the right thing for the people who are living and working in the building.

You have your choice of many filters, and you need to make sure that you have these filters installed in your building today so that you will be able to get the best results possible. The people that are setting up these systems will ask you which of these filters you want to use, and you will be able to make your home or building smell much better. The air will be cleaner, and you will notice a difference in everyone’s health because you have the right filtration system for the air in the building.